Fast-track Education of the Self

I was 20 when I graduated university. I fast-tracked university because frankly, I was getting impatient and I wanted the next part of my life to start. I didn’t know what I wanted to do in university. Sometimes, I wish that I had taken it slower so I was sure of each of my steps. I have friends of mine who said, ‘Well, one should never regret education’. And I suppose I shouldn’t. I went to India recently where it seems as though the country is at work.  I think that’s the best way to put it. I think it’s ironic how the general public complain about child labourand poverty in the third world countries but that, despite this, it doesn’t seem to stop them from buying clothes obviously originating in those third world countries. I would assume this derives from their desire of not paying the requisite first world price of clothing where people have the benefit of the glorious minimum wage. Thus, the public prefer to complain and continue living their own lives instead of creating new pathways for those who know only one path. Send a child to school, write to your local MP or the country’s MP, give something back to the community, make your own t-shirt!

Don’t make inane commentary that serves no other purpose than to rise above and condescend others. People aren’t completely wrong nor are they completely right. At the same time, there is hypocrisy in that poverty is outrageous in other countries when we have it right in our own countries where there is easy access to education. Do we not owe it to ourselves to ask what happened there? Statistically, they say that if you come from a two parent home where both have been university educated, it is highly likely that you will be educated in the same manner. And, they align education alongside earning potential.

I always say education is the answer. It’s what allows us mobility in the world. In this fast-paced ever-changing society, the one constant is the need to have access to education and education is a broad subject because what it means to some might be different than what it means to others. For example, agricultural education one might only learn on a farm as opposed to molecular biology. One of my research papers during my Masters was about a girl who learned all sorts of interesting things on the farm where she grew up and consequently found when she herself went off to university that it supplemented her understanding of the theoretical and written world. It provided her with a practical application of what others learned theoretically. What I mean by this is all that you learn throughout life is relevant. Opening up your horizons is also part of expanding your mind and your potential.

For myself, I didn’t appreciate the education I had because I always felt I was being pushed to do one thing or the other and though I said to myself that I wanted to be everything I could be, then I chose easier paths. At least that’s what I tell myself. I figured that if I studied those subjects, it would give me time to think about what I really wanted to do. I was afraid I might pursue something that I would fail at in the end.

During my undergraduate, I studied English, Political Science and Women’s Studies, which gave me a strong literary appreciation though perhaps not so much for old English literature such as La Morte d’Arthur. I might feel differently about that particular one now seeing as its been almost 10 years since I read it though it’s the only one coming to mind. With women’s studies, people always laugh it off and then when you tell them that women still earn 70 cents to the male dollar, they say well I’m not a feminist but that doesn’t make sense. Clearly, it doesn’t make sense if you are not willing to do anything about it unless the assumption is that you are marrying that man who does have the potential to earn higher (which is a completely separate subject….I digress)

I met wonderful people though. A very few have remained as permanent friends but it was such a multicultural university. There was a girl who I met my first day who went to Egypt every year. Every year, she would bring me something, rice paper bookmarks with Egyptian hieroglyphics, a painting of Osiris, mini statues of pharoahs, earrings. I remember on my 21st birthday, she gave me artificial pearls and a pearl frame. It’s meeting people like that which allowed me to know what generousity and friendship really was. I regret that I didn’t join more clubs but in the end, it helped shape me as an individual. Like that page from the Velveteen Rabbit about becoming.

“You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be kept carefully. Generally, by the time you are real, most of your hair has been loved off and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby”

Perhaps its also about learning to accept yourself alongside your capacity to absorb the world around you and share your knowledge with others who share theirs with you

velveteen quote.




Did you know Peace Day was today?

This came as quite a surprise since there seems not to have been much publicity for this other than Jude Law….but it raises a few questions. Even though the goal of having ‘Peace One Day’ is valid, will global cease-fire and independence ever truly be achieved for the one day? This seems more borne out of wishful thinking than critical thinking. How would this be able to be ensured? Would someone enforce it? or would we depend on the goodness of ‘the people’?

If we could organize a process in which to donate to these war-torn countries where peace is most inevitably needed, that could be a more realistic goal for the moment. There seems never to be enough publicity for what is important. This shouldn’t have only been on Youtube. It should have been on one of the many social networks that we have access to in this day and age.

Something Artistic

Do you like this piece as much as we did?

Track Your Child (or Anyone) By GPS

Oh we knew this would come out! According to a Wired piece, parents can simply pop a portable GPS into the backpack of their child or install it as an app on their iPhone to keep track of their child or if you want to get more imaginative…(anyone!!)

Though this would seem like a great idea, the GPS unit does not come cheap at $350, plus the $15 monthly charge for a service subscription or the monthly $15 fee for the iPhone app Where The Flock (WTF)

Also, it might be the source of a few problems either over-obsession on the part of the part or alienation on the part of the child. If said child is mentally disabled, the GPS ensures the safety of that child and relief of the parent.

David Eigen, a psychologist added GPS to his two daughters cell phones during their middle school years to keep track of where they sauntered off to. He defended use of it saying, “I felt that it was my job as a parent to know where they were every minute,” however, “Once I found out that everything was basically okay, I didn’t feel that I needed it anymore.” Which we think we can agree with.

Safety comes first but over-worrying is difficult to keep up.

We think that GPS could transferred into a system actually. For example, when you lose your keys, wallet, a suitcase (it happens), anything, it could have a GPS strip put on it while the main controller is put onto the wall in your house showing you a map of where said missing object is. Could be usefulll.

What do you think about GPS and your children?

Kelis Responds To Peta

Kelis received a letter from Peta and in an open-ended letter she posted on her Myspace. She responded back!

Good morning all!
Ok, so you’re gonna love this. The other day I got a personalized letter from PETA! Lol so after some thought I’ve decided to write one back. Goes a little something like this:

There is no humane way to kill anything, let me start there. It’s unfortunate but it’s part of life. With that being said, I would eat pterodactyl if you found some and you told me it was meaty and delicious. And after doing a very minimal amount of research……. I found out that the founder Ingrid Newkirk is completely batty. I had a feeling but she far exceeded my expectations. I mean certifiably insane! Lol this chicks will is nuts, google it – it’s a riot! Beyond the fact that I think she’s a diabetic, which means she needs insulin, which is taken from lab pigs (I know this because my sister happens to be in veterinary school), which would be completely hypocritical. It’s like don’t abuse animals unless it can help me.

I feel very strongly about a lot of things such as the sweatshops that spin cotton and the blood on their hands. Btw it’s not just the look of fur. It’s warm as hell and feels glorious, ever rubbed faux fur on your body? Nothing luxurious about that. Then the letter proceeded to name artist and designers who don’t wear real fur. Great! More for me! I don’t judge them, don’t judge me.

If I started wearing endangered animals like polar bear or orangutan then talk to me. (Which btw for the record I would not – I do believe in the preservation of endangered species) But the minks and chinchilla that quite honestly are rodents and if weren’t in the form of a coat I would demand they be put to death anyway are not an issue to me.

The death of high fashion. Ugh.

I eat meat, and in fact my mouth salivates as I type the word meat! And the paint throwing that’s just ridiculous! What if I was hurling Loubitons and Pierre Hardy’s at every sad poorly dressed person on the street? As right as I may be it’s just fanatical and crazy. And people have the right to feel as they please. What about art? Survival of the fittest. Natural selection? No let’s just let all the rodents run free and over take our cities. Oh wait they have, NY and LA in particular are infested! Why don’t u save them all from scavenging on the streets and ruining my evening strolls, take them home. Make them pets! Get off my back! Pun intended!

Underpaid minorities picking your vegetables, now that’s fine for you right? Please, fight for their rights. How about the poverty in the communities of brown people around the world. She had the nerve to say (and I quote) “get over it” talking of the issue of black people and slavery in this country verses cows being slaughtered. Is she kidding me? Lol yes she must be. Actually, she’s lucky most black people have real issues to worry about in the U.S and don’t give a crap what her delusional privileged opinions are. But she should try saying that again just for kicks n giggles on the corner of Adam Clayton Powell Blvd in Harlem n see how well people “get over it” lol.

If u want to preach do it about something worthwhile don’t waste my time trying to save the dang chipmunk.

Find a worthwhile cause like the women being maimed in these Middle Eastern countries. Or female circumcision. Or women’s rights here in America, we still get paid less for doing the same jobs as men. Quite honestly if you hate the world so much go live in the forest where no one else has to hear you complain about the perfectly good food chain the good Lord created. Everyone has the right to an opinion, and that’s mine on that! xoxo

Peta does tend to attack people and they have over-sexualized advertisements, which usually end with, ”I would rather be naked than wear fur”.

What do you think about what Kelis said?

Facebook Partners With McAfee For Virus Protection


More than £7.5 billion ($29.4 billion) worth of McAfee computer security software is now available to all of 350 million Facebook users in the UK, United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, with more countries to be included in the coming months. This is thanks to a global deal that now cites McAfee as the official Facebook computer security provider.

Users will be provided with six months of free virus protection worth £22.50 ($37.77) with the option to buy afterwards at a reduced rate. As malicious software and virus attacks appear to be on the rise with 78% of Internet users not updating their anti-virus and spyware programmes, this partnership comes as a veritable solution.

Facebook’s vice-president of global communications, marketing and public policy Elliot Schrage, “We are taking an unprecedented step towards making the entire Internet more secure and reducing the possibility of threats being brought on to our service by unsuspecting users, keeping the Internet secure requires that users, security vendors and internet companies all work together. We think we’ve developed an excellent model for this collaboration, and to ensure the greatest possible value to our users, Facebook will not accept any revenue from subscriptions. We hope this is something that other services will emulate.”

What a Great Idea!

Ke$ha Is The New Gaga

According to Advocate editors and critics, Ke$ha is the new Gaga. Hmm! who are these “critics” we wonder? The “serious issues” staff for Fox news? or maybe the morning staff.

Let us impolitely beg to differ and give a few obvious reasons why this crack-pot crystal ball theory is ridiculous. There is only one Gaga. Ke$ha, the silly girl has a dollar sign in her name and ‘sings’ in a forgettable k-lassy style that is as ridiculous as the bi-sexual label she seems to have recently adopted.

As Marcus, an Advocate reader so eloquently put, “Nobody cares about attention-whoring faux-bisexual girls who can’t sing. When she develops Gaga’s musical ability and vocal prowess, call me back and we’ll chat. (Anyone who believes for a second that she cares about LGBT issues beyond the edginess that “coming out” got her, I have a bridge to sell you.)” And we concur.

Lala gaga has always said she puts her music first above anything whereas Ke$ha at 17 was already throwing up in Paris Hilton’s closet. Even if she has outsold Gaga’s Just Dance with Tik Tok would you really want her as your star in the making?

Bra Colour Status Updates Spreading Like Wildfire on Facebook

Bra colour status updating is the newest trend to hit the facebook waves. Updates such as, “White and black stripes… Pink flowers and light blue… Fuchsia leopard print…” rage the site, describing what colour women and even men are wearing underneath. Some just note the colour!

Though the real source of the trend has yet to be discovered, most sources point to breast cancer awareness as the cause for the colour reveal.

What a great idea! It’s good to see that Breast Cancer awareness is not relegated to the confines of the month of October (Breast Cancer Month) and as it is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in women today, it is very important to be aware.

For more information about Breast Cancer, click here or here

Update: There are two updates going around

This one

We are playing a game…… silly, but fun! Write the colour of your bra as your status, just the colour, nothing else!! Copy this and pass it on to all girls/Females …… NO MEN!! This will be fun to see how it spreads, and we are leaving the men wondering why all females just have a colour as their status!! Let’s have fun!!

And this one, which we love
Some fun is going on…. just write the color of your bra in your status. Just the color, nothing else. It will be neat to see if this will spread the wings of breast cancer awareness. It will be fun to see how long it takes before people wonder why all the girls have a color in their status… Haha .

Reese Witherspoon’s Brilliant Idea

Elle Woods Reese Witherspoon recently discussed clothes swapping soirées she holds with her female friends.

“There are three of us who wear pretty much the same size, so we’ll get together on a Friday night and I’ll bring clothes I want to trade and they’ll bring theirs. We swap shoes and handbags a lot. I wore my girlfriend’s dress to a wedding recently. It’s fun.”

We’ve done this before actually but unfortunately, they were not soirées so this is actually a great idea!

There’s no need to go to the mall and you never have to get bored with your wardrobe because you’ll always have something fun and different to wear and if you don’t, trade with a friend!

Letterman Pokes Fun At Obama’s Trans Appointee

Amanda Simpson is the first transgendered individual to receive a presidential appointment. David Letterman addressed this only to have one of his staffers run from the show screaming, “Amanda? Amanda used to be a dude? Oh, my God”

Was this meant to be insensitive or was it just taken out of context? Some commentators believe the Advocate was wrong in their judgment and misconstrued Letterman’s meaning, which apparently was ”the satire in over-the-top homophobic reactions”, as one reader put it.

Is The Advocate just making mountains out of molehills?

The Ipod Is Dead

At least that’s what Billionaire Apple Co-founder Steve Wozniak said in 2008. (Did you know he briefly dated our swearing-sailor Kathy?) He mentions that “the iPod would go the way of the transistor radio and Walkman, becoming a cheap and eventually boring commodity product.”

This, referring to its one-dimensional use, implies that the world wants to immediately gratify themselves in the ways of devices that perform a multitude of functions instead of a singular one.

Even if he said this 2 years ago, we tend to agree. There’s always something newer or better though we have to say our Walkman never died on us whereas we have heard complaints about the Ipod!

Sounds kinda sketchy

What’s Wrong With Dating Someone Younger?

Film-maker Sam Taylor-Wood, 42, pregnant with 19-year-old Aaron Johnson, her fiancé.

43-year-old former England footballer Teddy Sheringham and 23-year-old Kristina Andriotis

While Sam Taylor-Wood is credited with directed the John Lennon biopic, Teddy Sheringham was known for footballing.

Would you classify these two as desperate, having found love with people more than 20 years younger than themselves? They have had previous relationships where children have resulted from both so did these unsuccessful relationships contribute to their dating someone younger?

Another way to look at this is looking at an older woman dating a younger man versus an older man dating a younger woman.

Why do we look with more scrutiny upon women?

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