Beyoncé Becomes First Woman To Win 6 Grammys

Though most of the world has tired of Beyoncé, the Grammys committee decided to gift her with 6 Grammys. Congratulations, however chances are all that comes to anyone’s mind is Halo, which was not written by her (but well-sung) and the annoying Single Ladies, which for some was “empowering” but annoying. Every song Lady Gaga came out with last year on her album and its re-released version were amazing or at least, they were different enough to stand on their own as individual singles. Why was she forgotten?

Artists seem to be losing themselves in each other in that no one is able to differentiate between them nowadays. One catchy poppy tune is quickly replaced by another so it makes no sense that the Grammy committee votes blindly and decides to award artists of the industry with these generic and predictable sounds in their music. They support a narrow manufactured image consulting their own ‘professional’ opinions on what they assume to be the ‘best‘ albums of the year and it’s quite sad.

The Grammys for this year were a disappointment due to the mediocre musical performances and lack of excitability factor, more emphasis on the latter.

You Oughta Know

Tonight, Beyoncé performed If I Were A Boy and You Oughta Know for this year’s Grammys. Personally, it was okay but it was a generic performance and nothing out of the ordinary for her so the performance was ‘predictable’. However, out of the two songs, You Oughta Know was sung better.

But, nothing can compare to Alanis’ own performance of her song.

It must be that Canadian allure ;)

Hope For Haiti

The images and streaming video from Haiti illustrate how desperately our charity is needed as bodies are still being pulled from the rubble and all are in need of food, water, medicine and shelter.

Some of the notable performances of the evening so far have been Beyonce’s Halo, Christina Aguilera’s new song Lift Me Up, Justin Timberlake with Matt Morris ‘Hallelujah’ and Jennifer Hudson with Let It Be (even she did ruin it at the end argh!)

Immediate Love For Flyleaf

Starts out like a Superhit too.

Flyleaf originates from Texas and recently released their sophomore album November 10, 2009.

We love their song Again. Feels like we should be rockin’ out to angry girl music somewhere, maybe even right now! But there’s something more…fire, blur effect… now that we think about it, it looks like this would have been a better choice for Beyonce‘s Heat commercial


The New Lady Gaga and Beyonce LOL

We bet Gaga would LOVE this! check out the LOL above for the song Telephone featuring “Beyonce” hahaa

Keep Away Victoria Secret Models – from Jay Z

Miss Sasha Fierce, you have a good smart man.

Because he didn’t want to upset wife Beyoncé, Jay-Z kept his distance from the Victoria’s Secret models on Thursday’s fashion show and after-party at M2. Apparently Victoria Secret begged (including models Alessandra Ambrosio, Selita Ebanks, Chanel Iman, Miranda Kerr and Heidi Klum) to be photographed with Jigga but he maintained his distance even at M2 by staying hiding in a private booth.

Life is good being Beyoncé’s boo?

Its here Beyonce feat Lady Gaga

The video for Beyonce’s Videophone has just been released and though we still kinda don’t like the song, the video is kinda interesting….but is it us or is it just odd to see Gaga doing choreography with someone who is not part of Haus of Gaga but we’ll accept it this time

And is that what we think it is around the 3 minute mark?!!

What do you think of the collaboration?

New Gaga with Beyonce

Lady Gaga is set to re-release her album November 23rd. ARE you EXCITEDD??? we aree

The video for Bad Romance was released just 6 days ago and has already hit 10 million views. This is her second single Telephone from the album The Fame: Monster featuring Beyonce. They have also collaborated together on Beyonce’s song Videophone, which they were seen currently filming a few weeks ago.

We like this one better!