Blood, Sweat and Dirt On The Runway

DSquared2’s Fall/Winter Men’s collection debuted in Milan inspired by Lady Gaga no doubt

Which is your favourite fox? 1 or 2. hee hee!

3 is irrelevant

We pick 2. He’s wrapped like a surprise

Compare & Contrast

New & Improved Cristiano Ronaldo Emporio Armani ad or Old Reliable David Beckham ad?

We think it’s kinda obvious who wins the EA ad battles but then again, we’re not really fans of Ronald McDonald in that way

The Dailymail says that, “Unlike [David Beckham], the poor chap [Cristiano Ronaldo] is clearly no supermodel. It’s not just that he’s less naturally handsome, with a strangely prominent Adam’s apple and feminine features that contrast oddly with his rugged physique. He’s also obviously uncomfortable in front of a camera.”


Our Sleeper Hit

Toni Braxton featuring Trey Songz singing Yesterday. We heard it a couple of months ago and we shrugged it off then we thought, it’s Toni.  We also noticed her shoes bear a striking resemblance to these little numbers! Plus, we thought we noticed one of the Hogan daughters there.

Question, that Green Giant at the end wasn’t Trey Songz, was it? Foxy Songz

Now THIS is How You Tell The Weather

This is Tomasz Schafernaker, weatherman for BBC on the cover of Attitude Active magazine, a Gay magazine. And his employers at BBC had no idea! Naughty minx!

A weather centre source said, ‘It was a question of minor hot water that he didn’t inform his superiors’ continuing that, ‘Eyebrows were raised big time. You have to look to see that it is him. The boy was transformed into a swan. Let’s just say that everyone is seeing Tomasz in a different light now. But we are worried that when people are watching the weather when Tomasz presents they will not be able to concentrate on watching the symbols.’

The magazine, which features gay and straight men has the 31-year-old dreamboat meteorologist as their posterboy for their Health issue and shares that ”underneath his suits and shirts sported on TV [..] undressed he is the specimen you see before you, all pecs and ripped abs.’

Weather broadcasts would be so much more fun with shirtless healthy men, wouldn’t they?

Happy 75th Birthday Elvis

Today would have marked year 75 in the life of Elvis Presley who was speculated to have had an addiction to prescription drugs like some others we know and died of cardiac arrhythmia at the young age of 42. In celebration of the late King of Rock n Roll, the Smithsonian Institution present us with the exhibit “One Life: Echos of Elvis” that will be shown at L.A’s Grammy Museum and Washington’s National Portrait Gallery respectively.

Tres sad. Also, we don’t know if this is true but it is said that his autopsy results will not be made public until 2027, which would mark 50 years after his death! We can’t verify this but we will find out in the future.

In any case, the exhibits will be a nice way to remember the iconic gold-caped King.

(He was gorgeous back then, wasn’t he? The dreamboat)