Intriguing, Keri. Intriguing

We expected more of Keri Hilson because we knew she had been behind-the-scenes in music for years. Also, after hearing her featured on Timbaland’s album Shock Value, we tended to want more than a multitude of sub-par releases that seemed to heavily rely on already well-established artists within the industry.

However, for the first time in a while we discovered this recent single ‘I like’, which is featured on the soundtrack of German film Zweiohrkuken with Til Shweiger (Dreeeeeaaamboat!), who you may recognize from Inglourious Basterds but who we know from Phantomschmerz aka Phantom Pain. We like that the video is different from others and it depicts gays and cross-dressing as people having fun rather than something to be ‘solved’.

The chorus could have been better so while we like the video..the song’s still growing on us.