How No One But You Can Access Your Phone

Ways to avoid predictable problems and dilemmas while keeping your privacy private seems difficult to conquer sauf for this handy new I-phone app that fingerprint-activated. It keeps wandering eyes blind and curious hands baffled.

For one now very famous cheater and golfer, this would have been handy.

The Most Amazing Luxury Watches By An Artist

Yvan Arpa calls himself not a watchmaker but an artist and if you have had the pleasure of seeing his art watch creations for his new brand Artya, you would agree. Typically when a unique watch enters the market, the price will usually be in the $100,000 dollar range but these one-of-a-kind watches are roughly or under $10, 000!

This apparently has something to do with the organic way in which the cases are made as Artya creates unique cases more organically using artificial lightning that “tortures” the watches. Though most cases are ruined beyond recognition, this can creates interesting and unique water-resistant pieces.

In the watch pictured above, there is also the element of toad skin. Unexpected but different!

10-year-old Lands 5 Figure Anti-Smoking Contract

10-year-old Meghan Ward was driven to get the anti-smoking message out because of her Grandmother’s smoking related death. She would save her pocket money to have prototypes made in China for her final product, a key chain where tar is pushed side-to-side inside lungs. Anti-smoking execs caught wind of the idea and inked a deal for 25, 000 of Meghan’s keyrings. They call it clever and ingenious and it really is!

Click here to watch the video

Shop Couture At The Breast Cancer Site!

They are so cute and cotton! And at $19.95 they are worth every penny!

This is called the Brazilian Wrapped Stone Necklace also for $19.95 with geode and silver.

Rosy Radiance Sterling Earrings & Necklace Set for $29.95. This time jewelry with pearl, crystal, & sterling silver.

They even have Brazilian Nut Oil!

For Nerds And Geeks All Around

Well, you have to admit. It does look pretty handy.

Fashion For The Olympics!

The Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010 in our amazing country are about to start and it seems everyone wants to get a piece. Good for all of us because we can at least see what’s going on in all this frenzy and ferocity.

First up, a $12,000 oak leaf necklace no one (sane) would buy, made of silver and gold named Buccellati Vintage Oak Leaf Necklace oOo well, it sounds couture.Whether or not we would wear it is another thing unless you lived on Olympus…

INUKSHUK, which is “the figure of a man made with stones, traditionally used by the Innu peoples of the Artic Circle, to point the way or mark an important spot” has been chosen as official mascot for the 2010 Olympics. All items are made of sterling silver with 10k gold costing from $180 – 400.

That girl with her arms folded doesn’t look too happy to be there.

HBC put on their thinking caps and designed warm, quilted outdoorsy wear ranging from $10-$350. They used the red and white colours of our national flag with hints of black and grey, much better than last year’s Beijing pyjama numbers Canadian athletes wore sadly. Hmm, we think HBC could have gone a little more racy Olympus. This is a simple, predictable design but you’d never complain about the cold! We like the video.

Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, created these for the U.S team and also created “uniforms for opening and closing Ceremonies as well as apparel and accessories for Team USA to wear in the Athletes Village and other venues”. We like it and who is that fine fox in the first picture?

Speaking of fine foxes, though there are none here, it seems as if this nice sweater needs one to fill out this nice little number even if it is $380.

Or maybe the Torchbearer jacket at $55

This is one piece from Birks Jewellery Collection for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games featuring charms and sterling silver for $350. Kinda reminds us of Stella McCartney’s Alice in Wonderland charm bracelets except hers doesn’t include a Vancouver Olympics logo hee hee!

And all of this, isn’t even the half of it. Did you know Vera Wang is designing the figure skating costumes?

Stella McCartney Teams With Disney For Alice In Wonderland Jewelry

The Alice-inspired bracelet and necklace are made of gold chains, decorated with pearls and plexi charms in the shape of a rabbit, the Mad Hatter’s topper, plus spade, club, heart and diamond symbols. They also feature Swarovski crystal accents.

They will sell for $395 and $425 at Stella McCartney stores everywhere in February.

Pretty pretty!

Don’t Forget To Eat Your Crayons!

Wow wow WOW! Luxirare has created edible crayons or health bars. They are mostly made of very healthy ingredients except marshmallow, which is used to make it stick together. Did we say too much?

The ingredients for each colour of crayon are chosen according to colour not taste. Though freeze dried corn peanuts, bee pollen and dried bananas are listed for the yellow crayon. All crayons are ”a mixture of nuts, seeds, dried veggies, fruits, and anything that is healthy”, which the author stresses deeply.

Green sounds edible with ”peas, green beans, dried kiwi, green fruity pebbles, dried pumpkin seeds” but we are sceptical about these pebbles? Are they sugar pebbles?

It doesn’t matter but for those who ever had a craving for crayons, here’s your big chance to satisfy it!

Dior Opens First Watch And Jewelry Shop In Switzerland

Christian Dior opened the boutique last November 14 called Horlogerie et Joaillerie (Watch and Jewelry). We know it’s been awhile but we thought we’d talk a bit about it from the description in Vogue Paris. It says that the new Genevian address is but steps from the Dior Ready-To-Wear store and that nuances of gray, redone pleated walls and other little signs remind us of the emblematic signature of the fashion Dior house.

Peter Marino, the architect says the store was inspired by 30 avenue Montaigne.

We can’t see inside but we’re sure it’s timeless.

Putting Art Into Attitude

Clutch £105.

Bag £170.

This is an artistic approach to a ferosh accessory. It is Longchamp’s Artitude collection only available in London it seems. They are not our style but they are anything but boring.

Grey To Dethrone Black This Winter

According to, it will. We think it’s a great idea to take into consideration. We already know that black is the safe choice that everyone inevitably chooses for elegance and poise but can you wear a little black dress during the day with the same effect? This does sound a little similar to Chanel’s new year resolution for lip wear.

However, grey does carry a sense of refined, sophisticated prestige and chic that black at times, cannot provide during the daylight hours. The grey trend has reached to influencing accessories, bags, smooth leather goods and velvet pumps. Not only this but it is also quickly becoming the new basic colour for fashion collections where the fashion designers imagine silouettes ”lined in wool, cashmere and satins”.

We like that imagery

It even says that for the house, grey is a lovely choice for sofa coverings, drapes or rugs. With that list, you’re sure not to run out of ideas.

Toys That Came To Life On The Big Screen!

Over the years, we have seen some of our favourite childhood toys make it into brights lights, cameras and action in films. Some were good, some were bad and some scared us…a lot.

Here are a few of our favourites!

Optimus Prime, the Autobots and the Decepticons became larger than life in the film Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which earned $813 million overall in the box office, more than its predecessor Transformers!

Even the Bratz dolls got their 15 seconds in 2007!

And who could forget He-man, originally an 80s plastic toy from Mattel. Dolph Lundgren reenacted the little plastic man in Masters of the Universe of 1987.

Meanwhile Frank Langella played archnemesis Skeletor opposite to He-man.

Pixar’s Toy Story I and II introduced Mr. Potato Head as the master of disguised and was voiced by comedian Don Rickles! Memorable and classic!

Though the 1985 comedy of the board game Clue was made into a film, it wasn’t so great even if it starred Tim Curry, Christopher Lloyd and Madeline Kahn.

Some toys did not become so cheerful and adorable when they became animate. Take Chucky in Child’s Play from the 80s for example, the scariest bad toy on the block. It is rumoured he was inspired by sweet My Buddy or Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

Oh Chucky, you homicidal maniac.

It really is amazing to see how toys translate to the silver screen though even if Chucky is nightmare-inducing crazy. We will never be able to look at Cabbage Patch again.

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