Silly Pictures Of Harry Potter Friends

Hermione Emma Watson always looks so young in her photoshoots, too young to pull off the womanly femininity photographers, magazines and tabloids would have you believe she possesses. The make-up bleeding from the eyes is honestly too much for her to pull off. No one would argue that she is a smart and healthy girl but this photo is more nonsensical than something awe-inspiring and different. It seems to have no purpose other than to attempt something we can only imagine is ‘edgy’.

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth did shoot this well but there is something off about it.

How To Be Na’vi!

Keep it in mind for next Halloween. Amazing Tutorial!

Neanderthals Were Fond Of Make-Up Too

It seems modern people were not the only ones using make-up for decoration and ritual purposes. In Spain, scientists have uncovered evidence that firmly indicates Neanderthals may have used make-up 50,000 years ago in discovering shells they used as make-up containers to store pigment residues.

The archaeologist from Bristol University in the UK Professor, Joao Zilhao, who led the study told the BBC that “this is the first secure evidence for their use of cosmetics. The use of these complex recipes is new. It’s more than body painting.” Previous evidence of this make-up use was found in Africa where Neanderthals may have been using black sticks of the pigment manganese for body paint.

It is also speculated that the shells may have been used as jewellery but as make-up containers, yellow pigment they could have been used as foundation as well as red power mixed with a stunning black mineral can be used to indicated that Neanderthals were not as dim-witted as they have been generalized to be.

Though Professor Zilhao doubts that the popular ideology of Neanderthal ‘caveman mentality’ will dispel, he hopes “the association of these findings with Neanderthals is rock-solid and people have to draw the associations and bury this view of Neanderthals as half-wits.”

Cosmetics à la caveman, interesting! It does give us new evidence about our ancestors and how they play a part of how we live today

Chanel Proclaims Throw Away Your Lipgloss For Lipstick!

Chanel is confident that 2010 is the year that lipstick will prevail over lipgloss as they launch their new lipstick line Rouge Coco de Chanel, which advertises a hydrating and long-lasting formulation, a quality lipgloss does not possess. The woman chosen as face of this campaign is none other than Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp’s love.

Chanel’s global cosmetic creative director Peter Philips complained “Women seem to have forgotten how to apply lipstick, we have a whole generation of lip-gloss girls. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lip gloss — but there is something so feminine about the act of applying lipstick. I want to make lipstick as easy to apply as lip gloss, and for a long-lasting formula to feel comfortable on the lips.”

We are not foreign to the shiny allure of the convenient lipgloss but we would not say its effect of making moist, kissable lips is unfeminine. Peter Philips also forgot to mention one thing, not everyone can pull off lipstick. It has the ability to make one look sexy and confident but can also be garish and more lady of the night than lady.

We would say that lipgloss is slightly tinted and has about the same colour as other lipglosses. We also would say that it is quickest little piece of magic to apply though it lasts only about a half-hour and you can feel just as sexy wearing it.  Lipstick however, bursts with versatility in its variation of colours and finishes (matter, lustre, whatever) it comes in. Even though it is a bit more time-consuming to put on, it can be a sophisticated statement highlighting a woman’s ‘coming of age’ or a bright, bold statement expressing confidence and certainty.

We have worn lipgloss more often than lipstick but before Chanel’s announcement, we were thinking along the same lines in that it is nice to wear. We think that from the act of applying it to the way in which we are perceived while wearing it can lend someone a sophisticated air they may not have had before and the comfortable contentment that they have come to terms with who they are as women.

We can’t forget lipgloss our dear saviour but lipstick is lovely

Bobbi Brown’s ‘Pretty Powerful’ Campaign

Bobbi Brown went from make-up artist to cosmetic giant and wants you to feel like the woman you are. Pretty and Powerful!

“This past year with the economy becoming more challenging, I saw it as an opportunity to press the reset button and figure out what really makes sense to me. And I realized that all these women I know are so beautiful because of their confidence in what they know, and I want to celebrate that,” which is why she has launched the Pretty Powerful Campaign where she will show a range of looks in before and after pictures of friends who inspired her. ”Real women”

And the campaign starts next week where a multitude of photos with different looks will be shown from indie to retro to who knows!

But make-up as part of feeling powerful? How will fans participate? Well, on the 19th, ”fans can submit videos beautifying with their favorite Bobbi Brown products, and then 30 finalists will be sent a Must-Haves Makeup Kit and the Color Strips Collection – a springy mosaic of pinks, purples and earth tones that will launch in March – to create a video on how the collection makes them feel Pretty Powerful.”


If you don’t know James Bond make-upping, you can be a part of lady power by looking at the entries and voting on the final five finalists. For every vote, Brown has agreed to donate $1 to Dress for Success – a charity that provides underprivileged women with interview suits and guidance on starting a new career.

Powerful make-up is ”makeup that makes a woman feel confident, powerful and beautiful. Power is not shoulder pads, success or fame – it’s someone who feels comfortable in their skin.”

It’s good to feel good about yourself.

Alice In Wonderland Make-Up

Ahh, make-up is relatively the same after a while but they have a nice box!

If you are excited for Lewis Carroll’s book making its cinematic debut with the likes of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and pop-up books are super fun for you, you might want this.

These are People Magazine’s Choices For Leighton Meester’s BEST Look?

Ridic what People have featured as the Gossip Girl’s best looks.

We fear the definition of best walks a thin line here especially if best is used to describe that both pictures are good and they are NOT!

Of course, the mag seems to think they are and accompanied the photos with the description that Leighton looks kinda like a hoe at the corner of sad and desperate ”splits her attention between lips and eyes, going with dramatically winged shadow and pale lips one night and a deep red mouth another.”

Blah blah. Why is this whoredom and cosmetic abuse being promoted? Pores are meant to be allowed to BREATHE! Not suffocated with foundation.

Be weary of women’s portrayal in the mass media. Make-up doesn’t have to be put on blindly to look bad ass or whatever she was attempting to achieve. Cutting edge and Cheap street are two different things.

Ways to correct these disasters?

Perhaps the first can be mildly saved with an up-do with more smokey eye rather than plastic in the eyeshadow.

Look at the example below:
The second can be fixed with less eyeliner and throwing away the silver eyeshadow (in this instance). Red lipstick can be kept but pay attention to which shade makes you look like firetruck instead of CALIENTE, which was probably what you wanted instead.

One can choose to do the eyes OR the lips dramatically NOT both unless clown is a sexy you’d be willing to try.

Yves Rocher Has Died

The beauty product industrialist Yves Rocher died in Paris this December 26th at age 79.

It was initially through small advertisements about a hemorroid ointment that the public caught wind of his now famed cosmetics brand. One of most defining aspects of his cosmetics products, founded in 1959, was the fact that he used “beauty from plants” avoiding the use synthetic products and preferring to sell to clients through correspondence.

“Green Book of Beauty” launched in 1965, translated today in more than 20 languages, opened its’ first store in 1969. After having left the reigns of his enterprise to his son Didier in 1992, he found himself having to take them back in January 1995 following Didier’s accidental death.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to Yves Rocher in a press release for “this large industrial Frenchman, inventor of a vegetable-based cosmetics line and pioneer of sales by mail order”.

Today, the Yves Rocher group is present in about thirty countries at a worth of 2 billion euros with more than 15 000 employees.

The cosmetics legend’s cause of death is unknown.

Pshtt..Victoria has a Secret: 20 layers of Butt Make-up!

After seeing the recently aired Victoria Secret Fashion Show, it would be hard not to feel a little daunted or at least wonder how the models look so flawless.

However, we are fortunate to learn that in the magical world of balloons, lace, sci-fi and $3 million dollar bra, there is a ‘secret’. Angel, Selita Ebanks revealed to the New York Daily News that this secret is 20 layers of Butt makeup!

Can you imagine walking around with that clogging you up every which way?

Ebanks says “it’s all about creating the illusion of this amazing body on the runway. People don’t realize that there are about 20 layers of makeup on my butt alone.”

Not only this but apparently each of the 38 models averages 5 people who take about an hour to do their body make-up and then another three to five hours for their hair and face makeup!

It’s refreshing to hear models speak so honestly but getting make-up like that off…..

Talk about scrub beads and loofahs!

Killing you for your fat

The picture reads ”Promise, this won’t hurt. Would you like if we did the same to you [as is done to animals]?” This stands up for animal rights however, the use of humans for cosmetics might not be so far-fetched an idea….

And this is definitely not for the faint-hearted.

It has been discovered that a Peruvian gang have been killing people and draining the corpses of their fat! Then selling it on the black market for cosmetic use! It has also been speculated that this ‘draining’ has been occurring for more than 3 decades!

Police revealed that suspects were caught with bottles of liquid human fat, which is allegedly worth $60,000 a gallon ($15,000 a liter). The fat was then sold to intermediaries in Peru’s capital, Lima, and is alleged to have been sold to cosmetic companies in Europe but no sales have been confirmed.

Only five murders have been confessed to but it is suspected that many more were killed for this same purpose. Over 30 people are missing in Huanuco province near where the gang operated.