Wanda Skyes Comments About NBC’s ”In Honour” Of Black History Month

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Wanda Sykes discussed NBC’s Black History Month menu commenting that, “It is Black History Month, that’s how they celebrate. New York City, you don’t have to know about Harriet Tubman, here is chicken.” She has a point. If that is the only way they are celebrating, it doesn’t really ‘celebrate’ anything. Black History Month is meant to be a solemn reminder of the past whereas food doesn’t really remind anyone of anything except, well, food. It also presents a stereotype, in that, all black people care about is food and to be honest, who would want to be defined by the food they eat?

Pie Revenge On Peta In Newfoundland

In an unexpected turn of events, this particular PETA protester was sneakily cream-pied in the face just outside the hotel where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was scheduled to speak. The PETA protester was just saying before that people all over the world are disgusted with Canada when in fact, they aren’t.

PETA is protesting Seal Slaughter but what they fail to realize is that seals reproduce very quickly and the numbers need to be controlled. The problem with PETA is that they seem to not understand that if you do not control animal population, animals will reproduce and subsequently, overrun the cities with their increased numbers.

Perhaps, it is fine to say that every living animal is sacred in theory but realistically speaking, what would you do with animals running rampant throughout the streets? Would that not create problems?

Love This Guy

Gross but hilarious.

Musée De L’Éroticisme

Only in France, only in France.

Antonio Fischetti and Charb have created an exhibition that has been described as a funny lexical tour of sex. It forms one of three parts of the triple exhibition dedicated to Charlie Hebdo.

The decline of births, Mother’s Day, pills for men or terrorism act as excellent subjects for politically incorrect covers. For example,

A big man with a moustache on all fours is nude, under the title ” Naked girl that makes it sell “. An old woman sits with naked buttocks reading the headlines of a weekly magazine, titled ” Finally a newspaper without an ass! ” which were all made in the spirit of Charlie, especially this last one dedicated to Tarzan who was created by Edgar Burroughs in 1912.

The society that manages the exploitative rights of his image have signed a contract guaranteeing a good perception to be made of their heros. “He can’t be disrespectful to God neither to his powerful attributes, nor be insensitive to the sanctity of marriage, religion or encourage illicit sexual activities”.

Charlie censured this responding with a savoury and irreverent image of a crucified, ridiculed and crushed on Tarzan whether he be in the supermarket or in the sexual act.

We translated from the original site so it seems as if Charlie was a satirist famed for his depictions of controversial politically incorrect images.

40 years of Covers: the triple exposition Charlie Hebdo, Musée de l’érotisme will be presented in Paris until May 31, 2010.

What do you think?

Get A Virus Scanner LOL

The FBI Is Watching But You Won’t Notice

For a demonstration

Click here


LOL finally it’s live: Kathy starts by showing her CNN contract to Anderson Cooper ”Are you going to be squeaky clean, CNN is going to be gunshy”

11:01 – Kathy: ‘Turn off Ryan Seacrest now, it’s part of a conspiracy do it. Have you ever been beaten by Oprah, she hates gum-chewing and you chew gum Andy. I’m keeping you honest’

11:06 – Kathy is showing her number 1 best seller lol

11:21 – Lance Bass appears! Who are these crazy looking Australians with bad hair? Oh thank god it’s a wig They were hiding HOTNESS. Congrats on your marriage

Kathy keeps Anderson honest and then asks him fan question, If you were a dessert, what would you be? I know what you’d be. You’d be vanilla with a cherry on top
Anderson threatens to quit CNN, Kathy offers him position as assistant ”I’m hiring”

11:35 – Apparently Cher is a saint! She’s donated helmets to the army with better padding

11:38 – Kathy’s assistant Tiffany decided to go with Team Bass in Vegas LOL
11:40 – In retaliation Kathy shows off Manager Tom wearing no one in particular
11:40 – Oooo The midnight runners in central park Insanity. People of all ages too!
11:42 – Kathy on J.Lo ”I’m not saying she’s singing. I’m saying she’s fierce”
11:54 – What’s your safeword? (HAHAHA) Anderson: I have no idea what that means
Kathy: You’re going to answer that later

12:00 – Happy New Year!!!!!!
12:11 – Kathy – ”Whose on your death panel? Anderson” Anderson – What’s that?
12:16 – Kathy – Oh poor John Cry me a river He’s in Florida
12:19 – Kathy – I think I see Carrie Prejean in that crowd
12:22 – Us- Lance looks dapper
12:25 – Kathy – Anything with Ormond is good

We agree! We missed portions of the broadcast but all in all, we think it was hilarious.

Happy New Year to alll

2009 A Year Of Media Insanity?

LOL, sad but kinda hilarious…and sad

Jack Bauer Ruining Christmas By Interrogating Santa

For those who didn’t receive a gift on the most highly anticipated gift-giving holiday of the year, this may answer a few questions. Courtesy of video goes to Rebel Christmas Card


Kathy Griffin on Lopez Tonight

Kathy Griffin and George Lopez are both nominated in the category of Best Comedy Album for the Grammies.

Who KNOWS who will win this year? Lopez has been nominated now three times while this is Griffin’s second nomination.

Hers is the only off-colour comedic gold we can stomach.

If you love her just as much, you will be very happy to know that despite her mistake from last year, CNN has invited her back to host with Anderson Cooper for their New Years’ Eve broadcast

The Douche Strikes Again Sham-Ho-Ho-Hoing away


Menage à Sham. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Gimmicky sham product

The New Lady Gaga and Beyonce LOL

We bet Gaga would LOVE this! check out the LOL above for the song Telephone featuring “Beyonce” hahaa

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