Court pays to cover up Neo-nazi’s tattoos in make-up!

Its always something isnt it. This time, John Ditullio, the winner pictured above attended court yesterday where a judge ordered the state to pay for a cosmetologist to apply body makeup to cover up Ditullio’s tattoos EACH day he is in court. $150 times x-amount is.. This includes his face and neck, which included a swastika, barbed wire and inappropriate language.

Was this necessary, we ask? We are tending towards the ‘NO!’ side as the neo-Nazi is being charged with stabbing 17-year-old Kristofer King to death in New Port Richey, north of St. Petersburg in 2006.

As ‘his tattoos could prejudice a jury’, his lawyer requested they be covered up and so they were but ONLY the ones our happy Nazi had before his arrest. Any tattoos acquired afterwards are stated by law to STAY exposed.

They should have put some of that money towards hacking off that thing he calls a beard or goatee. Whatever. We think you do the crime you do the time. However, in this case, there is a very large possibility a death sentence could be handed down……

What do you think? Do you agree with taxpayer money being used with the intention to deceive jury members?

Woman kills sister over hair-straighteners

Kathleen Worrall (left) pictured with her sister Susan

Kathleen Worrall, 20, from Sydney plead guilty to manslaughter for the stabbing of her sister Susan Worrall, aged 18 after an argument escalated. Over hair straighteners!

This occurred last October but today she pleaded not guilty to murder but manslaughter.

Kathleen’s sentence will be handed down March 26th of next year.

For the moment, she is in jail, without hair straightener.

They should shave that crazy’s hair all off. Who are these people!?

Disney sued over Winnie-the-Pooh rights

Winnie the Pooh is in the centre of a legal whirlwind as Disney is currently being sued by the firm of the man who helped turn the friendly bear into an international sensation.

Lawyers for Stephen Slesinger Inc. are determined to have their day in court. They have filed numerous times with the courts to have their case heard and it has been dismissed everytime. They have filed papers yet again this time at Los Angeles District Court calling for redress, claiming “past improper business practices” by Disney.

Slesinger had purchased Canadian and US rights for the beloved bear from British writer AA Milne in 1931 and had given Pooh a red shirt contributing to his worldwide success in later years. Lawyers for the company are saying Slesinger Inc. is the victim of ‘Hollywood accounting’, where profits are concealed so they dont have to fork over so much $$$ for those with a financial stake. Eric George, lawyer for Slesinger claims the family is own 1.5 to 2.5 % of the royalties because of this alleged concealment of money earned from the Disney merchandising of Pooh. This includes films, television shows, books and even toys of Pooh

But here’s the kicker, the merchandising only took place after Slesinger’s death, not only that but the rights reverted back to Disney!! which is the reason for which the case keep getting thrown out.

Team Disney says, “In 19 years of litigation, every legal claim the Slesinger company has filed against Disney has been dismissed by the courts and Disney’s position has been vindicated every step of the way.”
On September 25, this was recently supported by Judge Florence-Marie Cooper ruled that Stephen Slesinger Inc. ”transferred all of its rights in the Pooh works to Disney, and may not now claim infringement of any retained rights.”

Those little clauses change EVERYTHING don’t they! Sad to miss out on all that moolah. Maybe Disney will feel charitable at some point? Yea, and we will find diamond earrings dropping out the sky tomorrow.

Public Outcry for Roman Polanski’s release

He is fortunate he didn’t pull this crap today, the people from To Catch A Predator would have been on that so fast.

His recent arrest took place while heading to Switzerland for the Zurich Film Festival, yet Hollywood and neighboring nations are protesting his incarceration??

The arrest of the director was a “a bit sinister”, French foreign minister Bernard Kouchner felt.

The Swiss Directors Association believes that the sudden arrest is “not only a grotesque farce of justice, but also an immense cultural scandal” as authorities knew exactly where to find Polanksi, even though Switzerland does not perform passport checks.
And his biggest supporter is famed movie mogul Harvey Weinstein!
“We’re calling on every film-maker we can to help fix this terrible situation,” said Weinstein, who is probably funding the director’s next project.
A petition has even been signed by filmmakers and actors including Monica Bellucci and Fanny Ardant urging authories to release Polanski.
French President Sarkozy has also been said to be following the case “with great attention”.
Legal representatives for the director are set to challenge the arrest and any attempts to bring him to the United States.
Samantha Geimer, the victim of the case, has asked for the charges to be dropped as it is a great source of embarrassment and as she has sued Polanski and reached an undisclosed settlement.