Obama invites Indian Prime Minister as first official state visitor

It seems everyone is bridging the gap between India and the North American lands. Harper recently signed agreements with India this past week while Obama lunched with the Indian Prime Minister today as his first official state visitor during his administration and if you dont know, this is a very big deal!

Obama as well intends to consolidate ties with India and has promised to visit the country next year.

We wonder if the Indian people are loving it as much as Obama and Harper are.


Harper signs on the dotted Indian line

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has just been everywhere in India this week!
And he seems to have made an impression on the good people of India.

He has currently just signed the pending agreements we discussed a few days ago much to the enthusiasm of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh who shook hands with Harper during their joint news conference at Hyderabad House in New Delhi.

In the second picture, Prime Minister Stephen Harper visits the Golden temple in Amritsar, India. If he had been in charge of Americaland, this picture probably would have been considered a scandal ie. Obama bowing. Honestly What the Eff. If you want to improve the country, what’s a little humility and sharing of cultural customs.

And finally in the Presidential Palace in New Delhi, India, Harper meets Indian President Pratibha Patil.

They get a President AND a Prime Minister? No wonder India has an GNP of 4.16 trillion dollars.

Smart people all around. Smart Harper, very smart.