Karl Lagerfeld Designs Doll For Carla and Nic’s Charity

Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to enlist his fashionable touch to the Carla-Sarkozy Foundation and as such, has created a princess doll priced at 220 euros (315$) and a silk, tulle and lace princess dress for a child girl at the hefty price of 830 euros (1190$). These items were created with Paris’ high-end toy store Au Nain Bleu in mind.

Think of it this way. It’s all for a good cause. The foundation aims to incorporate culture, encourage education and fight against social inequality. We aren’t made of money but if we were, a little doll would be in our possession right now all for the cause.

Have you made a contribution out of your good will to those less-fortunate this Christmas?

Sad We Missed Hunky Santa

Sexy Santa has been so popular that it’s in its’ 9th year running all very far from us at the Los Angeles’ Beverly Center mall.

Every year, a sexy Santa is chosen but not without special requirements, which the mall’s Marketing and Sponsorship Director for Susan was more than happy to share. “What we’re looking for in [Hunky Santa] is someone who’s a people person. Someone who is charismatic… that’s what’s most important.”

Charisma in naughty and nice pictures! And this year’s Santa, fitness model James Ellis, fitness model, aged 29 didn’t mind if men, women, whoever sat on his knee while staring at his abs. LOL

“Hunky Santa is there to take pictures with everybody… men, women, children. Doesn’t matter.” And it also appears the model is something of a local hero, arriving first on scene when an aerialist fell three feet who broke her pelvis then making sure she was stable until ambulances arrived.

That sounds like our kinda Santa, Fierce and Fabulous!

Moronic Talk From A Failed Terrorist

This is the face of 23-year-old idiot Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who was arrested for attempting to set off a bomb on an Airbus on its’ way to Detroit Christmas Day. The 289 people on board were unaware of the danger until the explosive device (a condom filled with the highly explosive powder PETN), which was hidden under his clothes, caught fire instead of exploding as planned.

It was through the strong will and resilience of passengers aboard that prevented any further damage from being done and luckily, no one was hurt.

However the incident has led to questioning concerning “undetectable bombs” and the AQAP (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular) who assume responsibility behind the attempted suicide bombing.

The group said, “We will not let Muslim women and children’s blood be spilled without taking revenge,” expressing their anger against the Yemeni and US government for military actions, which they say have caused the deaths of 50 people.

Their little poster boy for justice, currently in the hands of the FBI said, “there are more just like me who will strike soon.” This is the son of a prominent renown banker in Nigeria speaking? A privately-educated son who probably had a very comfortable life?

Apparently, he was studying at University College London when he began his al-Qaeda involvement. It was while he was attending the East London Mosque in White Chapel that he heard and thereafter contacted radical guest speaker Yemeni preacher Anwar al-Awlaki.

Also, if you can believe the would-be killer had been walking around with almost three grand on his person with no boarding luggage and had even attempted to board a plane sans passport attempting to avoid identification.

The most tragic thing about this is that it could have been prevented.

Abdulmutallab’s family suspected their son as it is said that he turned radical after “disappearing” to the al-Qaeda stronghold of Yemen and they contacted the American authorities 6 weeks ago! They had also requested that American authorities find their son so that he could be returned home. “We provided them with all the information required of us to enable them do this,” the family said.

And because neither the UK nor US shared the knowledge they had about this individual, there is a very high probability that this massacre could have resulted.

The screening of passengers and use of watch lists are currently being investigated by President Obama.

Jeez just what the world wanted for Christmas, Nazis reincarnated as al-Qaeda. How many people have to die until these idiots realize that violence is not the answer and that not only do they cause themselves to be seen as ruthless and mindless but self-serving and moronic.

Jack Bauer Ruining Christmas By Interrogating Santa

For those who didn’t receive a gift on the most highly anticipated gift-giving holiday of the year, this may answer a few questions. Courtesy of video goes to Rebel Christmas Card


Message of Christmas From The QUEEN

The Queen’s Christmas message was delivered on a sombre note this morning as she paid tribute to those who have been affected by the economic crisis and those who are fighting in other countries.

She expressed that 2009 was a year “best forgotten” as “it was a difficult year for many”.

She also expressed her sadness on the losses suffered in Afghanistan despite being proud of the positive contribution of men and women under the UK flag in conjunction with their allies.

“It has been 60 years since the Commonwealth was created with more than a billion of its’ members being under the age of 25”, she says and “the organization remains a strong and practical force for good.”

Though she recalled many of the tragic events that occurred this year, we can also recognize astonishment on her part and our own of peoples’ resilience.

So, though it was a sad year, we can lift our spirits with the thought that the new year stores a more cheerful outlook for us.

To watch her message, click here. (By the way, did anyone else notice her tree’s top is missing?)

How Can There Be Christmas Without Mariah?

We have video. Pope Toppled

The Pope and Cardinal pushed over in all the crazy as we mentioned before but he’s ok. Don’t worry people!

Santa, You’re Not Supposed to Rob Banks

Santa seems to have taken on the role of Robin Hood when he robbed Suntrust Bank a few short days ago.

Take from the bank to give to the elves?

We’d be the last to deny the man who is paid in milk and cookies a few dollars but we all know that this Christmas ruiner is not our Nick! He is an impersonator!! Santa doesn’t steal!

Dressing up as Santa was smart especially around this time of year but the weird thing was he stayed in character the whole time saying that he had to pay to his elves.

Though normally we would think this kinda hilarious, there is a situation here! We have a man running around with stolen bank money around Christmas time in Santa’s clothes.

One thing though, we’ve never come across a Sun Trust bank. Whoever is doing their marketing should be fired.


The Douche Strikes Again Sham-Ho-Ho-Hoing away


Menage à Sham. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Gimmicky sham product

Justin Bieber singing for President Obama

Canadian born Justin Bieber singing Stevie Wonder‘s Someday at Christmas. Apparently the sweetheart was nervous accounting for the constant switching of the mic from hand to hand. Initially, we were not fans of the 15-year-old because of strange unhealthy amour teeny bopper lyrics we assume hope he was told to sing.

In any case, very sweet

See Santa’s Travels With NORAD!

If you wanted to track the location of Father Christmas tonight, you have only to look on NORAD’s site, accessible in 7 languages.

The tradition started in 1955 when NORAD was called the Continental Air Defense Command (CONAD) and a Sears advertisement printed Santa’s hotline into CONAD’s instead of Santa!

Colonel Harry Shoup, a commander, decided to have his staff find out where Santa was to so they could pass along the information to the kids.

Nowadays, volunteers help the center by taking phone calls and e-mails from kids. But if you really want to know what’s going on with Santa, all you need is a computer. Thanks to the Internet now, you can track him yourself online through NORAD’s site.

NORAD is made possible by Google Earth so have fun tracking and Merry Christmas!

Pope Attacked But Ok!

A woman, now being reported as mentally unstable, knocked down Pope Benedict XVI as he was walked down the main aisle to begin Christmas Eve Mass on Thursday as well as Cardinal Roger Etchegaray. The dismayed gasps of many were heard throughout as the public witnessed the 82-year-old fall. 

Rev. Ciro Benedettini said the pope quickly recovered his balance and continued on with the procession while the woman who pushed the pope was arrested by Vatican

Benedict made no reference to the incident as the service started even though this is the second year in a row a security breach has occurred. Apparently, a woman was involved in last year’s incident as well. No reports as to whether this is the same woman who tumbled the Pope today.

Though we are not avid fans of the Pope and Co, it is Christmas Eve, let Christmas cheer reign above all else.

Tumble him on Boxing Day or something

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