Now those are CURVES

January 2010 Issue of Vogue India with Sonam Kapoor who reportedly once weighed 198 pounds (90kg). She is now about 136 pounds (60kg). Something important to note about weight is that it isn’t the weight you should be concentrating on but rather what is healthy for your height and the less than 80cm around the waist rule. Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, is 5,9. Though the amount of weight she has lost is remarkable, we have to wonder if now she is slightly underweight, due to her height.

Here were some of her words of food wisdom, which we all agree with.

1. Don’t eat that samosa. (you know what she means! Junk food)
2. Eat small meals, every two hours, instead of three big meals.
3. Stay away from refined foods. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and lean meats.
4. Exercise.
5. Cut down on caffeine and drink more water. Green tea has the caffeine you need, so switch from coffee.
6. Accept that there can be no excuse for straying from your regime.
7. Put on music and dance.
8. Recognise that there is no easy way.
9. Don’t be a lazy bum. You only need six hours of sleep. Get up and get moving.
10. Never be unhappy with who you are, but do see where there may be room for improvement.

Nicely put.


How To Make Butter Chicken

Let us tell you a story about a secret, the secret of making Butter Chicken, Poulet au Beurre in all its deliciousness. For your information, Butter Chicken is just a name. It doesn’t mean adding on butter like there’s no tomorrow. In fact, only 2 tablespoons are needed ;)

Preparation Time: 1/2 hour
Cooking Time: 30-40 minutes
Servings: 4

What you’ll need:

Chicken 800 grams
Lemon juice
Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 teaspoon
Salt to taste
Butter ..2 tablespoons
Yogurt 1 cup
Garlic paste 1/2 teaspoon but can be substituted with Garlic Cloves
Ginger paste 2 tablespoons. Can be substituted with actual Ginger
Garam masala powder 1/2 teaspoon
Kashmiri red chilli powder 1 teaspoon
Mustard oil 2 tablespoons (We used some Garlic Mustard creation he hee)
Dry fenugreek leaves (kasuri methi) 1/2 teaspoon
Tomato puree 400 grams
Cream 1 cup (we didn’t have it so we used evaporated milk)
Green cardamoms, cloves, peppercorns and cinnamon (minimal amounts. Cloves 2 or 3!!)

Les Instructions:
Make incisions with a sharp knife on breast and leg pieces of the chicken. Apply a mixture of red chilli powder, lemon juice and salt to the chicken for and set aside for half an hour (or at least a long as it takes you to prepare the curry (russ).

In a separate bowl, add yogurt, red chilli powder, salt, ginger-garlic paste, lemon juice, garam masala powder and “mustard oil”. Now add this onto the marinated chicken pieces and refrigerate for 3 or 4 hours ideally (or if you’re in a rush, start cooking the chicken on something that looks like the pan above or in a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees for 10 or 12 minutes) Add the butter and allow it to melt.

Add the green cardamoms, cloves, peppercorns and cinnamon.

Add the tomato puree (or cut up tomatoes if you don’t have the puree), red chili powder again, garam masala powder, salt and the cream (or evaporated milk).

If you think your mixture is too thick, add water. If it is too watery, let curry simmer on low.

On a final note, make sure your chicken is cooked and add a little paprika for colour.

Bon appétit

Three Indians Denied Entry Into Australian Bar

Last year, there were nearly 100 cases of attacks on Indians recorded in Australia. This year seems as if it will be no different as yet another incident of racism has been reported on. Three Indians were refused entry into Australian bar, Melbourne Centre Lion Hotel. Among a group of three Nepalese and three Indians, the Indians were singled out for no apparent reason. Nepalese citizen, Sujan Pathak said, “We had gone to the bar to throw a farewell party for one of our friends, Abhishek Aggarwal, who is about to leave for India”. When they called police, they were told that this was not a case of racism and the “[police could do nothing about] it” and “they had better find another bar”. As a side note, all bars in Australia display an outdoor notice stating their right to turn away any customer without explanation.

Aggarwal said, “We were not drunk, we were carrying our age proof, we were properly attired. But still they said ‘you guys can’t get in’. They didn’t give us any reason. We waited there for 10 minutes. All other guys were getting in… but we were not allowed to go inside.” Further, his response to police saying it was not a case of racism was, “This not about this bar or that particular bar. This is about my dignity, my race…It’s a case of racism.”

This is deeply upsetting. It’s as if the Civil Rights Movement never occurred and that segregation is being condoned by authority figures. It is also with great sadness that we say that this skims the surface on how deep racism runs. Funnily enough, Australian authorities maintain that the country is a safe place to work, live and study. However, 21-year-old student Nitin Garg was stabbed to death by unidentified assailants this month! Last month, Ranjodh Singh, another Indian student was killed in New South Wales. How is that SAFE?!!

When will racism stop? It seems childish and naive to say it but it’s true. How much hate do people have to justify ending the lives of people based on their colour of skin?

Barbie Is The Venus de Milo, Statue Of Liberty AND COCO!

Barbie really does get around. Now, she delves into the art world assuming famous artwork and subjects as Coco Chanel, Venus de Milo, Girl With The Pearl Earring painting, Nefertiti and . She even gets onto the 1950s cover of Vogue shot by Erwin Blumenfeld.

We really like it but where are the ethnic sisters or the Asians or Caramel persuasion?

India’s First Transsexual Talent Show

India will host for the first time a transsexuals talent show all in the effort to create and promote awareness about the marginalized community of transsexuals and eunuchs (men who have been castrated). Transsexual and activist Laxmi Narayan Tripathi says, “We were always the invisibles”  and hopes that the ”pageant [can] take [us] a step forward”.

It was just last year that transsexuals and eunuchs of India had their wish to be listed as ”others” granted, distinguishing them from male and females. This but scratches the surface of a multitude of issues they are forced to live with. Many live in squalor due to their alienation from society and limited options for survival, namely prostitution, jobs that pay insignificant amounts and begging.

As the SuperQueen pageant is meant to recognize and celebrate these others, hopefully we can better understand and delve into the trans-world. The ‘queens’ will be judged by Celina Jaitley (campaigner for sexual minority rights and former beauty queen), Zeenat Aman (actress) and Salman Khan (actor). Bollywood actress, Celina Jaitley says, “We want them to portray what is inside them. Speech, poise and confidence to work for the community will be important criteria [for the competition] .

The trans and eunuch hopefuls will compete over a period of two weeks in audition to fill 12 finalist positions for the crown of ”Indian Super Queen 2010”. They will also be competing for a cash prize of one million rupees (22,000 dollars).

OoO Fun for a good cause! We think that everyone needs to start accepting the fact that not everyone lives the way others do. The influence of the media should be used not only to generate awareness for issues such as these but also for women of darker colour, the abolishment of Fair And Lovely, which is a popular bleaching cream in India and a wider acceptance for what beauty and normal is.

Embrace a little!

Crying Blood

No, it’s not another Vampire movie. It’s about 14-year-old Twinkle Dwivedi who suffers blood loss from every pore about 50 times each day without being injured or touched. This undiagnosed disorder has prevented the teen from Lucknar, Uttar Pradesh from attending schools for the last two years as she was banned for the uncontrollable bleeding which occurs from her eyes to the soles of her feet.

In the U.S., a 16 year old American boy, Calvino Inman from Rockwood, Tennessee also was reported as suffering from this rare disorder with constant bleeding occurring from his eyes, which is currently being investigated by U.S doctors.

Dr George Buchanan was interested in Twinkle’s case and travelled to India to meet her. As a prominent American paediatric blood specialist even he was stumped. ‘I’ve never seen a case of someone who bleeds spontaneously from their scalp or their palms, or read about it in medical history.’

When he observed Twinkle in the Mumbai’s Jaslok Hospital, he was astonished to see that when she bled he saw “no signs of cuts or bruising anywhere on her body [as] it doesn’t seem physically possible for blood to seep through intact skin.”

Twinkle attests “I bleed from my eyes, my hands, my head, from everywhere. From my ears, nose and eyes as well. It doesn’t hurt when the bleeding starts. But it makes me tired and sometimes I have headaches.”

Through tests that consisted of cutting Twinkle’s skin to see how fast the blood stopped, they have shown that her platelets do not stick together properly meaning that she has a slight clotting disorder, which does not give an indication as to where the bleeding comes from.

Initially Dr Buchanan didn’t rule out abuse or self-infliction as a cause for the bleeding but he observed they had a healthy relationship with Twinkle, a Hindu defending herself saying that she wasn’t “causing this.” She continues, “Why would I want to make myself bleed? I don’t want to be like this. I want to go to school and have a normal life.”

Twinkle’s mother Nandani Diwedi says, “We have tried praying and seeking medical help to cure Twinkle. Sometimes you need to do both.”

Her condition is now being confirmed as one “they have never seen before.”

This unfortunately doesn’t inspire much hope. Also even if seeing someone constantly bleeding worries people, we would have rather not heard that schools are preventing her from her education. Banned is for miscreants and troublemakers. She is guilty of an unpreventable condition. They should make accommodations for the poor girl.

We do like her positivity though and we hope they do find a cure for her.

Documentary of Loca Lohan In India

The documentary from BBC that documented Lindsay Lohan contending with the serious issue of child trafficking in India from a few months back hit the web yesterday. We know it’s a serious issue but given Lohan’s record of mental breakdowns and drunkenness, it’s hard to see if she’s actually serious about it.

Sita Sings The Blues

Sita from the Ramayana is finally gaining some international fame. The New York Times calls Sita an Indian Betty Boop while “Roger Ebert gives it two thumbs up”.

Directed/Created by Nina Paley, this version of Ram and Sita (it’s a Hindu folktale where he’s a prince, has married Sita but then is exiled for 12 or 14 years during which they meet antagonist Ravana and monkey god Hanuman, you’re welcome) varies from the original in its blues musical attitude shown throughout the film. It acts more as an homage to the story than an actual re-telling. It is illustrated with the most striking details and re-told in the most interesting of ways. Though Nina Paley says that the failing relationship between Rama and Sita was what attracted her to the story as this mirrored her own life, this differs from the actual story where they remain together and finally rule the kingdom together as king and queen.

There really is some lovely blues music and an interesting interpretative animation that makes the film a pleasure to watch.

As the film is only funded through donations do take the time to go visit their site.

Note: It is a slightly exaggerated version of the old story, a bit more melodramatic than usual

Russell Brand And Katy Perry Engaged

A Musical Comedy together at last! Russell Brand confirmed the news saying ‘It’s true. Much love.’

He proposed to Katy during their holiday together in Jaipur, India, the Pink City.

Wonder if he proposed in any of these places

It’s nice there’s love in the air

India Circus In Germany!

India – A journey to the land of mystery and wonders is a circus dedicated to the wonderful world of India and recently celebrated its world premiere December 17, 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany.


Too bad it’s so far. Unfair!

Slumdog Millionaire Star Rubina Ali Sees Home Torn Down For A Second Time

Even though she was in one of the highest-grossing films of last year, 10-year-old Rubina Ali is homeless again.

Her friend Dinesh Dubey said, ‘Rubina was pleading with the authorities when they came. She was telling them “This is my house, I was born here”.’

Though this is quite sad, the demolishing of these illegal living areas is common. However, it begs the question why isn’t Rubina living in the promised luxury apartments Danny Boyle bought for both her and 10-year-old co-star Azharuddin Ismael Shaikh?

Apparently her family is refusing the 2.5 million rupee home Danny bought for them, disputing with the Jai Ho Trust to give them an apartment worth 4 million rupees (£53,000 or $85000) instead. Why wouldn’t they just move into the apartment and then argue over apartment size? We think this is questionable because we keep thinking about her father who police found no evidence supporting allegations of his intending to sell Rubina to some Sheikh in a farway land for £200,000.

What is going on over there? Save Rubina now!

Jaime Pressly (Singh)’s Wedded Bliss

The ”My Name Is Earl” star Jaime Pressly spoke with Instyle Weddings about her fairytale wedding in its’ winter issue, marrying entertainment lawyer Simran Singh just four short months before getting hitched.

Simran Singh? Could it be? An Indian?

Pressly says, “Sim is the first person I met that I was confident I would be able to grow old with. I was attracted to him right away. His smile, his beautiful skin – and there’s a wonderful intelligence about him … I loosen him up a bit and he makes me feel protected and loved.”

Beautiful skin, intelligent? Sounds Indian (and a loss) to us

And on a sidenote, Instyle Weddings Magazine should hire a new photographer. The head angle is all wrong!

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