When we think about heartbreak? What is heartbreak?

Is it disappointment? Is it that you expected more? Are you giving more than you are receiving? Are you appreciated and feel appreciated every day?

Sometimes you can have a clean heartbreak and sometimes there is a consistent falling of the heart where you want more out of life, your relationship, yourself and it is cyclical. The cyclical heartbreak is not anymore hurtful than the former but it is consistent. Consistent means long-term effects that affect your daily life and how you function. How can we concentrate on happiness if negativity is always given a front row seat to our lives?

Perhaps some of you have seen Inside Out. It is a children´s movie. However, with all children´s movies, one must realize that they are written by adults. A lovely thing about most children´s movies is that it is meant to teach a lesson; something where we can take away and reflect on what we have seen.

In the film, there are different emotions that play into the different situations we experience in life. Each of these emotions attempts to help the child navigate and understand themselves. As the film progresses what we see is an alienation of sadness. Sadness is pushed into the corner, ignored and alone. Happiness, anger, fear and envy? are left behind to maneuver the individual to feel different ways. However, what we learn later is that every situation demands different emotional maturity as we grow older. We cannot avoid feeling the good without understanding what makes us upset. When we understand what our triggers are or the kinds of things that make us sad, it provides us with perspective and understand so that we may move forward and learn to love the positive aspects of life. We shouldn´t focus entirely on the sadness and negativity but we should understand the role that they play in our lives.

No one can be happy 100% of the time. We have ups and downs and ways that we are pleased or disappointed. When we become stressed or disappointed, what should we do? Do we retreat into ourselves or do we discuss the issue with others for perspective and therefore, afterwards create an action plan of sorts?

How we react to our ups and downs can help train us to be reflective, meditative and happier, positive people. Heartbreak as experienced through life,situations, other people who haven´t a clue how to feed or replenish our souls or to be there. Half of the time, it is about listening to the other party and really hearing them. Responding to what they say and trying to understand perhaps what is not said.

Listen. Meditate. Love