Unexpected. Katy Perry and Timbaland

Not really loving it but more importantly, WHY are they encouraging theft?!

SoShy’s Body Art

It seems many, after the release of the single ‘The Morning After’, are dying to know a little about SoShy, Timbaland‘s newest protegé. The collaboration with Timbaland and Nelly Furtado have made her recognizable to the world and along with the world, we noticed a few things! Like her extensive armslength reaching tattoos!

SoShy revealed that she has ”6 tattoos and 2 more left to get [calling her] favorite the “Soshy” tattoo [she has] on [her] left arm, because it’s [her] name, and it’s personal ‘cause [she] drew it [herself].”

She expands on this saying, ”When I got it done, it really helped me to accept the artist I am, my personality. It might seem cheesy, but a tattoo is more than a cool drawing on your skin. It becomes a part of you, like your moles, your scars…it represents what you wanna say or be. And this tattoo represents me.”

Well, that’s typically what most would say about their tattoos though we must say, her arm tattoo almost looks like a sleeve! It almost looks like this!

The Morning After in French!

Although it seems most are firmly against SoShy singing in French, we will venture out saying that we like her Frenchy French but this song perhaps was not the best fit.

Otherwise, we would love to hear some more SoShy frenchiness. She’s from France afterall

Which version do you like? Anglais ou Francais?


Disaster? you ask? Is it like Loca Lohan’s Rumours among other musical favourites? Surprisingly no Getting kicked out Parting ways with her previous label and her recent dealings in court have caused the singer to …contemplate over her career since her last album considerably underwhelmed even though we did..like it. Guess sometimes even we can be wrong..(Ha! Not likely)

However Brandy devised a way to re-integrate herself into the music world by collaborating on Timbaland on recent album Shock Value II on songs Meet Me in the Middle and The Symphony. She even had Timbaland give her the rap name Bran’ Nu. As for her rapping? she’s not bad! Timbaland will also be producing her new album. She says of Tim, ‘He really gave me a shot to be different and be versatile. I can’t thank him enough for that. He even allowed me to mix in the singing with the rapping’ We would thank TimTim too for that charmed leprechany rainbow even WITH his crazy eyes!

Do you like that Brandy is rapping now? Do you care?

Will Timbaland always be putting on his silly face in videos?!

It would appear so judging from his new video Say Something where he dances around making crazy eyes at all who are present or perhaps he’s happy? We say this because the premise of the video is actress Keisha Watson as Timbaland’s obsessive ex-wife who is now jealous that Timbaland has found someone new. Who knows maybe that is it! The video also consists of Drake (who we looovveee aka Rihanna’s rebound) singing the chorus.

We kinda like it…kinda

but think it will fade out soon. Sorry Timbo

Timbaland featuring new artist Soshy-The Morning After

lol who are you Timbaland, Van Helsing? The new Edward? We don’t know.
What we do believe is that extras from New Moon and True Blood are finding work here.

Smart marketing move if you ask us

That aside, French artist SoShy makes her debut on our Anglo airwaves.
We def need more French artists here.

Do you like the video? We know what you’ll say Twi-hards

Intriguing, Keri. Intriguing

We expected more of Keri Hilson because we knew she had been behind-the-scenes in music for years. Also, after hearing her featured on Timbaland’s album Shock Value, we tended to want more than a multitude of sub-par releases that seemed to heavily rely on already well-established artists within the industry.

However, for the first time in a while we discovered this recent single ‘I like’, which is featured on the soundtrack of German film Zweiohrkuken with Til Shweiger (Dreeeeeaaamboat!), who you may recognize from Inglourious Basterds but who we know from Phantomschmerz aka Phantom Pain. We like that the video is different from others and it depicts gays and cross-dressing as people having fun rather than something to be ‘solved’.

The chorus could have been better so while we like the video..the song’s still growing on us.