Man Posing As Former Guess Model On Dating Site CAUGHT!

This pretty face above is Bree Candon, a former model for Guess who was also ”just looking for Mr. Right” on, a dating website. Yet, it appears it wasn’t her at all. In fact, it was someone named James Brown. He not only impersonated her, using her image and personal information about her family and siblings but then, he extracted money from wealthy unsuspecting individuals citing that ”she” lost her luggage among other reasons.

This went on undetected for two years as Brown made dates and broke them with these men until he engaged in online and telephone conversations with John Carbona, a wealthy investor in Fort Meyers, FL. He attempted to try the same money extracting tactics he had used before saying ”she” needed money because “she” had lost her luggage and was in a financial bind. Carbona suspected that something was up and hired a Private Eye who traced Brown to Austin, Texas and found that he had swindled thousands from his wealthy ”prospectives”, a little dog, iPhone and $15,000 from a very well-off Miami doctor.

Brown is now in the big house enjoying the fun and joy that comes with felony theft charges.

Have fun in jail!

Facebook Fugitive Captured

Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch who evaded the police for 4 weeks while mocking them through his popular facebook fan page has been recaptured. No word yet on how they caught the elusive criminal and authorities have not indicated if facebook helped in his capture!

Have fun in jail!


Paul Grabham killed Kirsty, his wife while she was working in a massage parlour as a prostitute. She was found in a suitcase last year at Bridgend dumped under a bridge on April 6.

If you’re thinking it had something to do with prostitution or massage parlours, it’s not. Grabham met Kirsty in a massage parlour as a client. After they married, Grabham also became a prostitute and sold his services with her on on their joint website.

Their violence towards each other was substantiated by neighbours saw Grabham lifted his wife by the throat off the ground and via the facial cuts that sometimes appeared on Grabham, courtesy of his wife. They were also constantly heard arguing by neighbours.

Though Grabham reported his wife missing a week before; he is now is court denying murder charges.


So Wrong

Tattooing your eyes in prison. WHY?! Then again, like the man said why not.

Funny we can think of a few OBVIOUS REASONS

Dangerous or just plain RIDICULOUS?

Escaped Prisoner Taunts Police On Facebook

When Craig “Lazie” Lynch, 28, was arrested in Suffolk, eastern England in September, he was supposed to have been serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary.

He, however, somehow managed to escape from prison. We can’t even call it an escape. HE WALKED OUT! Interesting security fail! Seems to be a recent phenomenon. We hope this guy doesn’t just walk out.

But Lynch isn’t like most escaped convicts, he created a facebook fanpage, which now has around 39,000 41,000 fans where he has posted pictures of himself with turkey and tinsel over the Christmas break complete with constant status updates. On Christmas, he wrote, “Merry xmas i made it”. December 27th followed with, “WAKE UP PEOPLE ITS THE WEEKEND WHERE’S THE PARTY AT?” He also has a picture of himself sticking his middle finger up ‘at police’, we would assume.

Lynch maintains his innocence on the page saying, “I got respects and havent touched or robbed no old lady. now move on and find a life.”

Police are still looking for this fool while Facebook administrators have since relinquished his rights on the page.


Update: He’s back on facebook with 41,000 fans and climbing!

Moronic Talk From A Failed Terrorist

This is the face of 23-year-old idiot Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab who was arrested for attempting to set off a bomb on an Airbus on its’ way to Detroit Christmas Day. The 289 people on board were unaware of the danger until the explosive device (a condom filled with the highly explosive powder PETN), which was hidden under his clothes, caught fire instead of exploding as planned.

It was through the strong will and resilience of passengers aboard that prevented any further damage from being done and luckily, no one was hurt.

However the incident has led to questioning concerning “undetectable bombs” and the AQAP (al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsular) who assume responsibility behind the attempted suicide bombing.

The group said, “We will not let Muslim women and children’s blood be spilled without taking revenge,” expressing their anger against the Yemeni and US government for military actions, which they say have caused the deaths of 50 people.

Their little poster boy for justice, currently in the hands of the FBI said, “there are more just like me who will strike soon.” This is the son of a prominent renown banker in Nigeria speaking? A privately-educated son who probably had a very comfortable life?

Apparently, he was studying at University College London when he began his al-Qaeda involvement. It was while he was attending the East London Mosque in White Chapel that he heard and thereafter contacted radical guest speaker Yemeni preacher Anwar al-Awlaki.

Also, if you can believe the would-be killer had been walking around with almost three grand on his person with no boarding luggage and had even attempted to board a plane sans passport attempting to avoid identification.

The most tragic thing about this is that it could have been prevented.

Abdulmutallab’s family suspected their son as it is said that he turned radical after “disappearing” to the al-Qaeda stronghold of Yemen and they contacted the American authorities 6 weeks ago! They had also requested that American authorities find their son so that he could be returned home. “We provided them with all the information required of us to enable them do this,” the family said.

And because neither the UK nor US shared the knowledge they had about this individual, there is a very high probability that this massacre could have resulted.

The screening of passengers and use of watch lists are currently being investigated by President Obama.

Jeez just what the world wanted for Christmas, Nazis reincarnated as al-Qaeda. How many people have to die until these idiots realize that violence is not the answer and that not only do they cause themselves to be seen as ruthless and mindless but self-serving and moronic.