Will Independence Day become a Trilogy?

Why? Why do they always attempt to ruin a good thing?

its not they actually but Director Roland Emmerich who is to blame and as he seems to think all films should be themed around the end of the world (2012 and The Day After Tomorrow), it, we guess, shouldnt be a surprise that he wants to breathe new life into his immensely successful film, Independence Day.

He wants to make two more movies based on the flick and wants to provide a bigger arc for the storyline.

But he will only make the movies if he can secure Will Smith and Bill Pullman.

Pullman says,

“Somebody has been sending me links to conversations Roland’s been having about it and what ideas they have for it. I haven’t talked to him about it but it’s a complicated legal thing getting involved with creative control and it’s an expensive movie.

“I don’t know if it’s a role I’ll revisit, because, in term limits, I think we’ve gone beyond 12 years – but maybe there’s some side of it that he’s angling. He works with writers and they try to find the best idea and I’ve heard a couple of scenarios that would include me and some that wouldn’t so I can’t control it so I don’t think about it.”

Who CARES? Its a film about aliens. For all we know it could be an alternate universe where 12 years hasnt passed or maybe you can be the Prez forever.

Go Bill GO Go Bill go. Its not like you’re busy or anything