Immediate Love For Flyleaf

Starts out like a Superhit too.

Flyleaf originates from Texas and recently released their sophomore album November 10, 2009.

We love their song Again. Feels like we should be rockin’ out to angry girl music somewhere, maybe even right now! But there’s something more…fire, blur effect… now that we think about it, it looks like this would have been a better choice for Beyonce‘s Heat commercial


Delerium Featuring Kreesha Turner

Delerium from Sarah McLachlan?? Them?

Guess they have a new song. This is Dust In Gravity with Kreesha Turner.

Not bad!

Controversial Bad Romance Body Language

Apparently this Michael DiMartino is so popular that a deaf woman emailed Britney Spears who fell in love with it. She then subsequently posted his interpretation of Womanizer up on her website.

DiMartino is quoted as saying that his passions lie with singing and hand signing. He says that ”both languages are so expressive” and felt that they needed to be put together to make a ”kapow”.

This is his sign language tribute to Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.

Even Museums Make Mistakes

The Royal Ontario Museum is setting up the Fakes and Forgeries exhibition accepting that sometimes curators can’t tell the difference between authentic and fake artifacts.

Curator Paul Denis said to CBC News that “most of the artifacts were bought in the past, in the early 20th century,” when there was neither the level of knowledge nor the testing techniques to detect skilful forgeries’. He continues, “it’s a matter of handling a lot of objects and sometimes feeling them,” to check if they are genuine. Even though the  ROM periodically reviews its collections, consulting international experts, it is still difficult to tell at times.

The creation of the non-genuine pieces is encouraged by profit and the high demand for artifacts.

Now there is a technique called thermo-luminescence that can tell at what time period a ceramic object was fired, whether it be 100 or 1700 years ago. For example, ceramic Zapotec rain gods from Mexico that were found out to be fakes appear are equal in their beauty to the real figures from AD 200-500.

If you happen to be in Toronto, Ontario this Saturday, the exhibition of Fakes and Forgeries will be at the ROM until April 4. Afterwards, it will continue to tour Canada in Lethbridge and Lloydminster in Alberta, and Goderich, Minesing, St. Catharines, Peterborough, Ottawa and Guelph in Ontario.

Well, at least they’re admitting it. They invite museum goers to see if they can tell the difference between the forgery and the actual time piece.


Letterman Pokes Fun At Obama’s Trans Appointee

Amanda Simpson is the first transgendered individual to receive a presidential appointment. David Letterman addressed this only to have one of his staffers run from the show screaming, “Amanda? Amanda used to be a dude? Oh, my God”

Was this meant to be insensitive or was it just taken out of context? Some commentators believe the Advocate was wrong in their judgment and misconstrued Letterman’s meaning, which apparently was ”the satire in over-the-top homophobic reactions”, as one reader put it.

Is The Advocate just making mountains out of molehills?

Precious Leads NAACP awards With 8 Nominations

Not surprising even Mariah’s being recognized!

With the captivating performance she gave in her portrayal of a social worker despite her limited screen-time, the woman deserves an Oscar. Last night however she won an award at the Palm Springs Film Festival.

Good it wasn’t for her brilliant speech making. Craazy.

Also the NAACP awards nominated her, Mo’Nique and Paula Patton in the best supporting actress category.

Gabourey Sidebe was separately nominated in the best actress category competing with the likes of  Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side(YES!), Sophie Okonedo in Skin (DOUBLE YES!), Taraji P. Henson in Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All by Myself and Anika Noni Rose for her vocal performance in the animated feature The Princess and the Frog(Très Good).

Precious earned a nomination for Best Picture along with The Blind Side, Invictus, Michael Jackson’s This is It and The Princess and the Frog. It also was nominated for Best Independent Picture, alongside Amreeka, American Violet, Endgame and Medicine for Melancholy. (Independent.. with Oprah!)

Lee Daniels was picked for best director while Geoffrey Fletcher was nominated for best screenplay in his adaptation of the novel to the big screen.

The NAACP awards will be given on the 26th of February, not solely for films but also for television, music and literature.

Alberta’s Luxury Train for the Vancouver Olympics

The Canadian province of Alberta has invested $7 million dollars on a tourism-based marketing strategy involving a little something that goes choo-choo. Though not all funds go towards a luxury train, rented for the duration of the Vancouver Olympics, it is one of the highlights.

Contrarily, Alberta Liberals claim it’s a waste of money as there are more pressing issues but the Albertan government maintains that it will result in a profit for the province.

Tourism Minister Cindy Ady said, ”We see this as one of the hottest tickets at the Olympics. I haven’t run across anyone who hasn’t said, ‘What a great idea. What a good way to promote the province.’ Because it’s not here in Alberta, it’s out in Vancouver, right? And so you’ve got to do different things in order to get the attention that you want.”

Official Olympic buses will be making trips to and from Whistler but ”Alberta will have the only train running between the two Olympic sites. The train will be “more or less shrink wrapped in the Alberta flag” and will have promotional materials throughout”.

In addition to helping cover the cost,  space on the Alberta Train will be rented out to corporations who want to treat customers.

Interesting, though we wonder if it will be enough since the government of Alberta will not provide a breakdown of how the 7 million is being spent excluding the train and pavilion on the Robson and Beatty streets to be set up in downtown Vancouver called Alberta House.

Delphic on BBC’s Sound of 2010 Top 3

Delphic is a trio from Manchester, England mixing indie guitars and euphoric electronica

And they currently hold third place in BBC’s Sound of 2010

Makes you feel like you’re on a psychedelic-coloured plane, doesn’t it

To Kill The I-Phone Or Not To Kill? Google Responds With NexusOne


The new phone from Google was released as of last night and is ready to face competitor Apple and its chariot horse the I-Phone, despite its being used by some 25 million people.

Not only has the phone been released concurrently with the opening of an Internet store, Mario Queiroz, Google’s vice-president of product management said at a conference yesterday that ‘it is the next step in Android evolution. It is where the web meets the phone.’

Android was developed by Google two years ago and is an operating system to allow other companies to use its applications.

The Nexus One is on sale for $529 (£331) or with a T Mobile contract for $179 (£112) in the U.S.

It is stated that we will see who will dominated the handheld market over the next three years.

Will it be Google or Apple?

NBA suspends Gilbert Arenas Indefinitely

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas was suspended indefinitely Wednesday by Commissioner David Stern. Stern condemned the ‘three-time all-star “not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game.”

Why was he not fit? He was arguing with Javaris Crittenton concerning guns while in possession of four unloaded ones that he brought into the Verizon Center, which is illegal in the D.C gun laws and League rules.

Dumb, real Dumb

Stern shared his distaste in a statement stating, “The possession of firearms by an NBA player in an NBA arena is a matter of the utmost concern to us. I initially thought it prudent to refrain from taking immediate action because of the pendency of a criminal investigation involving the office of the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia and the Metropolitan Police Department, and the consideration of this matter by a grand jury sitting in the District of Columbia. For the same reason, I directed the Wizards to refrain from taking any action. Wizards personnel continue to be interviewed by law enforcement authorities, some are scheduled for appearance before the grand jury and the investigation is proceeding with the intensity that one would expect for such a serious incident.”

He continues, “Although it is clear that the actions of Mr. Arenas will ultimately result in a substantial suspension, and perhaps worse, his ongoing conduct has led me to conclude that he is not currently fit to take the court in an NBA game. Accordingly, I am suspending Mr. Arenas indefinitely, without pay, effective immediately pending the completion of the investigation by the NBA.”

On Tuesday, before playing against the Philadelphia 76ers, Arenas pretended to shoot his teammates, amusing some but not amusing all.

Therefore, this has led to teammates supporting the decision the suspend Arenas with thefollowing statement:

“We fully endorse the decision of the NBA to indefinitely suspend Gilbert Arenas. Strictly legal issues aside, Gilbert’s recent behavior and statements, including his actions and statements last night in Philadelphia, are unacceptable. Some of our other players appeared to find Gilbert’s behavior in Philadelphia amusing. This is also unacceptable. Under Abe Pollin’s leadership, our organization never tolerated such behavior, and we have no intention of ever doing so.”

Marilyn Manson To Marry Rachel Evan Whatever

The man must have some mouth on him or his standards are low. Who knows? The last we saw of Rachel was in True Blood in her role as the Vampire Queen. It was ok, she wasn’t as amazing or la-di-da as we assume she was meant to be.

Manson, on the other hand, talks intelligently in interviews and though certain videos of his seem to be hmmm, misogynistic towards women, perhaps it is art instead of implied terror against women?

He proposed to his lover on stage in gay old Par-ee and she agreed.

Of course she would!

William and His Son Harry!

Seriously, the poor Prince is already missing hairs from his head, did they have to paint him old and decrepit too? Nonsensical

This is painter Nicky Phillips interpretation of Prince William and Prince Harry of the United Kingdom in their first double portrait done ever, which now hangs in London’s National Portrait Gallery in.

Now while the Nymag adored and found the painting “commendable”, we tend to disagree even if no one “would have never guessed that it would be possible to so effectively capture, using mere brushstrokes, that ever-so-recognizable Windsor scalp.”

Prince William looks nowhere near his own age! Even photoshop does better than this!

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