You Oughta Know

Tonight, Beyoncé performed If I Were A Boy and You Oughta Know for this year’s Grammys. Personally, it was okay but it was a generic performance and nothing out of the ordinary for her so the performance was ‘predictable’. However, out of the two songs, You Oughta Know was sung better.

But, nothing can compare to Alanis’ own performance of her song.

It must be that Canadian allure ;)

Lady Gaga Performs With Elton

Not her personal best but the best performance of the evening hands-down. The Grammy people should be ashamed.

Why isn’t she being given awards?! She’s original and stands a part from so many artists of the last 10 years.

What Do You Think They’re Doing?

Starring Jonah Hill, P. Diddy and Russell Brand comes the film the Greek and it would seem P. Diddy is a criminal or upset.

Federer Wins Australian Open

28-year-old Roger Federer defeated Andy Murray in the Australian Open yesterday. The father of two divulged to reporters, “I think I played some of my best tennis these last two weeks, especially the final yesterday against Murray. The win was exceptional and the performance from my side, so it makes me very happy and eager to await what’s to come this year.”

“As you grow older you enjoy the victories even more, you try to savour them as long as possible because you never know when it could be your last, even though I’m sure I have much more left in me.”

Of course he has much more left in him!

Go Federer Go!