Letterman Pokes Fun At Obama’s Trans Appointee

Amanda Simpson is the first transgendered individual to receive a presidential appointment. David Letterman addressed this only to have one of his staffers run from the show screaming, “Amanda? Amanda used to be a dude? Oh, my God”

Was this meant to be insensitive or was it just taken out of context? Some commentators believe the Advocate was wrong in their judgment and misconstrued Letterman’s meaning, which apparently was ”the satire in over-the-top homophobic reactions”, as one reader put it.

Is The Advocate just making mountains out of molehills?


Marc Jacobs And Lorenzo Martone Tied The Knot In St. Barts?

Keepin’ Each Other Honest! Officially!

Jacobs and Martone married in a quiet ceremony on the magical island that is St. Barts this week.

The cake toppers we give a 10 for ADORABLE!

Wild guess as to which one is Jacobs.

Update: They did not marry. A friend to the couple threw them an engagement party!

Elton John Helping Eminem Kick His Drug Habit

We didn’t even know they were still in contact but apparently, Elton has been helping Eminem over the last 18 months and he’s “doing brilliantly”.

Elton John was a former drug addict himself but quit drugs and booze in the 80s and it seems he has been helping substance-abusing celebs ever since including Michael Jackson. “The Candle In The Wind” singer says “I’m there if people want my help. If people ask for help you tell them where to go but there’s no point advising people if they don’t want to do it.” But sometimes if they do need a little coaxing, that shouldn’t be opposed to.

Eminem, who nearly died from an overdose of a heroin substitute of methadone, it seems has been struggling with an addiction to sleeping pills for sometime saying, “If I was to give you a number of Vicodin I would actually take in a day? Anywhere between 10 to 20. Valium, Ambien, the numbers got so high I don’t even know what I was taking.”

It’s good he’s getting the help he needs to get back on track. Who knows once he kicks the drug habit, maybe we’ll see a glimmer of Eminem circa “Stan” and “Lose Yourself”

New Loves In The Air For Season 3 True Blood

Last season ended with the accidental death of Eggs, Tara’s boyfriend. So what’s in store for Rutina Wesley‘s character? A mysterious vampire lover named Franklin Mott who will be played by James Frain (The Tudors, 24)

Another addition to Season 3 comes  by way of actress Lindsay Pulsipher (The Beast) in the role of Crystal described as “a mysterious and haunting beautiful young woman who shares an ‘electric connection’ with Jason [Ryan Kwanten].” Haven’t we all learned that mysterious and electric mean supernatural and sexytime? Wonder what kind of supernatural she’ll be!

Natasha Alam has been cast as a new love interest for Alexander Skarsgard.  (Hmm, we think it’s a good alternative to Anna Paquin but we think Eric needs a caramel skinned woman like us ;))

This one was unexpected Joe Manganiello who had a recurring role on One Tree Hill as Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) love interest has been cast as the “hot and sexy alpha male werewolf”, Alcide Herveaux who we think is supposed to be quite naughty in the books. We do like him though. Who else can sexy face stare like that?

Of course we do have to reflect on Tara’s alcoholic mother’s new turn to the faith. Will she have a certain someone as well? Apparently she will in the form of a certain Reverand Daniels to be played by Gregg Daniel. He will play a church leader that Tara’s alcoholic mother turns to for “comfort.” LOL
Lafayette was considerably less Lafayette last season, a lot of his pizazz disappeared! But apparently he might just get it back with a boyfriend! Though Alan Ball has not chosen the actor for this yet apparently he is “quietly searching for a sexy Latino actor in his 30s to play a lust interest for everyone’s favorite same-gender-lovin’ blood dealer” Ball confirmed in the summer that viewers would see a more “vulnerable” Lafayette in season 3. He seemed pretty vulnerable last season. Bring back pizazz Lafayette!

Season 3 looks exciting though especially with all these yummy treats but seriously when are they going to cast someone Chinese for more than one episode and/or Indians? The two biggest populations in the world and you couldn’t find one to fit into the “Blood Dream”?

Anyway, here’s hoping this season doesn’t rely on sexytime and extended storyline stretching!

First Gay Sex-Scene Ever on Daytime

Even though only Scott Evans, younger brother of Chris Evans is gay in real-life, on the soap One Life to Live, his character Oliver and Kyle (Brett Claywell) made love for the first time on-screen. This is also the first time that an on-screen gay couple have made amour in daytime!

The oddity in all this? ABC are the ones who made history and THEY’RE THE ONES WHO MADE ALL THE GAY FUSS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  We refer of course to their not allowing Adam Lambert to perform after his controversial appearance on the AMA’s.

So were they scared of losing gay fans before? We don’t know but ahh Soap L’Amour.

It’s all part of ‘one step at a time’.