Betty White: SAG’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Recognized for her lifetime contributions to TV and film, Betty White has also been a lifelong humanitarian. Yesterday, she accepted the Screen Actors Guild award for Lifetime Achievement presented by Sandra Bullock.

That Was NOT Making-Out

The media’s attempt to scandalize our favourites has failed again.

They just don’t know when to stop, do they! It’s obvious it was a friendly kiss, NOT a Britney/Madonna moment.

Real dumb World Media, real dumb.

Meryl Streep And Sandra Bullock Making Out At The Critics Choice Awards 2010

Our favourite actresses gone to bat for the other side? What is going on?

Bradley Cooper seems to be enjoying himself thoroughly.It turns out the both of them TIED for the Best Actress Award and this was them kissing and making-up due to their apparent feud. There was never any feud, please.

Personally, we think the both of them can kiss til’ the Sun comes down. They can do NO wrong.

What A Fun Night It Was At The People’s Choice Awards

And Sandra Bullock, well-deserved!

Sandra Bullock Makes Box Office History

The Blind Side has made over 200 million dollars with a female lead at the helm for the first time. Though many have come close, no other woman has ever cracked it. Not Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Reese Witherspoon or anyone else.

All hail Sandra!