Picasso And Rousseau Works Stolen As Well!

Does the madness never end? 30 paintings including works done by Pablo Picasso and Henri Rousseau have been stolen from a private collection in Marseilles, France, the same town where the Degas painting Les Choristes was stolen from the Cantini museum just a few days before.

The stolen art whose value is unknown was discovered to be missing by a caretaker. The theft which occurred in a home located in the medieval Provencal village in La Cadiere-d’Azur took place while the owners had been vacationing abroad.

They steal classy, expensive things these thieves!

Shania Twain Lights Olympic Flame!

Shania Twain lit the Olympic Cauldron with the Olympic Flame in her hometown of Timmins, Ontario at Hollinger Park. on the first day of 2010! Not only this but Jan 2, she donated her Olympic torch and clothes  to the Shania Twain Centre. How nice!

Escaped Prisoner Taunts Police On Facebook

When Craig “Lazie” Lynch, 28, was arrested in Suffolk, eastern England in September, he was supposed to have been serving a seven-year sentence for aggravated burglary.

He, however, somehow managed to escape from prison. We can’t even call it an escape. HE WALKED OUT! Interesting security fail! Seems to be a recent phenomenon. We hope this guy doesn’t just walk out.

But Lynch isn’t like most escaped convicts, he created a facebook fanpage, which now has around 39,000 41,000 fans where he has posted pictures of himself with turkey and tinsel over the Christmas break complete with constant status updates. On Christmas, he wrote, “Merry xmas i made it”. December 27th followed with, “WAKE UP PEOPLE ITS THE WEEKEND WHERE’S THE PARTY AT?” He also has a picture of himself sticking his middle finger up ‘at police’, we would assume.

Lynch maintains his innocence on the page saying, “I got respects and havent touched or robbed no old lady. now move on and find a life.”

Police are still looking for this fool while Facebook administrators have since relinquished his rights on the page.


Update: He’s back on facebook with 41,000 fans and climbing!

A New Planet?

Times like this make us miss Pluto as a planet but it has been reported that a new planet has been found. We love how they call it new like it hasn’t been there billions of years already. In any case, the planet is just a hop, skip and 40 light years away from Earth. It has also been said that the planet possesses qualities that are the most similar to Earth’s.

It is made up of hydrogen and helium but would be unable to sustain life as the heat tops the 400 degree Fahrenheit mark.

David Charbonneau of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics said, “If you want to describe in one sentence what this planet is, it’s a big, hot ocean” .

The planet that has now been named Pandora GJ 1214b is twice the size of our planet and orbits orbits its’ star every 38 hours.

The December 17 issue of the journal Nature is said to explain more, so if you’re interested. Pick up a copy!

One day, we will find a planet that can sustain life. Wonder what we’ll find the Na’vi then!

Elton John Helping Eminem Kick His Drug Habit

We didn’t even know they were still in contact but apparently, Elton has been helping Eminem over the last 18 months and he’s “doing brilliantly”.

Elton John was a former drug addict himself but quit drugs and booze in the 80s and it seems he has been helping substance-abusing celebs ever since including Michael Jackson. “The Candle In The Wind” singer says “I’m there if people want my help. If people ask for help you tell them where to go but there’s no point advising people if they don’t want to do it.” But sometimes if they do need a little coaxing, that shouldn’t be opposed to.

Eminem, who nearly died from an overdose of a heroin substitute of methadone, it seems has been struggling with an addiction to sleeping pills for sometime saying, “If I was to give you a number of Vicodin I would actually take in a day? Anywhere between 10 to 20. Valium, Ambien, the numbers got so high I don’t even know what I was taking.”

It’s good he’s getting the help he needs to get back on track. Who knows once he kicks the drug habit, maybe we’ll see a glimmer of Eminem circa “Stan” and “Lose Yourself”

Drake Calls Jay-Z Collab ‘Phenomenal’

Drake sat down in his Canadian hometown to interview with MTV News discussing how much he loves new single Light Up where he collaborates with Jay-Z. “When I heard that beat, the drums that they had come up with, it was like, ‘Man, this is a moment. This sounds like where I’m at in my life.’ So, we took it and 40 did what he does to pieces of music that I see potential in — he took it to the next spot. Jay-Z’s on it. The song is phenomenal. It’s done now.”!

Done and already leaked!

Notice how his debut album drops in March and it already seems like he’s worked with everyone?

Do you like Light Up?

Titanic 2: Avatar Edition Almost At A Billion

It has only been two weeks since the release of James Cameron’s secondary cinematic contribution and at $745 million (£460 million) it is close to breaking the 1 billion dollar mark following along the same path as Cameron’s first film Titanic, which made $1.8 billion. WOW! We believe it as we had the opportunity to see this film in 3-D, which we recommend all to do.

At the moment, the current top 5 films of all-time are:

1 Titanic (1997) $1.84bn

2 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) $1.13bn

3 Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) $1.06bn

4 The Dark Knight (2008) $1bn

5 Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) $969m

With Avatar however, we think that though the amazing graphics and digital cinematography exceeds probably even its own expectations, there were a few minor problems such as gun-toting war scenes that were extended a bit too long for our taste and the non-development of characters such as that of Michelle Rodrigues and others.

However, if you have been living under a rock don’t know about the movie yet, the story takes place on the planet Pandora (Box lol foreshadowing much?) populated with blue-skinned natives called the Na’vi. Humans called the Americans Sky people have destroyed their home planet of Earth and have now invaded Pandora with the intention of stealing the planet’s precious and expensive element Un-obtainium L O L.  It is Fern Gully meets Pocahontas meets GI Jane meets..other interesting films. And even though the alleged “political” and “religious” undertones in the film have previously been discussed, there were a few interesting ones we thought were…interesting.

Firstly, the Sky People versus the alien Na’vi seem to make reference to Americans versus Indigenous people. It is argued that the Marines in the film are actually ex-Marines employed by a private company and therefore, not los Americanos though at first glace, it would appear to imitate an American militant attitude.

Movieguide reviews critiqued the film as having a “New Age, pagan, anti-capitalist worldview that promotes goddess worship and the destruction of the human race” but it appears the owner of the site is a “hardcore rightwing christian fundamentalist” who “takes offence to everything”. We wouldn’t say that a pagan attitude or goddess worship towards life is a bad one. Nor do we think that Jesus would have ever excluded anyone demeaning their way of life. Personally, we perceived the film as a commentary on how we should take care of Earth in lieu of abusing it. And SERIOUSLY taking care of the Earth instead of treating it like a trashcan is not a bad message to send. It is valid.

Others allude the film to being a negative commentary on 9/11. Again, watch the film you’ll see what we’re talking about and it is rather silly.

Finally, the author of themovieblog.com calls us to look at fiction as fiction. However, in Canadian newspaper’s the Globe and Mail’s interview with the director James Cameron did mark his intent to send a message, “The idea that governments and corporations were utterly corrupt, evil … systemically wrecking the planet through wars and environmental carnage was pretty much the mainstay of my thought process as a teenager. So you see I haven’t moved much”

It’s not just for the beautiful green world we see partially destroyed though that Cameron made the film, it was also made to bring a sense of wonder back to the theatre. “Watching a movie on an I-phone is not watching a movie”.

The film is unequivocally interesting but long. It is worth not only seeing the one time but maybe a couple more. There are so many details in the cinematography that the passion Cameron had for the concept of this film shines its’ luminous light through painting an idyllic intricate world with the kind of exquisite, animated ecosystem we could only dream of having.

The symmetry the flora and fauna have with living beings is awe-inspiring and breathtaking. Luckily for us, Cameron is planning an Avatar trilogy.

So in taking the film’s green message to heart, take care of the Earth. Grow a plant, shut off the lights, recycle, reduce, reuse, walk …somewhere but go see the film! but carpool!

Image Courtesy of IGN and 20th Century Fox

New Loves In The Air For Season 3 True Blood

Last season ended with the accidental death of Eggs, Tara’s boyfriend. So what’s in store for Rutina Wesley‘s character? A mysterious vampire lover named Franklin Mott who will be played by James Frain (The Tudors, 24)

Another addition to Season 3 comes  by way of actress Lindsay Pulsipher (The Beast) in the role of Crystal described as “a mysterious and haunting beautiful young woman who shares an ‘electric connection’ with Jason [Ryan Kwanten].” Haven’t we all learned that mysterious and electric mean supernatural and sexytime? Wonder what kind of supernatural she’ll be!

Natasha Alam has been cast as a new love interest for Alexander Skarsgard.  (Hmm, we think it’s a good alternative to Anna Paquin but we think Eric needs a caramel skinned woman like us ;))

This one was unexpected Joe Manganiello who had a recurring role on One Tree Hill as Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) love interest has been cast as the “hot and sexy alpha male werewolf”, Alcide Herveaux who we think is supposed to be quite naughty in the books. We do like him though. Who else can sexy face stare like that?

Of course we do have to reflect on Tara’s alcoholic mother’s new turn to the faith. Will she have a certain someone as well? Apparently she will in the form of a certain Reverand Daniels to be played by Gregg Daniel. He will play a church leader that Tara’s alcoholic mother turns to for “comfort.” LOL
Lafayette was considerably less Lafayette last season, a lot of his pizazz disappeared! But apparently he might just get it back with a boyfriend! Though Alan Ball has not chosen the actor for this yet apparently he is “quietly searching for a sexy Latino actor in his 30s to play a lust interest for everyone’s favorite same-gender-lovin’ blood dealer” Ball confirmed in the summer that viewers would see a more “vulnerable” Lafayette in season 3. He seemed pretty vulnerable last season. Bring back pizazz Lafayette!

Season 3 looks exciting though especially with all these yummy treats but seriously when are they going to cast someone Chinese for more than one episode and/or Indians? The two biggest populations in the world and you couldn’t find one to fit into the “Blood Dream”?

Anyway, here’s hoping this season doesn’t rely on sexytime and extended storyline stretching!

Beyonce’s Heat Commercial Kinda Overplayed

We don’t know. We feel like this is the same kind of sexual Beyonce we see everywhere. The dress isn’t as flattering as it could be and the last line before exiting could have sounded less rehearsed. Seriously, we know the perfume is called Heat, dive into fire or something!

Though it was lack-lustre for us, it might have been more..interesting with this

Hire Michael Bay next time!

Coco or Coco?

As you might know, there were two films released this last year that paid tribute to the late Coco Chanel. One was Coco Avant Chanel with Audrey Tatou and the other was Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. However, lepoint.fr states that Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is more about Igor than Coco. This particular film that debuted recently in France on December 30 paints Coco Chanel as an inspiration to Igor and as such, is credited for renewed success of Igor’s music. However, they are also depicted as ”two sacred monsters”, separate entities who refuse to leave their ‘ivory towers’. We see Coco’s grace and elegance contrasted by Igor’s coldness and gruffness so ”we find it hard to stay interested in their love story when even their embraces seem rehearsed”.

Hmm, interesting focus. But if it is true that the film dealt more with Igor’s rise from the ashes, perhaps a change in title would have been more appropriate? We will admit that we have only seen Coco Avant Chanel and though it was interesting, shows Coco in a more subdued, shaded light. We don’t see her as the woman who generously offered Igor and his family to stay in her villa but as a woman who came to a wealthy acquaintance’s house, earning sleeping her keep while being hidden away.

Frankly, we wish we could have seen Coco more in terms of fashion and influence but in any case, despite the depictions of the late Coco Chanel in film or by Karl, she remains an inspiration and example to women because she was able to envision and effect change in the world of fashion.

Which Coco did you prefer?

Degas Painting Stolen From Museum

Just before the Cantini museum in Marseilles, France opened yesterday, the staff reported a painting done by 19th Century impressionist Degas missing! The painting called Les Choristes or Les Figurants was 32 by 27 cm, painted in 1877 and estimated to have a worth of 800.000 euros ($1,200,000)

Les Choristes was one among twenty works of Degas featured at the Cantini museum for an exposition “De la scène au tableau” and had been borrowed from Paris’ Musée d’Orsay.

The thief or thieves sneakily unscrewed the painting from its’ base having known where weaknesses were in the security. Though prosecutor Jacques Dallest says that this theft was not done by a professional due to the seeming lack of organization.

The museum is closed for the time being while security tapes are investigated. As the exhibition ends January 3, we fear that French citizens who have not seen it already will not have the opportunity before it goes to Italy and Canada.