Pie Revenge On Peta In Newfoundland

In an unexpected turn of events, this particular PETA protester was sneakily cream-pied in the face just outside the hotel where Prime Minister Stephen Harper was scheduled to speak. The PETA protester was just saying before that people all over the world are disgusted with Canada when in fact, they aren’t.

PETA is protesting Seal Slaughter but what they fail to realize is that seals reproduce very quickly and the numbers need to be controlled. The problem with PETA is that they seem to not understand that if you do not control animal population, animals will reproduce and subsequently, overrun the cities with their increased numbers.

Perhaps, it is fine to say that every living animal is sacred in theory but realistically speaking, what would you do with animals running rampant throughout the streets? Would that not create problems?

You Oughta Know

Tonight, Beyoncé performed If I Were A Boy and You Oughta Know for this year’s Grammys. Personally, it was okay but it was a generic performance and nothing out of the ordinary for her so the performance was ‘predictable’. However, out of the two songs, You Oughta Know was sung better.

But, nothing can compare to Alanis’ own performance of her song.

It must be that Canadian allure ;)

Canadian Member Of Parliament Sings Pants On The Ground

Oh the things that happen inside New Brunswick Legislature. Last Friday, politician T.J. Burke used a festive and illustrative metaphor for how a member of the opposition had been caught with his “pants on the ground” by breaking out into “General” Larry Platt’s little ditty.

To watch the hilarity in action, no one would blame you for revelling in this epic political moment.

$16M Raised in Canada For Haiti Telethon

While George Clooney led the Youtube-televised Hope For Haiti marathon, Canada held Canada For Haiti along with Montreal’s Ensemble Pour Haiti. We, as well had a stream of stars come out in support of the impoverished country including Director James Cameron, Rachel McAdams, Joshua Jackson among others while featuring performances from Nelly Furtado who sang Try, Metric with Help, I’m Alive and the Tragically Hip performing Fiddler’s Green.

Altogether Canada raised a not too shabby 16 million dollars.

Irrelevance Of ‘Breaking’ News

We have drawn two conclusions. Either print news is tumbling out of circulation into a black hole at break-neck speed or journalists have nothing of substance to write about. What do you think? There were various and sundry reports about this TTC employee napping on the job but now there is public humiliation to add to an internal investigation since his picture has been making internet rounds and turned up on the front page of newspapers.  Spokesman Brad Ross for the TTC said, “On this particular matter we will conduct an inquiry internally and determine what appropriate action needs to be taken”. The TTC has also commented that if employees are tired, “they should stay at home”.

(Front page? Why would you need an internal investigation?! Where is the mystery?)

It’s obvious this man was asleep and though the TTC has gained the drole moniker TTZ Z Z, this is irrelevant as front page news. It isn’t or should not be treated as a commentary on the subway system or employees for the TTC or even this person who was unfortunate enough to have been caught on camera.

Though anyone could stay at home because “they are tired”. People choose not to because they want to advance in life, not lie about lazily letting down everyone and themselves in the end.The picture above was shot at the McCowan station at night so understandably, we can see how an employee would fall asleep. However, no, he shouldn’t have been sleeping on the job but he doesn’t deserve to be humiliated and ashamed now wherever he goes.

The silliest part of all this is the commentary from Union Rep Bob Kinnear. “It is very discouraging that the picture taker and, apparently, other customers, made no attempt to determine if there was anything wrong with this TTC employee. A simple knock on the glass might have determined if the collector was, in fact, asleep, or whether he was unconscious as a result of some medical problem. The reports that passengers were laughing at him as they passed by the booth makes this even more disturbing.”

It’s kinda obvious that 1. there is no need for an ‘internal investigation’ and 2. that he was catching some zZz’s but 3. that it happens and the TTC should calm themselves.

Quebec Expanding Immigration Laws For Haiti And Introducing Predictable Problems

Haiti has been devastated by two major earthquakes in the last couple of weeks. This has caused Canadian adoption agencies to become more lax with their adoption rules and regulations in regards to Haiti. It has also caused Quebec to loosen immigration laws. They have stated that they will accept anywhere from 52,000 to 55,000 immigrants this year alone. The Canadian Federal Government has not followed suit for obvious reasons as adoption and immigration vary greatly. The  Immigration Minister Yolande James defended this saying, “I think when something like this happens it is important to be as flexible as possible. There is an understanding that we are really under an exceptional situation.”

There are a few problems with this. It is an exceptional situation but it does not mean be as flexible as possible. What has happened in Haiti is unimaginably sad and sudden but by allowing any and all Haitians into Quebec and thereby, Canada, we put strain upon ourselves financially. We would also be introducing some of them to an environment where some would adjust and others would struggle to survive while others would abuse the system. There is no guarantee that all Haitians would want to build a life here either. It would be a temporary solution to the longterm problem. Food and shelter would have to be provided here as well as some sort of livelihood or possibly welfare.

We heard a similar discussion on Canadian John Moore’s radio show on 1010CFRB. He also came to a similar conclusion suggesting (he as well as his guest speaker) to support Haitians within their country, to send food and support and help them rebuild their community and lives.

We cannot be blind in our altruism but we can help in ways that can give Haitians a home again.

Canadian Newspaper “The Beaver” Changes Name Due To Sexual Misunderstanding

The Beaver, Canada’s second-oldest magazine, was founded in 1920 by the Hudson’s Bay Company, initially a fur trading company. But today they have realized there comes a time when every Beaver is misunderstood. Instead of being seen as a furry loveable animal, it was a sexual innuendo everywhere for va-jay-jay in Internet searches. As such, The Beaver, smartly we might add, is changing its name to stop scaring off readers. This also allows current readers to stop receiving Beaver mail in spam instead of the inbox.

Editor-in-chief Mark Reid further adds, “Market research showed us that younger Canadians and women were very very unlikely to ever buy a magazine called The Beaver no matter what it’s about. For whatever reasons, they are turned off by the name.”

Also even if the fur trade was important in Canadian history, immigrants will find it very difficult to understand its meaningfulness.

Since the Manitoba-based newspaper now mostly deals with Canadian history, the April issue will be the first to sport the exciting new name Canada’s History!

Boring. But reliable

We would have suggested something with Historian like Canadian Historian instead of Canadian History. If people want just history, wouldn’t they just go to a library?

Being Erica Has Made It To America

We had heard about this last week, so we are faster than the Toronto Star (ha!) but we decided not to discuss it, which was to our detriment because Being Erica is a nice contribution to television!

It turns out that the United States thinks so too as the second season of Being Erica has started airing on the Disney owned network Soapnet much to their delight as noted in the American television’s biannual TV critic’s preview.

Actress Erin Karpluk who plays Erica is surprised.  “I think [the show’s] been picked up by 30 countries abroad, I’m blown away. I had no idea that it would be like this … and I’m going to be on The View next week. I get to meet Whoopi Goldberg!”

The Toronto-based show has made it across the border. Congratulations!

Love This Guy

Gross but hilarious.

Canadian Governor General Michaelle Jean’s Haiti Statement

So sad!

Eugene Levy To Receive ACTRA Award Of Excellence

Canadian Eugene Levy will receive the annually-given award January 21st at the Canadian residence of David Fransen, Canada’s consul general in Los Angeles.

As a member of the Order of Canada and Canada’s Walk of Fame among his long list of cinematic contributions, we applaud Levy.


Cancer Returns For Quebec Minister

Claude Béchard,  40, Agriculture Minister for Quebec is in hospital fighting pancreatic cancer for a second time following the discover of a benign growth in his intestines during his hernia surgery performed last week.

They are currently contemplating if radiation therapy or chemotherapy will be needed but Béchard is reportedly in ”good spirit” though he will stay in hospital for 10 days.

On Wednesday, Premier Jean Charest visited Béchard expressing that “his morale as usual is great” and that “[he is] a man of very strong character and he is going to fight to become healthy. He has indicated to me that he is going to want to return to work, which is good news.”

What a trooper! Resilent, unfazed and ready to move on.

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