Asian Designers Are Like Dreams

You don’t think they exist but they do. It could also be that we were overwhelmed and ecstatic about “Rosestudio” GUO Pei High Class Fashion Show 2010. Guo Pei’s sense of design and fashion is revolutionary and even though we know the show happened sometime ago, we have to express our utmost respect and appreciation for its originality and delicate beauty. If we were artists, we would wear these to every performance.

It’s like Leonardo da Vinci was reincarnated as Guo Pei and decided to try his hand at being a designer.

The third dress is our favourite. Now we’re just thinking about how to make them for ourselves!

Blood, Sweat and Dirt On The Runway

DSquared2’s Fall/Winter Men’s collection debuted in Milan inspired by Lady Gaga no doubt

Which is your favourite fox? 1 or 2. hee hee!

3 is irrelevant

We pick 2. He’s wrapped like a surprise

Vivienne Westwood Designs Wallpaper

British designer, Vivienne Westwood, has teamed with British enterprise Cole & Son to design…wallpaper! An interesting switch for the designer. It also gives the fashionista who has everything the chance to bring a little couture into the hearth and home and the walls.

Of course, as the ‘standard roll’s’ price varies from $87 to $298, this kinda chic don’t come cheap.

Personally, we think wallpaper could have a comeback but that it’s a bit outdated and it would be a like throwing away money if ever you decided to take it off.

However, Westwood’s personal touch for the company are quite similar to her collections. She says, “This collection is a perfect opportunity to be able to work with a heritage company and to see my ideas from fashion translated into the world of interiors and wallpaper”, something we can notice from her trompe l’oeil tartan print above as it uses her signature plaid.

It’s definitely an interesting transition.

Would you buy designer wallwear?

Karl Lagerfeld to photograph Plus-size Models?

It appears that V Magazine is feeling inspired from Glamour Magazine’s Plus-Size Photoshoot and will in effect, be featuring bigger-boned beauties in their January issue. “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size — every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it,” says editor-in-chief Stephen Gan. The shoots are said to range from fully clothed to nude and will be done by Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and KARL! He has been quoted as saying that modelling is no place for plus-sizers, however here he is photographing them? What is this? A plight to aid the needy?

We Don’t Understand Karl, is someone blackmailing you or have you turned over a new leaf?

Pshtt..Victoria has a Secret: 20 layers of Butt Make-up!

After seeing the recently aired Victoria Secret Fashion Show, it would be hard not to feel a little daunted or at least wonder how the models look so flawless.

However, we are fortunate to learn that in the magical world of balloons, lace, sci-fi and $3 million dollar bra, there is a ‘secret’. Angel, Selita Ebanks revealed to the New York Daily News that this secret is 20 layers of Butt makeup!

Can you imagine walking around with that clogging you up every which way?

Ebanks says “it’s all about creating the illusion of this amazing body on the runway. People don’t realize that there are about 20 layers of makeup on my butt alone.”

Not only this but apparently each of the 38 models averages 5 people who take about an hour to do their body make-up and then another three to five hours for their hair and face makeup!

It’s refreshing to hear models speak so honestly but getting make-up like that off…..

Talk about scrub beads and loofahs!

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2009 and the Black Eyed Peas

All we have to say is Ay Caliente! As we previously said, strange contraption Heidi is wearing but since it’s Heidi, we will let it pass. Can you believe that is her body 5 weeks after giving birth?!

Hmm, wonder where Marissa was with the 3 million dollar bra?

You would think that would merit some camera time, wouldn’t it?!