Another Way To Make Earth Become Pandora

Informing yourself.

Yesterday, the TCA Winter Press Tour kicked off in Pasadena to promote PBS’ INDEPENDENT LENS documentary “DIRT! The Movie”. The film is meant to raise awareness about the unique world of dirt and its historical contribution to our lives. It also discusses how mistreating it can result in natural disasters. Jamie Lee Curtis takes on the role of narrator headed by filmmaker Bill Benenson, the TreePeople founder and president Andy Lipkis, filmmaker Gene Rosow and series producer Lois Vossen.

Natural disasters are a sad reality of our existence but dirt abuse is one contributing factor of a multitude of problems currently straining Earth’s resources.

It would be nice to create something like this one day but ”Earth Day” should be every day not one day.

If this documentary has piqued your interest, it will air April 10, 2010 on PBS.

Documentary of Loca Lohan In India

The documentary from BBC that documented Lindsay Lohan contending with the serious issue of child trafficking in India from a few months back hit the web yesterday. We know it’s a serious issue but given Lohan’s record of mental breakdowns and drunkenness, it’s hard to see if she’s actually serious about it.

Global ‘Babies’ Documentary. Brilliant!

Babies is a Focus Features documentary by Thomas Balmes that shows the lives of babies from 4 different parts of the globe Mongolia, Namibia, San Francisco and Tokyo.

It looks like it will be powerful documentary.

It is set to release in the US on April 16, 2010.

Oscarrr Oscarr!!!