Deathly Illness

I’ve never been as sick as I was this past Sunday. We had just met friends and completed an escape room.

We had biked to Stockholm; not the easiest journey and found our way around.  The Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival was happening in Kungstragarden and pretty pink flowers were falling in showers to the ground while lovely music played. So many different aspects of Japanese culture to enjoy behind the Swedish backdrop. We decided to bike a bit further and ended up at a sushi place settling down to eat.

Delicious salmon rolls, avocado and miso soup are always welcome distractions. We had to hurry as we had guests. We had our dinner party then before we knew it, everyone was on their way home.

The next morning on the Sunday, I felt a bit strange. I decided to shake it off and go to a gym class. After the hour of stretching and muscle conditioning, the feeling still hadn’t gone away. I came home and went straight to bed. I started getting hot and cold flashes and a pain enveloped my stomach. I had a pounding headache and I did not want to eat anything for fear that I would throw it back up. A horrid feeling tantamount to pain during a menstruation cycle. I thought I would sleep it off. It wouldn’t get the best of me. I heal easily. Or so I thought. I threw up. I hadn’t done that in ages.

I went in to work to my first class. I stayed for the full two hours but nearing that second hour, I felt a drip at the back of my throat. I knew I was going to be sick. I excused myself not once but twice and felt overwhelmingly at the mercy of my own body’s convulsions. It was the first day back to work after the holiday. I never take off work.

I had to leave for home. Perhaps some sleep would allow it to wear off.

I arrived home, changed into my home clothes and slipped underneath the covers with a hot water bottle. The first ten minutes were fine, then I started retching into the bucket that had been laid beside my bed the night before. The apple I had eaten in the morning was completely rejected. I thought to sleep again and again, I retched. I had to throw myself over to the bucket fast enough to rid myself of that nauseating feeling. Every 5 minutes became every 2 minutes. I didn’t think to call anyone but to lay in my bed and wait for it to pass.

I finally called an ambulance.

I waited two hours in the hospital before anyone spoke to me. I sat with a plastic bag, alone with my thoughts, throwing up and exhausted. Finally, I was put into a room and given an IV. They took samples of my blood and had me change into a hospital gown. They also gave me anti-nausea. I just lay on the hospital bed lifeless and tired. I hadn’t eaten anything since Sunday.

About an hour and a half passed, I felt a bit more energy. A bit more like myself. I’m trying to think whether I felt alone or just devoid of any thought or feeling at this point. I remember laying on that hospital bed thinking of nothing. I wondered why they had taken so long. What if I had passed out from dehydration? At the rate I was throwing up, it felt as though I could start hemorrhaging blood at any second. Maybe having that time to myself caused me to think of my next journey. Where I should be. My next move.

It’s almost Friday. I don’t feel the same as Monday but I am still not 100%. Sickness gives you a lot of time to think or alternately, to discover 100s of new shows on Netflix that you might have never known existed otherwise….to contemplate why you moved to some godforsaken country you never intended to move to …..the various types of tea that won’t make you throw up. I wondered who would be there for me. Who can care for me enough to dedicate their time and effort?

It is now Tuesday May 2nd. My stomach is still rumbling but hopefully, onto greener pastures

Lost Recording Of Nazis Recounting Discovering Hitler’s Body Found

Otto Guensche, an SS officer, Heinz Linge, a valet and Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary were the first to discover the cadavers of Hitler and Eva Braun, his wife and were recorded giving testimony to this in a Berchtesgaden courtroom in Bavaria on October 25 1956. Their account of the incident was hidden in the Munich public records office and was recovered by Spiegel for the narrative to be heard by scholars and historians.

Guensche and Linge say that they had heard the gun shots that killed the dictator on April 30 1945.
Linge who died in 1980 said, “When I entered to my left I saw Hitler on the sofa, Hitler had his head bent forward somewhat and I could see a bullethole approximately the size of a penny on the right side of the temple.” Guensche, who died three years after Linge was not as forthcoming about Hitler’s demise stating, “Hitler sat on the arm of the sofa with his head hanging down on the right shoulder which was itself hanging limp over the back of the sofa. On the right side was the bullethole.”

Afterwards they aided in removing the bodies around 3:30 pm, cremating them in a ‘devastated garden of the Reich Chancellery’.

Due to the recording being lost and both men being captured by the Soviets following the fall of Berlin, it allowed Josef Stalin the Russian leader at the time to perpetuate the myth that Hitler might have escaped and been on the run.

In the court’s conclusion, they formally declared ‘the former leader of Nazi Germany dead so that his fortune and rights to his book “Mein Kampf” could be seized by the state government.’

We have never known exactly how he died except that he had been found with his wife but this recording might find some comfort for those who lost people during the war.

What MTV’s Best European Act Is Upto Now

We have no idea but this seems to be the latest release of Turkish rock-rap group maNga. We attempted to read Turkish for some insight as to what their next musical move is and for what we could understand, they are busy with tour dates. Wonder if they’ll hop on over the ocean to us!

Executive Chief of Google Blames America For Economic Downturn

Eric Schmidt and Google Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Google’s Eric Schmidt had a few words to share on what or WHOM he thought caused the financial crisis and surprise he blames America! But honestly, we knew this. Information concerning overpaid Wallstreeters created no wonder for us common as inevitably financial resources were exhausted so much so that the market was unable to keep up.

Schmidt says that in May 2008 he noticed a decline in the “metrics” that are used to measure advertising revenue from each click on a Google advert. All was not well in the land of Google.

“We couldn’t figure out why. Was it that people weren’t buying? We initially thought it was our error. Was it possible to make a mistake? Through the summer it was obvious that something had changed. It started in Britain in late May and I remember sitting there thinking what the hell is going on? Is this a trend, is this something unique to Britain? We now understand that it was a shift in consumer behaviour that was an early indication of what was to happen in banking.”

But Schmidt is certain of America’s culpability and wants to be clear “that the blame, to the degree that there was, is largely in the United States, not in Europe, not in Britain, and it was fundamentally because a low-interest policy created too much money. It was an easy-money policy and eventually an easy-money policy catches up with you. Remember what happened. Through a series of events in the mid-1990s, Congress increased the supply of credit for home mortgages, through the institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They were essentially given too much money for political reasons. And then that was followed in New York by the repeal of Glass-Steagall which then allowed banks to use investment equity vehicles to create liquidity which creates very large amounts of money. So the banks are busy creating money and making a lot of money on that creation of money and the regulators were either, depending on your point of view, asleep at the wheel or did not have the tools to understand what was going on.”

Though Google stock itself is thriving in its third quarter even without their release of their revolutionary Nexus One last week, Schmidt does think about the million people who have lost jobs, or livelihoods or businesses and angrily recommends that bankers should stop lamenting about loss since ”the number of people who were hurt by the activities of the financial industry is so large [that] it is very hard to have a lot of sympathy with that industry given the high-flying nature of its behaviour, remember, many of these institutions privatized the gains and socialized the losses. [You could say] that the banking industry should not be regulated but it should also be able to fail — that’s called capitalism. It is very easy to understand. You’re a banker, you make a loan, and if you screw up you lose your job and the firm is liquidated. But if you pick any one of the financial companies [involved in the crisis] that is not what happened. What happened was the regulators decided that the pounding of the financial industry would have paralysed the world because of the inter-linking. I think that argument is correct. If your assumption is that there is a greater and greater concentration of large financial institutions that are too big to fail, well, they need to be more regulated. You cannot have a situation where you only win and do not lose in capitalism. At Google, if I lost $10bn in one day I would like to lose my jacket.”

We like the way you talk Mister, then again think of this. Schmidt admitted last year that the economy was taking a toll on Google and look where it is now! “”To fight that you have to actively manage the company. You have to take an aggressive position on investment, invention and innovation. And there are companies that have done this very well, for example Apple, which had a near-death experience and has come back with a tremendous performance, so it is possible to do it.


As one of most powerful CEOS in the world and co-chairman of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Schmidt will be leading talks with Peter Sands, the CEO of Standard Chartered concerning 2010 themes of how ready we are to resuscitate the economy. He will also be heard by the likes of ”Bill and Melinda Gates, Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s founders, Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs, a sprinkling of royalty, a whole cadre of economists and academics and a fair few politicians including David Cameron and Tony Blair”, a powerful if not influential audience.

He says that ”it is easier for America to adopt permanent immense spending — the deficit that you can see — because of the role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.”

Also as a firm supporter of Obama, he commends him for the work he’s done despite the challenges he has faced in his first year as President.

Smart Smart Smart.

Paris On The Body Scanner Train

Très bon la France!

France follows after Canada, the Netherlands and Britain in their support for the installment of the controversial body scanners. Controversial since not many are comfortable having their privacy invaded in being seen naked. You can all thank the moron who is currently pleading not guilty.

The scanners will be introduced later this month to scan passengers and will be used on all flights leaving Charles de Gaulle airport with the intended destination of the United States.

It may not be your fault for the introduction of the personal space-invading scanners but for the moment, it seems the best thing that anyone’s come up with.

India Circus In Germany!

India – A journey to the land of mystery and wonders is a circus dedicated to the wonderful world of India and recently celebrated its world premiere December 17, 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany.


Too bad it’s so far. Unfair!

Roger Federer Reigns Over All

According to a poll, the ultimate champion of champions of the decade is tennis star Roger Federer and he’s only 28.

“Federer has 61 titles to his name and is the first player to earn more than $50m in prize-money [but the] style and grace with which he conducts his business [raises him to an entirely different level]”

Agreed! We love our Mr Rogers. He seems genuinely sweet and humble

Pope Attacked But Ok!

A woman, now being reported as mentally unstable, knocked down Pope Benedict XVI as he was walked down the main aisle to begin Christmas Eve Mass on Thursday as well as Cardinal Roger Etchegaray. The dismayed gasps of many were heard throughout as the public witnessed the 82-year-old fall. 

Rev. Ciro Benedettini said the pope quickly recovered his balance and continued on with the procession while the woman who pushed the pope was arrested by Vatican

Benedict made no reference to the incident as the service started even though this is the second year in a row a security breach has occurred. Apparently, a woman was involved in last year’s incident as well. No reports as to whether this is the same woman who tumbled the Pope today.

Though we are not avid fans of the Pope and Co, it is Christmas Eve, let Christmas cheer reign above all else.

Tumble him on Boxing Day or something

ROM’s crystal makes it onto ugliest buildings list

Does this look like an eyesore to you? Well it does to as they announced their annual list of the “World’s Top 10 Ugly Buildings” list today putting the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal of Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum at No. 8.

Because they are such authorities on architecture right.

They say that although “many praise the glass structure, just as many are troubled by the incongruity to the original, more traditional museum that still sits directly beside it.”
The editors of the website say, “Many of these buildings don’t have the warmth of an ice cube while others don’t even seem completed,” Giampiero Ambrosi, general manager of, said in a statement. “Either way, they make for very interesting conversation.”

What innane commentary. The ROM Crystal doesnt look ugly at all to us. In fact, it looks like a fine example of an intricate piece architecture that adds to the diversity of the city! We wonder what these other supposed ‘ugly’ buildings look like.

Other ‘ugly’ buildings that made the list were:

1. Morris A. Mechanic Theater, Baltimore, Md.
2. Zizkov Television Tower; Prague.
3. The Beehive, Wellington, New Zealand.
4. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
5. Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.
6. Petrobras headquarters, Rio de Janeiro.
7. Markel Building, Richmond, Va.
8. Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
9. National Library, Pristina; Kosovo.
10. Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

Although we agree that some of these look…odd, like the Markel Building which seems to resemble Fred Flintstone’s humble abode, we cant say that these are ugly. Architecture is as much a part of the art world as fashion is and art is unpredictable and ever-changing.

Do you agree with’s choices?

Public Outcry for Roman Polanski’s release

He is fortunate he didn’t pull this crap today, the people from To Catch A Predator would have been on that so fast.

His recent arrest took place while heading to Switzerland for the Zurich Film Festival, yet Hollywood and neighboring nations are protesting his incarceration??

The arrest of the director was a “a bit sinister”, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner felt.

The Swiss Directors Association believes that the sudden arrest is “not only a grotesque farce of justice, but also an immense cultural scandal” as authorities knew exactly where to find Polanksi, even though Switzerland does not perform passport checks.
And his biggest supporter is famed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein!
“We’re calling on every film-maker we can to help fix this terrible situation,” said Weinstein, who is probably funding the director’s next project.
A petition has even been signed by filmmakers and actors including Monica Bellucci and Fanny Ardant urging authories to release Polanski.
French President Sarkozy has also been said to be following the case “with great attention”.
Legal representatives for the director are set to challenge the arrest and any attempts to bring him to the United States.
Samantha Geimer, the victim of the case, has asked for the charges to be dropped as it is a great source of embarrassment and as she has sued Polanski and reached an undisclosed settlement.