The Sporadic Return

I have been on hiatus for more than enough and why should I have been? I love writing. It is one of my passions and I always have hoped to pursue it in one way or another. So here I am back again. I will say that the beauty of fashion is that in each era, we may liken it to an ever-changing force that evolves into the best and the worst of itself. (Example, the 80s, not to say that there were not certain “epic” ensembles even so) I will continue writing about fashion as well as a few other things. I initially had thought to make this small haven, a literary one that would be presented in a 3rd person or 2nd person voice although I do think I may have to expand my voice to emphasize certain opinions of my own. Though I have never avoided or attempted ways to avoid articulating what I think, I think it is good to open up the forum so I may invite commentary from others more often.
Another interest of mine is the human interaction aspect of people. I find people so explicitly interesting so as to puzzle me exceedingly. There are so many ways to understand body language and how one decides to illuminate a point during a conversation that it seems absurd we have to learn it all by ourselves throughout the course of life.
There is a certain beauty and intrigue of discovery where we stop ourselves to reflect on what people communicate to us where every sentence metamorphoses into notes and tones of delectable perplexity. Even though it is disconcerting when we do not comprehend how to understand something, we seem to always have to go beyond ourselves and either ignore or contend with whatever idea was expressed.
Why should we? If someone has decided to do something so determinately, we should be able to respond clearly and assertedly, “Dearest, though I love this very interesting albeit confusing conversation, speak in plain English or I will be very motivated to slap you upside the head”. Don’t you agree? :) It never usually happens like that though, does it?
We have high tolerances for silly things.
And so, here begins a new chapter wherein I hope to be honest and grow and mature with my writing, which I love dearly.


  1. Reema said,

    March 4, 2011 at 21:28

    I am very interested in the evolution that is reve couture. Hopefully there will be more thoughtful and intriguing posts such as this one to follow

  2. Francesca said,

    March 8, 2011 at 21:03

    There is certain beauty and intrigue about you my lovely, I look forward to reading reve critique couture. Have you discovered “on the street” ?

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