What Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Should Have Looked Like

Pascale Fabrizio brings to you glass slippers with a decadent twist. Along with its Murano glass outline comes accents of leather, beads, and 24k gold. A wonderful way to feel like the princess you are every night!

Whether Prince Charming or you will plonk down the $7500 for the 100% Italian made shoes is another question..

Uggly Choos

Hmm, what a telling title.

Jimmy Choo for some bizarre reason is partnering with Ugg Australia to provide a five-piece collection, limited edition called Ugg & Jimmy Choo.

”Design details that embody the spirit of the Jimmy Choo brand will be put onto Ugg’s sheepskin boots”. If it maintains that horrid shape, it doesn’t really matter. Does it?!

The collaboration is priced at $595 to $795 and is set to be sold at Jimmy Choo and Ugg Australia stores and e-commerce sites among others. If these gems are your kind of style, you can get them when they release in October.


Grey To Dethrone Black This Winter

According to Lepoint.fr, it will. We think it’s a great idea to take into consideration. We already know that black is the safe choice that everyone inevitably chooses for elegance and poise but can you wear a little black dress during the day with the same effect? This does sound a little similar to Chanel’s new year resolution for lip wear.

However, grey does carry a sense of refined, sophisticated prestige and chic that black at times, cannot provide during the daylight hours. The grey trend has reached to influencing accessories, bags, smooth leather goods and velvet pumps. Not only this but it is also quickly becoming the new basic colour for fashion collections where the fashion designers imagine silouettes ”lined in wool, cashmere and satins”.

We like that imagery

It even says that for the house, grey is a lovely choice for sofa coverings, drapes or rugs. With that list, you’re sure not to run out of ideas.

Paris Hilton Spring Shoes 2010


Zebra, Rejected Bridesmaid rouge (we refer to the scrunchie) and Gold Flamé, we are not loving so much but the floral and green/yellow detailed numbers of Paris Hilton’s are really very nice! We wouldn’t mind a pair ourselves!

She is a lot more than her cinematic debut of glow in the dark fun made her out to be.

All the shoes, however have nice lines, we just wish there was more of a selection.

The heels are priced at around $89 US and will be sold at department stores and retail outlets in America.

Where The Wild Shoes Are

This is a sneak peek at Louise Goldin‘s first shoe collection for Topshop available in….February. Triste, we know. The to-die-for stiletto-esque shoes designed with spikes in mini and crystals come in cream, noir and rose. As replicas from her spring/summer 2010 collection, it’s not a wonder that they are a little chèr at £150 ($250 $300 $275?)

But they’re soo pretty!

Summer Shoes of U.K. Vogue or Spring Platform From American Vogue

UK Vogue says

  • Spindly heels make a comeback, usurping chunkier styles. And – when in court form – are the perfect wardrobe update
  • Wedges are a strong contender for summer’s statement shoe
  • At Pucci and Narciso Rodriguez, lacing and ladylike details ruled
  • The “wow” shoe of the season? McQueen’s mind-boggling   Armadillo

Whereas American Vogue has smartly shown us an alternative to die-hard vertigo fashion

where they say that in the RTW fashion shows they were relieved to see models walking comfortably down the runway.

Models for Alexander McQueen probably would have loved to be in that show.

In any case, Vogue suggests the platform flat, which should eliminate back pain and add height.

Both of these magazines state that these heels will all be in fashion in 2010..hmmm! The heels shown in UK Vogue are for the most part, interesting and lovely but they are not entirely practical, not that they are meant for that. On the other hand, we don’t like corkscrew platform flats. Grr!

There is also this concern:

So the question remains

Where might we find a comfortable shoe that is elegant, still adds height and blows ‘la mode’ out of the water?

Victoria’s Secret’s Alessandra Ambrosia 2010 Swimsuit photoshoot

No ridiculous shoes here but lol this is the supermodel in the Caribbean in DECEMBER!! Making us all jealous!

To watch the video of the shoot, click here

Models Refuse To Go Heel Hell!

Safety concerns have been raised over the height of heels leading to the refusal of several models to walk the runway. Though the prospect and danger of toppling on the runway has been a worry ever since Naomi Campbell’s fall in 1994, it is renewed today with the 12 inch heels that had been debuted at Alexander McQueen’s 2010 Spring Fashion Show. If these look familiar, it’s because you saw them in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. And how…adventurous ..she was. Jeeez

“It’d be like walking on a ruler. That’s the opposite of what people want to look like,” British shoe designer Emma Hope commented. The shoes are called “works of art” at the same time as being called “the ugliest shoes in the universe” so the only left people dying to walk in these are models. We sincerely doubt you’d see anyone walking around with these at the mall.

Leading models Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovarova are among the first to refuse to take part in the latest show for Alexander McQueen citing what has been named the ‘armadillo’ shoes as the problem. Back in the day this would never have been possible as designers could force their models to wear whatever they wanted. These models had mini-model union meetings, something relatively unheard of as author of fashion blog Frockwriter, Patty Huntington shared, to decide not to do the show due to “work safety” issues. She continued, “I’ve only heard of isolated cases of girls refusing to wear high shoes; for three big-name models to have taken a stand together like this is unheard of.”

Do you remember your first pair of shoes or first kiss?

According to a survey, the Telegraph says yes. 92% of women remember the first pair of shoes they bought (with their own money) better than their an old beau. Out of the more than 1000 women asked, it was also discovered that a whopping 96% of women regretted throwing away an old pair of shoes while only 15% regretted dumping a boyfriend.

Then again, shoes you can take anywhere. A boyfriend you don’t have amour for? Perhaps not

Even though shoes are more highly regarded than the old boytoys, it seems they are so valued that one in seven women HIDE a new pair of shoes from their partner. This might be due to the fact that the average women possesses 19 pairs of shoes and only 4 pairs are frequently used while a quarter are left to be worn only once.

Yet, six in ten women have regretted a shoe purchase.

Glendon Lloyd, director of website tszuji.co.uk said: “These results show that women are even more attached to their footwear than previously thought. People always think of women storing old love letters in a shoebox, but in many cases, the shoes themselves are even more precious. Women treat shoes like best friends. And it seems their footwear memories last longer than those of their past lovers.”

Though we agree with certain stats brought to light by the survey, a few we don’t. ”Shoes are best friends” Jeez Louise. Though we must admit, we probably have 19 lying around but ALL MOST of them were worth it!

Are you best friends with your shoes, thinking of them more than your lover?

Mirror, Mirror in my shoes

There’s not just one but two mirrored delights we found by designer Thakoon. They are Mirror Mosaic Ankle Boots and Mirror Mosaic Strappy Sandals.

They are not our type of heel but they stand at a fierce 4.5 inches

and they dont come cheap either at $1,150.

Do you think they are worth it?