No Pants Day On NYC Subway This Sunday

New Yoooorrkk, New Yoooorrkkk. Welcome to the Crazy Train! Improve Everywhere
who are said to ’cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places’ is promoting No Pants Day.

Funny Alicia Keys didn’t mention stuff like this or these in her song.

Sex and the City 2 Official Trailer

Sometimes you have to just get away with the girls? Well, she did get away with the girls in the first film.

Are you excited?

David LaChappelle Lady Gaga Photoshoot with Kanye West

First of all, not to be mistaken with Dave Chappelle, now reclusive comedian. This is David LaChappelle who has photographed many well-known celebrities, models and the like (Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell, Chris Rock) and now for the second time, Lady Gaga with Kanye West.

We like it, it’s very Gaga. However, we are familiar with his work and would have to say that elements of previous photos produced are quite similar.

We just couldn’t help ourselvess!!

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Alicia Keys LIVE in one hour for the World AIDS concert

We die for a good cause!!

AMA’s 2009

Alicia you look timeless minus the hair

Hmm, Does anyone else think Leona Lewis stole portions of Batman’s costume to donate to this dress?

New!! Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart – Alicia Keys

We havent been feeling Alicia Keys for the last year… her songs seem to sound like hmm…generic crapnothing we havent heard before?

This however we like. Though the video kinda reminds us of Hancock, with the whole Will Smith Chalize Theron forbidden love and superpowers..thing. Its ok…It is what Alicia Keys did say they were trying to achieve and the song has an old school charm to it

What do you think of Alicia’s new song?