Dior Opens First Watch And Jewelry Shop In Switzerland

Christian Dior opened the boutique last November 14 called Horlogerie et Joaillerie (Watch and Jewelry). We know it’s been awhile but we thought we’d talk a bit about it from the description in Vogue Paris. It says that the new Genevian address is but steps from the Dior Ready-To-Wear store and that nuances of gray, redone pleated walls and other little signs remind us of the emblematic signature of the fashion Dior house.

Peter Marino, the architect says the store was inspired by 30 avenue Montaigne.

We can’t see inside but we’re sure it’s timeless.

World’s Newest Tallest Building Unveiled in Dubai

Now that is a grand opening ceremony!

Goodbye Taipei 101, Hello Burj Khalifa, the new tallest building in the world. At a height of 828m (2,716ft), it is substantially taller than the previous world record holder, Taipei. The opening ceremony was attended by some 6000 guests despite the interior not finished however, the exterior is exquisite! The tower is made up of ”28,000 glass panels, 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and flats.”

Along with the title to tallest building, the tower can also be recognized as one with the now highest occupied floor, tallest service lift, and highest observation deck in the world.


What do you think of the Dubai tower? It seems there are those who are unhappy with the choice of city!

Despite this there was quite the celebration of fireworks being lit up in and around the tower like the 4th of July, click here for the video!

If you are in love with ‘couture’ and le francais…

You will love this!

If you were planning on visiting la ville d’amour Gay old Paris or just have a fine appreciation for detailing, the Edouard 7 is for you (especially if you were thinking of splurging for a magical snowy holiday complete with baguettes and berets and romance). It is being called the hotel couture and finds itself in the heart of Paris, steps from the Palais Garnier and the grand maisons of Faubourg Saint-Honoré. With 27 out of 90 room dedicated to couture while following different colour schemes of “black and gold”, “petrol blue and taupe”, “red and black”, “spicy” and “green and black,” we are feeling jealous and mad!

The rooms and suites are made with luxurious and flamboyant material by Lelièvre, Pierre Frey and other Designer Guildand while the floor was specially made by Maison Ege. As the hotel is named after King Edouard VII, there are 5 rooms meant to pay tribute to the important women in his life. We wonder who miss spicy was!!

Would you stay in the Edouard VII? We know we would..if thousands of dollars and a plane ticket dropped into our lap!

Twilight House Stalkers

Having the Cullen’s Twilight house would seem like a dream but the house is getting attention in all the wrong ways and churning up more crazed female fans Twihards than buyers than realtor Jason Soprovich would have imagined. He divulged he is close to selling the house but that the West Vancouver piece of real estate has caused him to receive an overwhelming amount of emails from “house stalkers” or rather obsessed female Twi-hards ”who have no intention of buying the house and just want to stay there for a little while.”

a little while LOL maybe they are hoping to be at one with Robert Pattinson’s spirit or dirty hair.

Who knows. You twi-hards are just loving it arent you

ROM’s crystal makes it onto ugliest buildings list

Does this look like an eyesore to you? Well it does to VirtualTourism.com as they announced their annual list of the “World’s Top 10 Ugly Buildings” list today putting the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal of Toronto’s Royal Ontario Museum at No. 8.

Because they are such authorities on architecture right.

They say that although “many praise the glass structure, just as many are troubled by the incongruity to the original, more traditional museum that still sits directly beside it.”
The editors of the website say, “Many of these buildings don’t have the warmth of an ice cube while others don’t even seem completed,” Giampiero Ambrosi, general manager of VirtualTourist.com, said in a statement. “Either way, they make for very interesting conversation.”

What innane commentary. The ROM Crystal doesnt look ugly at all to us. In fact, it looks like a fine example of an intricate piece architecture that adds to the diversity of the city! We wonder what these other supposed ‘ugly’ buildings look like.

Other ‘ugly’ buildings that made the list were:

1. Morris A. Mechanic Theater, Baltimore, Md.
2. Zizkov Television Tower; Prague.
3. The Beehive, Wellington, New Zealand.
4. Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris.
5. Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia.
6. Petrobras headquarters, Rio de Janeiro.
7. Markel Building, Richmond, Va.
8. Michael Lee-Chin Crystal, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
9. National Library, Pristina; Kosovo.
10. Ryugyong Hotel, Pyongyang

Although we agree that some of these look…odd, like the Markel Building which seems to resemble Fred Flintstone’s humble abode, we cant say that these are ugly. Architecture is as much a part of the art world as fashion is and art is unpredictable and ever-changing.

Do you agree with VirtualTourism.ca’s choices?