SoShy’s Body Art

It seems many, after the release of the single ‘The Morning After’, are dying to know a little about SoShy, Timbaland‘s newest protegé. The collaboration with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado have made her recognizable to the world and along with the world, we noticed a few things! Like her extensive armslength reaching tattoos!

SoShy revealed that she has ”6 tattoos and 2 more left to get [calling her] favorite the “Soshy” tattoo [she has] on [her] left arm, because it’s [her] name, and it’s personal ‘cause [she] drew it [herself].”

She expands on this saying, ”When I got it done, it really helped me to accept the artist I am, my personality. It might seem cheesy, but a tattoo is more than a cool drawing on your skin. It becomes a part of you, like your moles, your scars…it represents what you wanna say or be. And this tattoo represents me.”

Well, that’s typically what most would say about their tattoos though we must say, her arm tattoo almost looks like a sleeve! It almost looks like this!

The Morning After in French!

Although it seems most are firmly against SoShy singing in French, we will venture out saying that we like her Frenchy French but this song perhaps was not the best fit.

Otherwise, we would love to hear some more SoShy frenchiness. She’s from France afterall

Which version do you like? Anglais ou Francais?

Timbaland featuring new artist Soshy-The Morning After

lol who are you Timbaland, Van Helsing? The new Edward? We don’t know.
What we do believe is that extras from New Moon and True Blood are finding work here.

Smart marketing move if you ask us

That aside, French artist SoShy makes her debut on our Anglo airwaves.
We def need more French artists here.

Do you like the video? We know what you’ll say Twi-hards