What Cinderella’s Glass Slipper Should Have Looked Like

Pascale Fabrizio brings to you glass slippers with a decadent twist. Along with its Murano glass outline comes accents of leather, beads, and 24k gold. A wonderful way to feel like the princess you are every night!

Whether Prince Charming or you will plonk down the $7500 for the 100% Italian made shoes is another question..

Stem Cell Facelifts Au Lieu Of Going Under The Knife

We wrote a few month ago about blood being re-injected into the face for a younger appearance. Unfortunately, we wrote this elsewhere before we opened this site.

However, now there is another way to avoid going under the knife as the world’s first stem-cell facelifts have begun being performed at the Harley Street Medical Clinic in London.

Like the amino-filled blood, it always requires being injected into the patient’s face. It takes about 5 hours to do requiring a simple local anaesthetic and works by taking fat and regenerative stem cells from the flabby parts on one’s body and injecting them into the face of the patient, which ”repairs and rejuvenates skin for up to 18 months”.

Stem cells, found in fat can ”recognize damaged tissue and repair it.” Its use is already being implemented to replace faulty heart tissue and restore vision in damaged eyes.

Dr Aamar Khan says the stem-cell facelift differs from ‘traditional facelifts [because traditional facelifts] do not add volume to the face or change the tone of the skin. In the stem cell facelift the volume and structure of the face is restored to a younger balance.’

And patients of Dr. Khan couldn’t be more than happy as mother-in-law to Shane Richie, 58 year old Jackie Goddard, a previous bo-tax addict expressed

My skin was plumper and more radiant and will carry on improving over the next six to nine months. The fine lines have disappeared but the best thing was the fat had filled out the hollows under my eyes and my sunken cheek areas. I’m delighted with the results. It’s a very natural look. There are no tell-tale scars.

If you’re interested in a lesser invasive form of horror that is plastic surgery, the procedure costs a hefty £7500 (roughly $10000). For $10 000, we will KEEP our face. Thank you!

Which facelift would you prefer: None, traditional facelift, blood injection or stem cell?

Chanel To Sell Temporary Tattoos

Developed by creative director Peter Phillips, the tattoos boast interesting designs with the Chanel logo and seem as if they could be put anywhere!

On March 1, there are fifty-five different designs will be released, packaged under the name of Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel that will be available online and in international department stores such as Selfridges for $75

For $75 dollars, we don’t think so but they are kinda interesting.

Where The Wild Shoes Are

This is a sneak peek at Louise Goldin‘s first shoe collection for Topshop available in….February. Triste, we know. The to-die-for stiletto-esque shoes designed with spikes in mini and crystals come in cream, noir and rose. As replicas from her spring/summer 2010 collection, it’s not a wonder that they are a little chèr at £150 ($250 $300 $275?)

But they’re soo pretty!

Diamonds Are Forever But Not Always

All those with a strong familiarity of gems know of the fabled Wittelsbach blue, one of the most widely celebrated diamonds worldwide of a grayish blue colour. What gems collectors also know is that for more than half a century its location was unknown. The exquisitely cut diamond had initially been taken from India in the 17th century (typical) and brought to Europe. In 1664 it was given to the Infanta Margarita Teresa by her father, the king of Spain where it gradually became “a fixture of both the Austrian and Bavarian crown jewels”.

No one knew where the diamond, however, had disappeared to until it appeared at a Christie’s auction in 2008. And it was clearly quite the coveted items as it sold for $24.3 million, the highest paid for a diamond at an auction, instead of the $15 million it was predicted to do.

Laurence Graff was the billionaire buyer who then had it recut and reduced in size to a little over 31 carats from its previous 35.52.

He defended this at the auction saying,“The stone is heavily chipped around the edges. The stone was cut in the 1600s. I think we know more about polishing diamonds today. It will come back to the market as a more beautiful stone.”

Whether people will still be able to recognize the stone is another question as it has been borrowed by the Smithsonian Museum to take part in their National Gem and Mineral Collection.

Sotheby’s Daniela Mascetti, a senior global specialist in jewelry said: “In a way, it is a shame to have altered what has been preserved for so many years. Do you still have the original stone found by Tavernier or cut in his time? Will that stone still be the Wittelsbach? In my opinion, it’s not.”

Though she does  say “that stone has a pedigree that is incomparable. The provenance of a gem is important in ways that are not true of other things. With the Wittelsbach blue, you knew how it came into existence and in a rather exciting way. You know who has worn it, what kinds of historical events it has gone through and what social upheavals it was present for.”

Has the stone, re-named Wittelsbach-Graff lost a little piece of its history or is it “better” as Graff implies?

To Kill The I-Phone Or Not To Kill? Google Responds With NexusOne


The new phone from Google was released as of last night and is ready to face competitor Apple and its chariot horse the I-Phone, despite its being used by some 25 million people.

Not only has the phone been released concurrently with the opening of an Internet store, Mario Queiroz, Google’s vice-president of product management said at a conference yesterday that ‘it is the next step in Android evolution. It is where the web meets the phone.’

Android was developed by Google two years ago and is an operating system to allow other companies to use its applications.

The Nexus One is on sale for $529 (£331) or with a T Mobile contract for $179 (£112) in the U.S.

It is stated that we will see who will dominated the handheld market over the next three years.

Will it be Google or Apple?

Would You Like Gold Ray-Ban?

With the price of gold today, we wouldn’t be sure why but if you’re in the splurging sort of mood with money to burn, why not?

These glasses called  L’ultra-Wayfarer (Ultra-Wayfarer). They are made of black acetate and framed in 18 carat white gold. Ray-Ban is written twice, once beside the hinge and the second time, more discretely on the arm. The new collector’s item comprises of polarized glass with a 24 carat gold finish.

Only 7000 pairs will be sold around the world for the low low price of $359