Alberta’s Luxury Train for the Vancouver Olympics

The Canadian province of Alberta has invested $7 million dollars on a tourism-based marketing strategy involving a little something that goes choo-choo. Though not all funds go towards a luxury train, rented for the duration of the Vancouver Olympics, it is one of the highlights.

Contrarily, Alberta Liberals claim it’s a waste of money as there are more pressing issues but the Albertan government maintains that it will result in a profit for the province.

Tourism Minister Cindy Ady said, ”We see this as one of the hottest tickets at the Olympics. I haven’t run across anyone who hasn’t said, ‘What a great idea. What a good way to promote the province.’ Because it’s not here in Alberta, it’s out in Vancouver, right? And so you’ve got to do different things in order to get the attention that you want.”

Official Olympic buses will be making trips to and from Whistler but ”Alberta will have the only train running between the two Olympic sites. The train will be “more or less shrink wrapped in the Alberta flag” and will have promotional materials throughout”.

In addition to helping cover the cost,  space on the Alberta Train will be rented out to corporations who want to treat customers.

Interesting, though we wonder if it will be enough since the government of Alberta will not provide a breakdown of how the 7 million is being spent excluding the train and pavilion on the Robson and Beatty streets to be set up in downtown Vancouver called Alberta House.