Alexander McQueen Dies Week After Mother’s Death

Alexander McQueen was found dead in his apartment today following the death of his mother the week before. It is speculated that his death was a suicide but there is no conclusive evidence and no foul play is suspected. The passing of Alexander McQueen has left a vast hole in the fashion industry as his revolutionary and seemingly theatre-inspired shows were the reason behind why the British fashion scene was revived.

An inspiration and artist is gone.

Chris Brown With “Bruised and Beaten” Jean Paul Gaultier

Chris Brown, pick up the phone. It’s irony calling. On January 21st, Gaultier was in Paris for his boxing theme menswear fashion show so, his “bruised” appearance is all makeup.

However, doesn’t this remind you of Rihanna’s picture after she was beaten? What is failed to be understood is why people say, ‘Chris has still got it!’, when no one questions his talent but his qualities as a role model. A year hasn’t even passed and he’s posing in a picture like this?

Incomprehensible! And it’s not over-sensitivity talking. It’s blatant shamelessness!

Prada Taking An Artistic Approach

Miuccia Prada is collaborating with Chinese artist Yang Fudong to use some artistic elements with the launch of her new line. The name of the film is First Spring and was presented in Milan for the fall winter 2010 men’s fashion week.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Fashion!

Today in 2002

Giorgio Armani condemned the elitism of fashion, claiming: “Luxury disgusts me. I want young people to understand that today’s world is false. They must understand that it is absurd to prostitute oneself or to steal just to get a designer bag because they think that without it they are nobody.”

Dior Opens First Watch And Jewelry Shop In Switzerland

Christian Dior opened the boutique last November 14 called Horlogerie et Joaillerie (Watch and Jewelry). We know it’s been awhile but we thought we’d talk a bit about it from the description in Vogue Paris. It says that the new Genevian address is but steps from the Dior Ready-To-Wear store and that nuances of gray, redone pleated walls and other little signs remind us of the emblematic signature of the fashion Dior house.

Peter Marino, the architect says the store was inspired by 30 avenue Montaigne.

We can’t see inside but we’re sure it’s timeless.

In Case You’re Interested

Jean Paul Gaultier has slightly changed the look of his signature busty perfume bottle but it remains the same with the addition of an ”X”. The perfume called Le Classique will be available as soon as next month. In what is described as a concoction of feminine notes (who knows) mandarin and orange tree flowers, the X Collection promises sensual and sexy in its alluring odeur.

The eau de toilette Jean Paul Gaultier « Classique » X collection will be on sale for 90€ ($134,8) for 100ml and 63€ ($94.3) for 50ml.

We don’t know we’ve never had their eau but it sounds like it’s going to be sweet and fruity.

You know, the X kinda reminds us of X-men now that we think of it.

Chanel To Sell Temporary Tattoos

Developed by creative director Peter Phillips, the tattoos boast interesting designs with the Chanel logo and seem as if they could be put anywhere!

On March 1, there are fifty-five different designs will be released, packaged under the name of Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel that will be available online and in international department stores such as Selfridges for $75

For $75 dollars, we don’t think so but they are kinda interesting.

Karl, Coco And Size

How many previews of this issue are there going to be? Come out with it already! The above images are done by Karl Lagerfeld and he decide to take part in the highly-discussed plus-size issue for V. And despite what he has been quoted as saying, he was probably the best to take these. We prefer these in fact to this

Her pasties do remind us of something in a Dita Von Teese show though. We do love the accessories though!

Credit to:’s exclusive preview of V Magazine’s Size / Spring Preview 2010 issue

Sneak Peek #2 at V’s Plus-Size Issue. Is This Healthy?

The models that have been chosen for the highly anticipated issue# 63 of V look timeless in these pictures done by Karl and Co. They also have faces similar to those seen in fashion mags and wear high fashion clothes provided by major fashion labels, so in effect they look very super. While we do love this new plus-size teaser before the issue’s release on Jan 14, we can’t help but think about how much plus is healthy and how much is plus?

Skeleton is not healthy but neither is obesity so we spoke with health and medical professionals who shared that

Being heavy on top and heavy on the bottom is ok (health-wise though not for backs or knees among other joints) HOWEVER, if a woman is over 80cm in waist-size (85 for Japanese women), they risk cardiovascular disease, diabetes and are at risk for metabolic syndrome. Men should not be over 90cm (80 for Japanese men).

So, we hope that people everywhere do accept themselves for the body they have but should keep in mind that health is more important than body image (On a side note, Japanese really do have a different bone structure so the women do have that leeway though that number for men was unexpected!

(What’s up with there only being one model of colour too?)

Images courtesy of V Magazine/Solve Sundsbo and

Karl Lagerfeld Designs Doll For Carla and Nic’s Charity

Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to enlist his fashionable touch to the Carla-Sarkozy Foundation and as such, has created a princess doll priced at 220 euros (315$) and a silk, tulle and lace princess dress for a child girl at the hefty price of 830 euros (1190$). These items were created with Paris’ high-end toy store Au Nain Bleu in mind.

Think of it this way. It’s all for a good cause. The foundation aims to incorporate culture, encourage education and fight against social inequality. We aren’t made of money but if we were, a little doll would be in our possession right now all for the cause.

Have you made a contribution out of your good will to those less-fortunate this Christmas?

Sneak Peek at V Magazine’s ‘One Size Fits All’

A sneak peek at V magazine’s issue 63, which will show off the gorgeousness of any woman’s size, has been released. The issue itself doesn’t hit stands until January 14th but from what we see of Crystal Renn and Jacquelyn Jablonski pictured above, we are excited!

‘The women, in a fashion-off are shown side-by-side to demonstrate through similar poses and wearing the same clothing (courtesy of Ralph Lauren, Proenza Schouler and Dolce & Gabbana) and ferosh accessories (fromVersace, Burberry and Alexis Bittar), that women of any shape are beautiful and that fashion is for anyone. One of the featured stories will be Terry Richardson‘s One Size Fits All.

We think the Dolce & Gabbana designer bodysuits look gorgeous on them but we have to say that the models look more curvy than all sizes. Dove anyone?

Wonder which ones Karl photographed?

Images Courtesy of Models.Com and V Magazine

Karl Lagerfeld to photograph Plus-size Models?

It appears that V Magazine is feeling inspired from Glamour Magazine’s Plus-Size Photoshoot and will in effect, be featuring bigger-boned beauties in their January issue. “Big, little, pint-size, plus-size — every body is beautiful. And this issue is out to prove it,” says editor-in-chief Stephen Gan. The shoots are said to range from fully clothed to nude and will be done by Terry Richardson, Bruce Weber and KARL! He has been quoted as saying that modelling is no place for plus-sizers, however here he is photographing them? What is this? A plight to aid the needy?

We Don’t Understand Karl, is someone blackmailing you or have you turned over a new leaf?

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