Tony Blair On Iraq: I’d Do It Again!

Ex-British Prime Minister Tony Blair stood by his rash and immoral decision to help the United States invade Iraq as was stated during his six hour  inquiry about the Iraq war where he showed no regret for his actions but misguided reasoning. He maintained that with the removal of ‘monster’ Saddam Hussein, Iraq and the world was made a safer and better place and if he had had the chance, he would do it again.

The obstinate attitude of the former British Prime Minister did not comfort those who survived the service people who died in Iraq. Instead, they were left with scrambling rhetoric describing how, “The decision I took – and frankly would take again – was if there was any possibility that he could develop weapons of mass destruction we should stop him” and “This isn’t about a lie or a conspiracy or a deceit or a deception, it’s a decision. And the decision I had to take was, given Saddam’s history, given his use of chemical weapons, given the over one million people whose deaths he had caused, given 10 years of breaking UN resolutions, could we take the risk of this man reconstituting his weapons programmes or is that a risk that it would be irresponsible to take?” and “things obviously look quite different” referring to the failure of uncovering the fictional WMDs (Weapons of Mass Destruction).

Mr Blair was called a ”liar” and a “murderer” by two women while being booed by some of those in attendance as he made closing remarks before the families of the service personnel who died and certain members of the public.

“It was better to deal with this threat, to remove him from office and I do genuinely believe the world is a safer place as a result.”

Now THIS is How You Tell The Weather

This is Tomasz Schafernaker, weatherman for BBC on the cover of Attitude Active magazine, a Gay magazine. And his employers at BBC had no idea! Naughty minx!

A weather centre source said, ‘It was a question of minor hot water that he didn’t inform his superiors’ continuing that, ‘Eyebrows were raised big time. You have to look to see that it is him. The boy was transformed into a swan. Let’s just say that everyone is seeing Tomasz in a different light now. But we are worried that when people are watching the weather when Tomasz presents they will not be able to concentrate on watching the symbols.’

The magazine, which features gay and straight men has the 31-year-old dreamboat meteorologist as their posterboy for their Health issue and shares that ”underneath his suits and shirts sported on TV [..] undressed he is the specimen you see before you, all pecs and ripped abs.’

Weather broadcasts would be so much more fun with shirtless healthy men, wouldn’t they?

Burn Fat While You Shop!

According to a recent survey, women burn 5 calories a minute contributing to a grand total of 48,000 calories a year whilst walking around the mall. The exhaustion alone from picking up those shopping bags to finding the right store to window shopping was said to be more tiring than a trip to the gym, something that more than 2000 women asserted.

Though the average woman walks about a distance of 2.96 miles while shopping spending around 2.5 hours browsing stores every week, men spend 50 minutes on average completing a distance of 1.5 miles a week, Debenhams survey concluded.

Hold on a hot second! A week? That’s insane. Really?

The Louvre Is The Most Visited Museum In The World

And with an astronomical 8.5 million visits in 2009, the Louvre has broken even its own record, which has been 8 million visits for the past four years.

That’s quite a lot of people!

The addition of the temporary exhibitions of the Egyptian exhibition Les portes du Ciel (Heaven’s gates) and Titien, Tintoret, Véronèse. Rivalités à Venise (Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivalry in Venice) attracted a large number of visitors with 250,000 and 400,000 people, respectively.

The museums that ranked after the lustrous louvre were British Museum in London coming in second with 5.93 million, third with the National Gallery in Washington, DC at 4.96 million, Tate Modern in London at fourth with 4.95 million with the Metropolitan Museum in New York coming in fifth at 4.82 million.

We think we have only been to the Louvre, to be honest. At the time, the only attractions to really see were the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. The Egyptian and Italian exhibitions would have been nice to see.

Canada? Where are you?

Facebook Fugitive Captured

Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch who evaded the police for 4 weeks while mocking them through his popular facebook fan page has been recaptured. No word yet on how they caught the elusive criminal and authorities have not indicated if facebook helped in his capture!

Have fun in jail!


Paul Grabham killed Kirsty, his wife while she was working in a massage parlour as a prostitute. She was found in a suitcase last year at Bridgend dumped under a bridge on April 6.

If you’re thinking it had something to do with prostitution or massage parlours, it’s not. Grabham met Kirsty in a massage parlour as a client. After they married, Grabham also became a prostitute and sold his services with her on on their joint website.

Their violence towards each other was substantiated by neighbours saw Grabham lifted his wife by the throat off the ground and via the facial cuts that sometimes appeared on Grabham, courtesy of his wife. They were also constantly heard arguing by neighbours.

Though Grabham reported his wife missing a week before; he is now is court denying murder charges.


A Little Black Dress With Control Panels

Asda has created a little black dress that ”pinches the inches” and claims to take off about an inch and a half using ‘inch-pinching’ poly elastane technology employed in some control underwear or granny panties as Bridget Jones and many people call it. It works by way of panels placed across the hips, waist and bust as seen from their £28 ($47) dress and a £16 ($26) black skirt.

The 1950s style elastic corset wear is expected to be a popular item as 85% of women usually have tacked on about 2 to 3 pounds after the holidays and this states that it will smooth out the lumps and bumps ”without exercise”.

Asda also goes on to say that ”the human curve has come to represent the healthiest and most fertile form, highlighting the most suitable breeding partner and has evolved to be universally attractive to males for that reason” and that there’s  ”there’s no need for women to slave away in the gym or diet to achieve the perfect shape as we should be celebrating our curves, not trying to get rid of them” because ”curves are back in fashion with the plus-size models on the rise”.

Ah what could have been a good temporary idea has failed in our eyes with the above ridiculous statements. Firstly, yes, it is said that wider hips supposedly remind men of fertility and we agree. We also love curvy or hour-glass figures. However, it seems that the brand director for George, Fiona Lambert is saying that exercising is for women who have self-esteem issues, who cannot accept their curves. Au contraire, my deluded Scroogy one, exercise is very important in daily life as well as a healthy diet. You should feel comfortable in your god given curves and body but you should know that you are healthy when you’re flaunting them not living a sedentary lifestyle and complaining that the world doesn’t accept you.

Also, comparing plus-size models to curvy is silly because plus-size models are not curvy as we have seen, they are big women. Marilyn Monroe was curvy. The Dove women are curvy but plus-size women are bigger than the average woman or at least what the average healthy woman should be.

So we’ll say that it’s not a new idea because corsets date back to hundreds of years but the dress could be used as a temporary feel-good curve dress. No one likes feeling uncomfortable in their clothes so we can say that it’s a bit of a self-confidence booster, which we like but we wouldn’t recommend it long-term.

Guess Dior Makes Everything!

Check out those Dior snowboots Geri Halliwell’s sported this week. They’re kinda nice!

Executive Chief of Google Blames America For Economic Downturn

Eric Schmidt and Google Co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin

Google’s Eric Schmidt had a few words to share on what or WHOM he thought caused the financial crisis and surprise he blames America! But honestly, we knew this. Information concerning overpaid Wallstreeters created no wonder for us common as inevitably financial resources were exhausted so much so that the market was unable to keep up.

Schmidt says that in May 2008 he noticed a decline in the “metrics” that are used to measure advertising revenue from each click on a Google advert. All was not well in the land of Google.

“We couldn’t figure out why. Was it that people weren’t buying? We initially thought it was our error. Was it possible to make a mistake? Through the summer it was obvious that something had changed. It started in Britain in late May and I remember sitting there thinking what the hell is going on? Is this a trend, is this something unique to Britain? We now understand that it was a shift in consumer behaviour that was an early indication of what was to happen in banking.”

But Schmidt is certain of America’s culpability and wants to be clear “that the blame, to the degree that there was, is largely in the United States, not in Europe, not in Britain, and it was fundamentally because a low-interest policy created too much money. It was an easy-money policy and eventually an easy-money policy catches up with you. Remember what happened. Through a series of events in the mid-1990s, Congress increased the supply of credit for home mortgages, through the institutions Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. They were essentially given too much money for political reasons. And then that was followed in New York by the repeal of Glass-Steagall which then allowed banks to use investment equity vehicles to create liquidity which creates very large amounts of money. So the banks are busy creating money and making a lot of money on that creation of money and the regulators were either, depending on your point of view, asleep at the wheel or did not have the tools to understand what was going on.”

Though Google stock itself is thriving in its third quarter even without their release of their revolutionary Nexus One last week, Schmidt does think about the million people who have lost jobs, or livelihoods or businesses and angrily recommends that bankers should stop lamenting about loss since ”the number of people who were hurt by the activities of the financial industry is so large [that] it is very hard to have a lot of sympathy with that industry given the high-flying nature of its behaviour, remember, many of these institutions privatized the gains and socialized the losses. [You could say] that the banking industry should not be regulated but it should also be able to fail — that’s called capitalism. It is very easy to understand. You’re a banker, you make a loan, and if you screw up you lose your job and the firm is liquidated. But if you pick any one of the financial companies [involved in the crisis] that is not what happened. What happened was the regulators decided that the pounding of the financial industry would have paralysed the world because of the inter-linking. I think that argument is correct. If your assumption is that there is a greater and greater concentration of large financial institutions that are too big to fail, well, they need to be more regulated. You cannot have a situation where you only win and do not lose in capitalism. At Google, if I lost $10bn in one day I would like to lose my jacket.”

We like the way you talk Mister, then again think of this. Schmidt admitted last year that the economy was taking a toll on Google and look where it is now! “”To fight that you have to actively manage the company. You have to take an aggressive position on investment, invention and innovation. And there are companies that have done this very well, for example Apple, which had a near-death experience and has come back with a tremendous performance, so it is possible to do it.


As one of most powerful CEOS in the world and co-chairman of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Schmidt will be leading talks with Peter Sands, the CEO of Standard Chartered concerning 2010 themes of how ready we are to resuscitate the economy. He will also be heard by the likes of ”Bill and Melinda Gates, Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony, Sir Martin Sorrell, chief executive of WPP, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google’s founders, Lloyd Blankfein, chairman of Goldman Sachs, a sprinkling of royalty, a whole cadre of economists and academics and a fair few politicians including David Cameron and Tony Blair”, a powerful if not influential audience.

He says that ”it is easier for America to adopt permanent immense spending — the deficit that you can see — because of the role of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.”

Also as a firm supporter of Obama, he commends him for the work he’s done despite the challenges he has faced in his first year as President.

Smart Smart Smart.

Stem Cell Facelifts Au Lieu Of Going Under The Knife

We wrote a few month ago about blood being re-injected into the face for a younger appearance. Unfortunately, we wrote this elsewhere before we opened this site.

However, now there is another way to avoid going under the knife as the world’s first stem-cell facelifts have begun being performed at the Harley Street Medical Clinic in London.

Like the amino-filled blood, it always requires being injected into the patient’s face. It takes about 5 hours to do requiring a simple local anaesthetic and works by taking fat and regenerative stem cells from the flabby parts on one’s body and injecting them into the face of the patient, which ”repairs and rejuvenates skin for up to 18 months”.

Stem cells, found in fat can ”recognize damaged tissue and repair it.” Its use is already being implemented to replace faulty heart tissue and restore vision in damaged eyes.

Dr Aamar Khan says the stem-cell facelift differs from ‘traditional facelifts [because traditional facelifts] do not add volume to the face or change the tone of the skin. In the stem cell facelift the volume and structure of the face is restored to a younger balance.’

And patients of Dr. Khan couldn’t be more than happy as mother-in-law to Shane Richie, 58 year old Jackie Goddard, a previous bo-tax addict expressed

My skin was plumper and more radiant and will carry on improving over the next six to nine months. The fine lines have disappeared but the best thing was the fat had filled out the hollows under my eyes and my sunken cheek areas. I’m delighted with the results. It’s a very natural look. There are no tell-tale scars.

If you’re interested in a lesser invasive form of horror that is plastic surgery, the procedure costs a hefty £7500 (roughly $10000). For $10 000, we will KEEP our face. Thank you!

Which facelift would you prefer: None, traditional facelift, blood injection or stem cell?

Children 18 And Younger Excluded From Body Scans

The UK group Action on Rights for Children have advocated against the body scanning of children at the airport as it infringes upon Child Pornography laws. Thus, passengers under the age of 18 are now exempt. What we don’t understand is why the UK-based group is under the impression that this is pornography, they look more CSI than naked and sexy to us. Though this is a concern, it seems minuscule when contrasted with the issues of society’s safety. It seems that terrorist attacks increase in number per year, on air planes no less so is it safe for terrorists to know that children will be excluded?

The scanners are being put in place to protect everyone. What is most important is discovering whether someone possesses a gun, knife or explosive device.

Is it right to endanger society because safety in scanners is being interpreted as supposed child porn?

It’s Not Just North America Anymore, Jack Frost Hits Europe Too

North Americans have been suffering from some of the most frigid weather this winter but now they are not alone as it is predicted for weather in Europe to remain below freezing temperature in the weeks to come!


Remember to bundle up. Hypothermia is not fun!

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