Topless Bikini Only By Victoria Secret

Lindsay Ellingson appears in the new behind-the-scenes video of the topless bikini photoshoot. So far, they have enlisted Michael Bay at the helm of their last lingerie commercial. For this swimwear line, now you don’t even need the top half.

Maybe they are catering to those who need something to help them show off their birthday goods at European beaches? or Is this meant to eliminate tan lines (which can’t happen since the ”swimsuit” has strings!)

Would you want to wear a topless bikini?


Heidi Klum Launches Two Maternity Lines

After giving birth to 4 children, we would say it’s about time! The lines are coming out soon to as the lines will be in stores as soon as February 12.

Heidi’s lines reflect fashions she wore during her pregnancies and are called Lavish and Loved. “I chose to call my collection for A Pea in the Pod Lavish because there is no grander name to express everything you want to give yourself and the child growing within you,” she gushed. “For Motherhood Maternity, Loved is a celebration of new life and the love around you and your baby. I experienced fashion challenges during my four pregnancies and combined my knowledge of what works in terms of style, comfort and practicality to create these lines. They are all about making you feel beautiful; being pregnant shouldn’t stop you from being fashionable and feeling great about your changing body. It’s an exciting journey.”

That sounds beautiful. Oscarrr Oscarr!!

Lavish By Heidi Klum, a 14 piece collection will be sold at A Pea in the Pod and Loved By Heidi Klum at Motherhood Maternity, a 15-piece collection.

Rebecca Matthias, president and CEO of A Pea in the Pod and Motherhood Maternity was ecstatic. “Heidi brings with her a tremendous amount of creative energy. She lives and breathes fashion. Heidi’s experience and stunning beauty add a new dimension to our brands. We were thrilled to have Heidi as a client through each of her beautiful pregnancies, so we are especially excited to continue our relationship with her in this design collaboration.”

As a supermodel with a decade of experience on the runway and seven seasons on Project Catwalk, we think she probably would have some nice mommy chic.

Beyonce’s Heat Commercial Kinda Overplayed

We don’t know. We feel like this is the same kind of sexual Beyonce we see everywhere. The dress isn’t as flattering as it could be and the last line before exiting could have sounded less rehearsed. Seriously, we know the perfume is called Heat, dive into fire or something!

Though it was lack-lustre for us, it might have been more..interesting with this

Hire Michael Bay next time!

Victoria’s Secret’s Alessandra Ambrosia 2010 Swimsuit photoshoot

No ridiculous shoes here but lol this is the supermodel in the Caribbean in DECEMBER!! Making us all jealous!

To watch the video of the shoot, click here

Tyra Banks Says Au Revoir To Her Talk Show in 2010 For WOMEN!

After five years, 2 Emmys and an abundance of A-ha So What moments, Tyra Banks announced on her website and in an interview with People that she will end her talk show in 2010 in order to concentrate on new ventures in film and television with her new N.Y-based production company Bankable Studios.

Ha Just like Oprah!

In any case, Banks said to People, “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years”.

Tyra said the idea to “redefine women in film” was encouraged by filmmaker Tyler Perry and media mogul Oprah. A source reveals that Tyra will continue to enforce a positive image of women. Tyra says, “my next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are” even though a source shares that “Tyra is sad because she’ll be missing so much of the daily connection to her viewers, but excited at the same time to be taking on a new challenge.”

If you are deeply saddened by the prospect of no Tyra, you can still watch her on America’s Next Top Model and True Beauty.

We don’t watch her talk show so much anymore but we know that she is anything but boring. Though not all of her episodes were particularly enlightening or somehow found a way to relate back to her and some would argue that she attacks her guests if she dislikes them, she appears to have good intentions.

Society’s image of itself is shaped and defined by the mass media’s interpretation of it, which is surprise an industry dominated by men. There are numerous attestations to this but the fact is that all of society is conditioned to conform and accept what it perceives.

Forget the empowered woman, which is the relevant issue here. Instead, we should look at gender in an androgynous sense. Yet, society doesn’t run just on speech and good intentions. This leads us to the conclusion that as long as women are not given positive role models in the mass media we will have limited expectations of who they should and will become. Is a powerhouse woman positive? A mother? A waitress? Is sexiness negative or is it negative to be assertive?

So, we think it’s great that Tyra Banks wants to give women the power of fierce, but we hope that her treatment of it transcends wishful ideology. We hope that the reality for the modern woman who is guilty of perpetrating her own stereotyping as caregiver/housewife/submissive participant becomes a lesson for both genders in adopting an egalitarian mentality.

This means that she should look at how women AND men view themselves and how they interact because after all, both sexes do play into one another’s role in life.

From the Director of Transformers comes Victoria’s Secret?

Victoria Secret’s new commercial comes with the tagline One Gift, A Thousand Fantasies and it probably will after seeing it, they even got Michael Bay to direct!

This commercial premiered last week at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show but has now found its’ way to the internet. In the commercial, we see Victoria Secret models selling us their lingerie hard lol, doing runway walks in the desert. The clip also includes a helicopter and explosions all just to buy bras?!

Pshtt..Victoria has a Secret: 20 layers of Butt Make-up!

After seeing the recently aired Victoria Secret Fashion Show, it would be hard not to feel a little daunted or at least wonder how the models look so flawless.

However, we are fortunate to learn that in the magical world of balloons, lace, sci-fi and $3 million dollar bra, there is a ‘secret’. Angel, Selita Ebanks revealed to the New York Daily News that this secret is 20 layers of Butt makeup!

Can you imagine walking around with that clogging you up every which way?

Ebanks says “it’s all about creating the illusion of this amazing body on the runway. People don’t realize that there are about 20 layers of makeup on my butt alone.”

Not only this but apparently each of the 38 models averages 5 people who take about an hour to do their body make-up and then another three to five hours for their hair and face makeup!

It’s refreshing to hear models speak so honestly but getting make-up like that off…..

Talk about scrub beads and loofahs!

La Roux – Bulletproof

Victoria Secret always has fun songs and this time we heard a hint of British electro-pop which we loved!

This is La Roux with their song Bulletproof

Ever think it’s strange that British singers never sound British when they sing?

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2009 and the Black Eyed Peas

All we have to say is Ay Caliente! As we previously said, strange contraption Heidi is wearing but since it’s Heidi, we will let it pass. Can you believe that is her body 5 weeks after giving birth?!

Hmm, wonder where Marissa was with the 3 million dollar bra?

You would think that would merit some camera time, wouldn’t it?!

Then and Now

Now and Then Who cares? It is to remember the old days.
More importantly, it is to remember how far the first slew of supermodels have come and the bar they helped raise and keep held high.

The front page of the winter issue of i-D Magazine was released last month featuring Eva Herzigova, 36, Helena Christensen, 40, and Claudia Schiffer, 39 looking fierce with nothing ..on.

Helena Christensen. We are loving the little bondage belt straps!

lol very…strategically placed. The Supermodel 40’s club is definitely workin’ it out. Can you even TELL the difference between the then and now pictures of our fine wined supermodels?

Linda Evangelista was the one who said “We don’t wake up for less than 10000$ a day”. It is quite evident why! These women do not age!

Milla Jovovich

Carla Bruni, former model and now First Lady of France. How quickly we climb!

Honestly?! Christy Turlington?

These women have not disappeared into obscurity. They are still vital influential forces today in all their HAUTE glory and we applaud them.

Keep Away Victoria Secret Models – from Jay Z

Miss Sasha Fierce, you have a good smart man.

Because he didn’t want to upset wife Beyoncé, Jay-Z kept his distance from the Victoria’s Secret models on Thursday’s fashion show and after-party at M2. Apparently Victoria Secret begged (including models Alessandra Ambrosio, Selita Ebanks, Chanel Iman, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum) to be photographed with Jigga but he maintained his distance even at M2 by staying hiding in a private booth.

Life is good being Beyoncé’s boo?

Victoria Secret Fashion Show highlights

Judging from yesterday pictures, the iconic VS Fashion Show is something definitely worth waiting to see. Though we all have to wait a month before we get to see the show itself, here are a few of the items ranging from sexy and sultry to plain ridiculous ie balloon thing and Heidi Klum’s feather costume of the night WTF were those feather things?
In her defence, she was only supposed to host and decided to participate at the last minute with her 5 week post pregnancy body?!! we know
Of course, Marisa Miller made up for it walking the runway with the $3 million dollar diamond-encrusted bra that Gisele Bundchen who off on maternity leave would have worn.
People would have KILLed to have been her yesterday.

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