What Conan Thinks Will Happen To The Studio

The premature farewell of Conan O’Brien marked the end of a seven-month stint gone awry. In his closing speech, he thanked fans for their support and offered some hilarious suggestions for what would become of his now former studio. The list goes as follows:

Site of Tiger Woods’ 1st Annual Mistress Reunion

Fitting room for cast of “The Biggest Loser”

Storage facility for apology notes to NBC stockholders

Waterpark for Max Weinberg’s illegitimate children

Hair and chest oil storage for the “Jersey Shore” cast

Future site of “Cooters,” the nation’s first pants less sports bar and restaurant

Studio preserved as a nice, quiet, peaceful place where the cast of “Chuck” can be alone with their thoughts

Magician David Blaine will attempt the impossible by trying to remain in the studio for longer than seven months

Leave the studio cold and empty and re-name it “The World’s Largest Metaphor For NBC Programming”

Panic room for Gary Busey after the rise of the fire hydrants

Studio will be air-lifted to a location with better luck, like on top of a native-American burial ground

Who knows, he might be right.

It is unfortunate that Conan left the Tonight Show, a decision he says was one of the hardest he has had to make. However despite this, he thanked NBC for being his home for the past 20 years and was grateful for the time he had as host of the Tonight Show.


Don’t Cry Jamie Oliver, You Can Still Help The OBESE!

Stop this crine shine Jamie, cheer up and get back on that horse. Television chef, Jamie Oliver has gone and done an odd but challenging thing for his new series Jamie Oliver Food Revolution. He’s gone to America’s “fattest city”, Huntington, West Virginia, where most are fat (or the politically correct term obese but seriously, a spade is a spade) and happy! We say happy because they just aren’t following any of Jamie’s healthy advice.

Sobs Jamie, “They don’t understand me. They don’t know why I’m here.” While a source revealed, “His tears was the lowest we’ve ever seen Jamie. He is normally so upbeat but the scale of this challenge got to him. Everywhere he turned, he was face with obstacles. People were outwardly hostile to some of the ideas he put forward. He felt so alone and thought at times of packing the whole thing in.”

He even went to a school where he asked school children to identify fruits and vegetables, disappointedly discovering they didn’t know the difference between potatoes and tomatoes.

How do children not know the difference between a potato and a tomato? They’re not even the same colour!! Those parents should be ashamed of themselves!

Sadly, we think they might be better left with a McFun cart than healthy alternatives but “help those who cannot help themselves” or is it “you can’t help those who can’t help themselves”?

Be strong!

There’s No Max But It Looks Sweet

Oh the days of Roswell past. Sherri Appleby has returned on a new series called Life Unexpected playing a radio talk show host, Cate Cassidy, whose daughter she gives us for adoption appears one fine day. As we said, looks sweet.

Sherri Appleby was attracted to the role because “adults have to grow up. My character has to start taking responsibility. I think maturing is a choice. That’s what is at the heart of this story. These thirty-somethings are now faced with a teenager. That’s the catalyst that makes all these characters grow up. I’m a thirty-something myself.”

Still a little Jason Behr Max would be fine by us.

Julie Benz Dies On Dexter, Reborn As A Stripper On Desperate

Julie Benz has played absolutely everything, hasn’t she? From an FBI Investigator on Roswell, to a vampire on Buffy and Angel, to a homely housewife on Dexter. Now she can add stripper to her resume. As you can see, the first photos for the episode have been released. Hopefully the annoying push-over personality she had in Dexter doesn’t reincarnate itself in her new stripper role. Grr

Bring back Vampire DARLA!!

Being Erica Has Made It To America

We had heard about this last week, so we are faster than the Toronto Star (ha!) but we decided not to discuss it, which was to our detriment because Being Erica is a nice contribution to television!

It turns out that the United States thinks so too as the second season of Being Erica has started airing on the Disney owned network Soapnet much to their delight as noted in the American television’s biannual TV critic’s preview.

Actress Erin Karpluk who plays Erica is surprised.  “I think [the show’s] been picked up by 30 countries abroad, I’m blown away. I had no idea that it would be like this … and I’m going to be on The View next week. I get to meet Whoopi Goldberg!”

The Toronto-based show has made it across the border. Congratulations!

Breaking News: Conan leaves NBC

Although strongly hinted at by various other sources, Jay Leno will be in the Tonight Show 11:35pm timeslot.

Conan O’Brien or Coco who expressed strong disagreement with being moved to the 12:05am timeslot is now reported to be leaving NBC and expecting a payout.

Though the deal still has the potential to fail, NBC wants the mess to go away quickly and quietly.

Conan will also be able to appear on other networks before his contract ends with the company but where will Coco go now? Fox News is being hinted as the next obvious choice.

Au revoir but not farewell, Coco

Paula Abdul & Simon Cowell Together Again?

Since Abdul’s break from Idol, we haven’t heard much or rather anything from her. However, Simon has also announced he will leave Idol albeit to host the American X-Factor. Now, what we are hearing is that Simon has been in talks with Paula all of last week and has invited her to judge.

No confirmation yet but at least we  wouldn’t have to hear ”Hey Dawg” anymore from Randy Jackson.

Loyal Employees Of Conan O’Brien Unite

This presidentially styled image by Mike Mitchel has been making its rounds on the web proclaiming, ”I’m with Coco”, which reminds us more of Coco Chanel but she was a strong, influential figure so guess that works? In any case, it is a strong indication of just how loyal Conan O’Brien’s employees are to keep him at 11:35. They have also taken to Facebook to express their distaste and promote awareness of Conan’s mistreatment in the wake of the NBC scheduling blunder, which is already upto 72,000 in supporters with numerous pieces of fan art.

We’ve decided. We’re with Coco too! Or maybe it’s just fun to say. What is certain? NBC needs to find a solution fast!

Update: Either they were ready for this or they’re really good. T-shirts are already made for Coco with part of the proceeds going to the Haitian Relief fund. Oh AND they also have a site.

Dexter’s Michael C. Hall Being Treated For Cancer


Michael C. Hall announced in a statement today that he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system a disease that is considered highly treatable with the potential for full recovery.

He states that he feels ”fortunate that he has been diagnosed with an imminently treatable and curable condition, and [thanks his] doctors and nurses for their expertise and care.”

Spokesman for Hall, Craig Bankey says ”the cancer is in complete remission and Hall’s treatment will continue as planned.”

We pray!

Sarah Palin: The Tough As Nails Journalist

Only in a perfect world.

However, it is true that the Alaska governor we have all come to know as Sexy Sarah will be joining the Fox News to provide political commentary and analysis as a contributor.You may be surprised to know that her degree was actually in journalism.

So it’s not hard to see that Palin is “thrilled to be joining the great talent and management team at FOX News. It’s wonderful to be part of a place that so values fair and balanced news.” Fair and balanced, what a lie. Easily excitable though, yes.

In addition to these important new duties, she will also be hosting numerous segments of the ‘inspirational series’ Real American Stories, premiering this year.

We take Sarah Palin as seriously as we do Fox News. We would have approved had she done their Entertainment/Inspiration Section, which they do…very well or maybe it was all the interviewer.

Will you tune in to hear journalist Sarah?

Scary Spice To Judge On X-Factor?

Sending out hints as subtle as freight train flying off the rails, Mel B is seeming to be strongly hinting that she will be involved in X Factor as a judge.

‘Me, an X Factor judge? I’ve met Simon Cowell but I can’t talk about it’ Oh really!

When she asked to discuss the rumours with Hello Magazine she said: ‘That’s funny! Who knows what’s going to happen? We’ll see. That’s something I can’t talk about. I think the show’s great. I’ve seen Simon a few times. I think he’s an amazing businessman. And I’ve met Cheryl a few times. She’s a really lovely lady.’

Forget Cheryl, it’s ALL about Simon though we do think that Mel B would make a unique addition to the mix, better than Ellen in Idol.

Simon To Quit American Idol

Simon has confirmed that this will be his last season on American Idol as in 2011 the U.S version “The X Factor” will premiere with Cowell set to be judge and executive producer for the show.

Minting money one talent show at a time. Wonder what he does with all that money.

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