Tyra’s Fiercely Real Teen Model Search

Tyra Banks really does seem to have the welfare of young women at heart. She has announced the launch of the Fiercely Real Teen Model Search contest that will feature ‘average sized’ young women aged from 13 to 19, between the heights of 5′ 9″ and 6′ 1″.

Tyra explains, “I’ve always felt it was my mission to expand the narrow perceptions of beauty; through America’s Next Top Model, True Beauty and The Tyra Show I challenge industry and universal standards by featuring and celebrating non-traditional beauty, and stressing that true beauty is both inside and out. Plus-sized tends to have a negative connotation and I want young girls to realize that what’s considered plus-sized is the average American woman. That woman is healthy, fit and beautiful. Adolescence is such an impressionable time in a young woman’s life, and I hope this contest helps teen girls discover their own beauty from the inside out.”

The only qualm we have with this is that the ”average American woman” is allegedly 5,4 and 164lbs and growing. So, when we tell young impressionable women that plus-size is who they are and who the rest of American society is, isn’t that promoting obesity? Shouldn’t we give them examples of women who are ”healthy and fit” of every height?

How can any woman feel beautiful with Supermodel thin and Plus-size obesity as options?

If you are interested however, click here for more information and here to enter.

We wish you luck but remember, be healthy. A beautiful body is one that should never be abused.

Tyra Banks Says Au Revoir To Her Talk Show in 2010 For WOMEN!

After five years, 2 Emmys and an abundance of A-ha So What moments, Tyra Banks announced on her website and in an interview with People that she will end her talk show in 2010 in order to concentrate on new ventures in film and television with her new N.Y-based production company Bankable Studios.

Ha Just like Oprah!

In any case, Banks said to People, “I’ve been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years”.

Tyra said the idea to “redefine women in film” was encouraged by filmmaker Tyler Perry and media mogul Oprah. A source reveals that Tyra will continue to enforce a positive image of women. Tyra says, “my next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are” even though a source shares that “Tyra is sad because she’ll be missing so much of the daily connection to her viewers, but excited at the same time to be taking on a new challenge.”

If you are deeply saddened by the prospect of no Tyra, you can still watch her on America’s Next Top Model and True Beauty.

We don’t watch her talk show so much anymore but we know that she is anything but boring. Though not all of her episodes were particularly enlightening or somehow found a way to relate back to her and some would argue that she attacks her guests if she dislikes them, she appears to have good intentions.

Society’s image of itself is shaped and defined by the mass media’s interpretation of it, which is surprise an industry dominated by men. There are numerous attestations to this but the fact is that all of society is conditioned to conform and accept what it perceives.

Forget the empowered woman, which is the relevant issue here. Instead, we should look at gender in an androgynous sense. Yet, society doesn’t run just on speech and good intentions. This leads us to the conclusion that as long as women are not given positive role models in the mass media we will have limited expectations of who they should and will become. Is a powerhouse woman positive? A mother? A waitress? Is sexiness negative or is it negative to be assertive?

So, we think it’s great that Tyra Banks wants to give women the power of fierce, but we hope that her treatment of it transcends wishful ideology. We hope that the reality for the modern woman who is guilty of perpetrating her own stereotyping as caregiver/housewife/submissive participant becomes a lesson for both genders in adopting an egalitarian mentality.

This means that she should look at how women AND men view themselves and how they interact because after all, both sexes do play into one another’s role in life.

Sesame Street gone wild

Look closely. Is there anything amiss with this excluding the obvious muppet attack on Tyra Banks?

That’s right Cookie Monster’s hand on Tyra Bank’s booty!!

What began as an innocent weave track inspection with Elmo’s 20/20 vision turned into an opportunity into another (it would seem) homage to twilight as Elmo is pictured above biting on Tyra’s neck while cookie monster is feeling up Tyra’s booty!!


muppets aren’t supposed to play dirty!

Tyra apologizes for ANTM Blackface Photoshoot

Makes sense that with the controversy facing French Vogue and V magazine, that even former model turned talk show host Tyra would feel the heat for these photos.

Even though she has in fact done a similar photoshoot using the same theme several seasons ago, it is only now that she has released a statement in reference to these photos saying ”I apologize. This was not my intent. It’s my number one passion in my life to stretch the definition of beauty. I listen to many heartbreaking stories of women who thought they would be happier if they looked different. I want every girl to appreciate the skin she’s in.”

WE think it is due to the controversy facing the aforementioned magazine that caused Tyra to apologize? But did she really mean it and was it necessary to be said?