The Dancing Inmates! Shamon!

Michael Jackson’s former choreographer Travis Payne and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid went to Filipino, Philippines and taught the “Dancing Inmates” from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a maximum security prison, dance moves from MJ’s This Is It tour for the song They Don’t Really Care About Us.

The end of this epic performance is brilliant!

Lady Gaga Performs With Elton

Not her personal best but the best performance of the evening hands-down. The Grammy people should be ashamed.

Why isn’t she being given awards?! She’s original and stands a part from so many artists of the last 10 years.

Canadian Member Of Parliament Sings Pants On The Ground

Oh the things that happen inside New Brunswick Legislature. Last Friday, politician T.J. Burke used a festive and illustrative metaphor for how a member of the opposition had been caught with his “pants on the ground” by breaking out into “General” Larry Platt’s little ditty.

To watch the hilarity in action, no one would blame you for revelling in this epic political moment.

A Lovely Musical Moment

Fiona Apple has finally returned to the music scene but maybe.. she never left and was regretfully forgotten for awhile.

Here she sings Why Try To Change My Mind. An artfully sung piece accompanied by smooth, effortless notes strung together and played on the piano.

A Beautiful Portuguese Music Moment

Sometimes you don’t even have to know what someone is saying and it still maintains at sounding like the most beautiful thing in the world. Isabella Taviani does just that with her new single Presente-Passado, which if we were to guess means Present-Past?

An Australian Anglais Musical Moment

Before today, we had never heard of Michaela Gerhmann, better known by her stage name Micky Green but she is an Australian musician/model in France who recently released the single TL from her new album Honky Tonk and she seems to have quite the following. We would proud to add ourselves to that list as the video reminds us of 1950s Paris films while Micky’s voice lends it an easy-going tone to meld with its femme fatale imagery.

Sarah McLachlan for 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Sarah McLachlan wrote One Dream for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. It could use a little work but it’s uplifting and it’s Sarah McLachlan.

A Bitter Truth

Avatar is close to surpassing Titanic’s All-time Box Office record position at Number 1 and we can’t help thinking about how closely its message coincides with that of 1992’s Fern Gully. It was interesting that now 18 years later, we are plagued by the same issues of environmental abuse, overconsumption and an utter disregard for the planet and countries we live in.

Perhaps the popularity of Avatar is rooted from its exceptionally detailed 3-D imagery but as we mostly see beautiful landscapes and natural flora and fauna in the film, maybe we can also say that simultaneously, the film’s illustration of the wonderful complexity of nature allows us to realize that Earth’s natural beauty is rarely seen due to the abuse and mistreating of its resources. No one has to be an environmentalist to see the link between consumption and an increasing lack of resources.

Even if there are those who did not like Avatar, there should be an appreciation for the overall message in that on our own planet, the loss of natural beauty and increase of smog and thinning of the Ozone layer among many other environmental problems occur as a direct result of what we do or sometimes what we do not do.

Look up ways you can help. Try not to expend so much energy, carpool when you can, recycle, grow a tree, there are a multitude of ways we can save the Earth or at least try to preserve and protect it.

Hope For Haiti

The images and streaming video from Haiti illustrate how desperately our charity is needed as bodies are still being pulled from the rubble and all are in need of food, water, medicine and shelter.

Some of the notable performances of the evening so far have been Beyonce’s Halo, Christina Aguilera’s new song Lift Me Up, Justin Timberlake with Matt Morris ‘Hallelujah’ and Jennifer Hudson with Let It Be (even she did ruin it at the end argh!)

Redemption Song Sung For Haiti

Redemption song was originally sung by Bob Marley and was sung again later on by Lauryn Hill and his son Ziggy Marley. Rihanna chose the song to sing for the Hope for Haiti Benefit Concert. Here, she performs it on Oprah. We disliked the way she sang this but it is for a good cause and we give you another option just in case you felt the same.

Enjoy and Watch the concert tonight on Youtube.

More Amazing Spanish Musica

Buika has one of the most beautiful, smooth voices that sounds like it could tumble over bridges and ripple waves. We are so lost in her voice!

A Musical Espanol Moment: Crazy But Hilarious

Discoteca by Azafata

Who else loved his little white cowboy shirt and fantasy sparkle video?

Grammy!!! lol

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