Vogue Paris February 2010 Is Writhing

Anja Rubik, though frail and easily blown over by light winds appears unafraid of slithery cold-blooded snakes as she posed for Vogue Paris in a series of confident and colourful shots. Paris really does know how to step up its game.

Though we have to say, we were amazed she was able to hold up the weight of the snake all by her lonesome.

Images via Vogue Paris

Asian Designers Are Like Dreams

You don’t think they exist but they do. It could also be that we were overwhelmed and ecstatic about “Rosestudio” GUO Pei High Class Fashion Show 2010. Guo Pei’s sense of design and fashion is revolutionary and even though we know the show happened sometime ago, we have to express our utmost respect and appreciation for its originality and delicate beauty. If we were artists, we would wear these to every performance.

It’s like Leonardo da Vinci was reincarnated as Guo Pei and decided to try his hand at being a designer.

The third dress is our favourite. Now we’re just thinking about how to make them for ourselves!

The Future Of The Red Carpet Dress?

Makes you think where designers find the inspiration for amazing dresses like these. In actuality, these were part of Viktor and Rolf’s Spring 2010 runway. Personally, we like the delicate layering and strong lines. It gives an overall picture of innovation and individuality to each piece.

It’s like Alice In Wonderland meets Edward Scissorhands!

First Lady Immortalized In Wax!

You knew it had to happen. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States has been unveiled waxy and glorious in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. She joins the likes of husband and President Barack Obama and Paris Hilton. Woo!

Amazing likeness but why didn’t they show her arms?

Wasn’t that one of those things she was known for last year?

Colour Me Beautiful: The Health And Culture Issue A Sneak Peek

V Magazine has released their size issue where they say V Love U Just The Way U R, which does not seem to translate in their pictures showing that it too has succumbed to the Hollywood Beast, painting pictures of thin scarecrow women contrasting them with their extreme plus-size opposites, instead of showing real women who are HEALTHY. Also, where is the cultural representation they speak of?

Is it this or this?

Most of these plus-size models seem more at health risk than fierce frenzy and the ”tall, thin, short, curvy, whoever you are” in V Magazine? We don’t think so

This is the picture WE want to paint. We have illustrated a picture of health, culture and couleur so we asked some of the beautiful Maverick Femmes we know to share their pictures with us and offer something that V definitely did NOT.

Stay tuned for more updates ;)

V Love U Just The Way U Are

Surprise! Yet another preview of the Size Issue from V before it hits the newsstands Jan 14 However, in the newly released photographs by Terry Tsiolis, we see a wide range of sizes and ages AND colour, which we prefer to stick and big-boned comparisons.

The tag line reads “Tall, thin, short, curvy, punk, prep, dom, deb. Whoever you are and whoever you want to be, we’re with you all the way” We don’t know what deb is but it sounds…questionable intriguing!

What we have noticed in these images are some unique clothes and some familiar…Alexander…so in case you were wondering about the models, make-up and who they are wearing, read below! (We think we might like this issue!)

First picture
Regina is wearing a dress by Salvatore Ferragamo, a necklace Atelier Swarovski by Christopher Kane Earrings Erickson Beamon while make-upped in M.A.C Powerpoint Eye Pencil in industry and Eye Shadow in contrast

Martin is wearing a vest by Keko Hainswheeler and sweatshirt John Galliano Pants Trussardi 1911

Photo 4:
From left is Amy wearing a jacket, bodysuit, pants, shoes Alexander McQueen, bracelet (worn as necklace) Balenciaga by Nicolas Ghesquière and gloves by LaCrasia

Frey wears pants from Thom Browne Top Tripp NYC, shoes Pleaser from Patricia Field, Tights from American Apparel

Kate – Sweater Stefanel Headband Natalia Brilli

Images via models.com and V Magazine

Sneak Peek #2 at V’s Plus-Size Issue. Is This Healthy?

The models that have been chosen for the highly anticipated issue# 63 of V look timeless in these pictures done by Karl and Co. They also have faces similar to those seen in fashion mags and wear high fashion clothes provided by major fashion labels, so in effect they look very super. While we do love this new plus-size teaser before the issue’s release on Jan 14, we can’t help but think about how much plus is healthy and how much is plus?

Skeleton is not healthy but neither is obesity so we spoke with health and medical professionals who shared that

Being heavy on top and heavy on the bottom is ok (health-wise though not for backs or knees among other joints) HOWEVER, if a woman is over 80cm in waist-size (85 for Japanese women), they risk cardiovascular disease, diabetes and are at risk for metabolic syndrome. Men should not be over 90cm (80 for Japanese men).

So, we hope that people everywhere do accept themselves for the body they have but should keep in mind that health is more important than body image (On a side note, Japanese really do have a different bone structure so the women do have that leeway though that number for men was unexpected!

(What’s up with there only being one model of colour too?)

Images courtesy of V Magazine/Solve Sundsbo and Models.com

Sneak Peek at V Magazine’s ‘One Size Fits All’

A sneak peek at V magazine’s issue 63, which will show off the gorgeousness of any woman’s size, has been released. The issue itself doesn’t hit stands until January 14th but from what we see of Crystal Renn and Jacquelyn Jablonski pictured above, we are excited!

‘The women, in a fashion-off are shown side-by-side to demonstrate through similar poses and wearing the same clothing (courtesy of Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler and Dolce & Gabbana) and ferosh accessories (fromVersace, Burberry and Alexis Bittar), that women of any shape are beautiful and that fashion is for anyone. One of the featured stories will be Terry Richardson‘s One Size Fits All.

We think the Dolce & Gabbana designer bodysuits look gorgeous on them but we have to say that the models look more curvy than all sizes. Dove anyone?

Wonder which ones Karl photographed?

Images Courtesy of Models.Com and V Magazine

Much Better!

Light make-up or rather good blending, fierce shirt while wearing something that resembles a Swarovski crystal bracelet we saw, Blair Waldorf Leighton Meester looks lovely at the Miami nightclub opening of Klutch. Far removed and BETTER than this!

Roger Federer Reigns Over All

According to a poll, the ultimate champion of champions of the decade is tennis star Roger Federer and he’s only 28.

“Federer has 61 titles to his name and is the first player to earn more than $50m in prize-money [but the] style and grace with which he conducts his business [raises him to an entirely different level]”

Agreed! We love our Mr Rogers. He seems genuinely sweet and humble

Sad We Missed Hunky Santa

Sexy Santa has been so popular that it’s in its’ 9th year running all very far from us at the Los Angeles’ Beverly Center mall.

Every year, a sexy Santa is chosen but not without special requirements, which the mall’s Marketing and Sponsorship Director for Susan was more than happy to share. “What we’re looking for in [Hunky Santa] is someone who’s a people person. Someone who is charismatic… that’s what’s most important.”

Charisma in naughty and nice pictures! And this year’s Santa, fitness model James Ellis, fitness model, aged 29 didn’t mind if men, women, whoever sat on his knee while staring at his abs. LOL

“Hunky Santa is there to take pictures with everybody… men, women, children. Doesn’t matter.” And it also appears the model is something of a local hero, arriving first on scene when an aerialist fell three feet who broke her pelvis then making sure she was stable until ambulances arrived.

That sounds like our kinda Santa, Fierce and Fabulous!

Tyra Banks Says Au Revoir To Her Talk Show in 2010 For WOMEN!

After five years, 2 Emmys and an abundance of A-ha So What moments, Tyra Banks announced on her website and in an interview with People that she will end her talk show in 2010 in order to concentrate on new ventures in film and television with her new N.Y-based production company Bankable Studios.

Ha Just like Oprah!

In any case, Banks said to People, “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years”.

Tyra said the idea to “redefine women in film” was encouraged by filmmaker Tyler Perry and media mogul Oprah. A source reveals that Tyra will continue to enforce a positive image of women. Tyra says, “my next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are” even though a source shares that “Tyra is sad because she’ll be missing so much of the daily connection to her viewers, but excited at the same time to be taking on a new challenge.”

If you are deeply saddened by the prospect of no Tyra, you can still watch her on America’s Next Top Model and True Beauty.

We don’t watch her talk show so much anymore but we know that she is anything but boring. Though not all of her episodes were particularly enlightening or somehow found a way to relate back to her and some would argue that she attacks her guests if she dislikes them, she appears to have good intentions.

Society’s image of itself is shaped and defined by the mass media’s interpretation of it, which is surprise an industry dominated by men. There are numerous attestations to this but the fact is that all of society is conditioned to conform and accept what it perceives.

Forget the empowered woman, which is the relevant issue here. Instead, we should look at gender in an androgynous sense. Yet, society doesn’t run just on speech and good intentions. This leads us to the conclusion that as long as women are not given positive role models in the mass media we will have limited expectations of who they should and will become. Is a powerhouse woman positive? A mother? A waitress? Is sexiness negative or is it negative to be assertive?

So, we think it’s great that Tyra Banks wants to give women the power of fierce, but we hope that her treatment of it transcends wishful ideology. We hope that the reality for the modern woman who is guilty of perpetrating her own stereotyping as caregiver/housewife/submissive participant becomes a lesson for both genders in adopting an egalitarian mentality.

This means that she should look at how women AND men view themselves and how they interact because after all, both sexes do play into one another’s role in life.

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