The Fight Against Breast Cancer Continues with Swarovski, Halle Berry and Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara and Halle Berry, among others including actresses Lisa Edelstein of “House” and “The Good Wife” actress Julianna Margulies were in attendance at the charity auction of the Swarovski Element sponsored 22 designer “little black dresses” to raise awareness and funds for both the American Cancer Society and its French counterpart, La ligue nationale contre le cancer.

Both Halle and Sofia have been affected by cancer. Halle, losing several people over the last few years and Sofia, suffering through it thyroid cancer herself. Vergara says a positive attitude was the key to beating the disease. “One of the most important things is not to think too much about it, not to dwell on it, not to question ‘why me?,You just have to wake up every day and do what you’re suppose to do, and try to fight it. Thinking too much will make you depressed and not give you the power to fight it.”

The part the “little black dress” played in the evening was timeless and exquisite as each one, as donated by various designers made their own versions of the dress with Swarovski elements as pictured above.

It’s a sad reality to face when we lose someone to anything but it’s always important to never give up hope for a cause.

Fashion For The Olympics!

The Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010 in our amazing country are about to start and it seems everyone wants to get a piece. Good for all of us because we can at least see what’s going on in all this frenzy and ferocity.

First up, a $12,000 oak leaf necklace no one (sane) would buy, made of silver and gold named Buccellati Vintage Oak Leaf Necklace oOo well, it sounds couture.Whether or not we would wear it is another thing unless you lived on Olympus…

INUKSHUK, which is “the figure of a man made with stones, traditionally used by the Innu peoples of the Artic Circle, to point the way or mark an important spot” has been chosen as official mascot for the 2010 Olympics. All items are made of sterling silver with 10k gold costing from $180 – 400.

That girl with her arms folded doesn’t look too happy to be there.

HBC put on their thinking caps and designed warm, quilted outdoorsy wear ranging from $10-$350. They used the red and white colours of our national flag with hints of black and grey, much better than last year’s Beijing pyjama numbers Canadian athletes wore sadly. Hmm, we think HBC could have gone a little more racy Olympus. This is a simple, predictable design but you’d never complain about the cold! We like the video.

Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, created these for the U.S team and also created “uniforms for opening and closing Ceremonies as well as apparel and accessories for Team USA to wear in the Athletes Village and other venues”. We like it and who is that fine fox in the first picture?

Speaking of fine foxes, though there are none here, it seems as if this nice sweater needs one to fill out this nice little number even if it is $380.

Or maybe the Torchbearer jacket at $55

This is one piece from Birks Jewellery Collection for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games featuring charms and sterling silver for $350. Kinda reminds us of Stella McCartney’s Alice in Wonderland charm bracelets except hers doesn’t include a Vancouver Olympics logo hee hee!

And all of this, isn’t even the half of it. Did you know Vera Wang is designing the figure skating costumes?


Yes We Can Obama Musical In Germany!

It is not the first time President Obama has been the inspired subject of a musical play. Last year, “Obama On My Mind” in London and “Obama: The Musical” in Nairobi, Kenya premiered. Barack Obama can now add a third musical creation to his tribute entitled “Hope — the Obama Musical Story” premiering this weekend in Germany. It starts 20 years ago when he was a community organizer and leads all the way to his presidency, concentrating mostly on his electoral campaign. Songs with quotes of politicians’ blundered speeches during the U.S presidential campaign of 2008 will be sung along with John McCain and Sarah Palin. There will even be duets with Hillary Clinton and love songs from Obama to wife Michelle.

How sweet!

The piece is set in Obama’s hometown of Chicago and meant to show “the great, collective emotion” there was for change for a better life”.

The 30 performers involved are ”rehearsing 12 hours a day” to perfect their kicks, Jimmie Wilson who plays Obama enthused.

Audience members can even get involved with the mini drums they will have built in their chairs. To attend the blessed event, you can buy tickets for the premiere online and only the premiere since it is being used as an ‘interest’ indicator.

The tickets range from euro40 to euro149 ($58 and $215).

Would you see a musical rendition of Yes We Can?

No Pants Day On NYC Subway This Sunday

New Yoooorrkk, New Yoooorrkkk. Welcome to the Crazy Train! Improve Everywhere
who are said to ’cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places’ is promoting No Pants Day.

Funny Alicia Keys didn’t mention stuff like this or these in her song.

Reese Witherspoon’s Brilliant Idea

Elle Woods Reese Witherspoon recently discussed clothes swapping soirées she holds with her female friends.

“There are three of us who wear pretty much the same size, so we’ll get together on a Friday night and I’ll bring clothes I want to trade and they’ll bring theirs. We swap shoes and handbags a lot. I wore my girlfriend’s dress to a wedding recently. It’s fun.”

We’ve done this before actually but unfortunately, they were not soirées so this is actually a great idea!

There’s no need to go to the mall and you never have to get bored with your wardrobe because you’ll always have something fun and different to wear and if you don’t, trade with a friend!

Even Museums Make Mistakes

The Royal Ontario Museum is setting up the Fakes and Forgeries exhibition accepting that sometimes curators can’t tell the difference between authentic and fake artifacts.

Curator Paul Denis said to CBC News that “most of the artifacts were bought in the past, in the early 20th century,” when there was neither the level of knowledge nor the testing techniques to detect skilful forgeries’. He continues, “it’s a matter of handling a lot of objects and sometimes feeling them,” to check if they are genuine. Even though the  ROM periodically reviews its collections, consulting international experts, it is still difficult to tell at times.

The creation of the non-genuine pieces is encouraged by profit and the high demand for artifacts.

Now there is a technique called thermo-luminescence that can tell at what time period a ceramic object was fired, whether it be 100 or 1700 years ago. For example, ceramic Zapotec rain gods from Mexico that were found out to be fakes appear are equal in their beauty to the real figures from AD 200-500.

If you happen to be in Toronto, Ontario this Saturday, the exhibition of Fakes and Forgeries will be at the ROM until April 4. Afterwards, it will continue to tour Canada in Lethbridge and Lloydminster in Alberta, and Goderich, Minesing, St. Catharines, Peterborough, Ottawa and Guelph in Ontario.

Well, at least they’re admitting it. They invite museum goers to see if they can tell the difference between the forgery and the actual time piece.


Lindsay Lohan?!?!

Unfortunately not.

It’s actually former girlfriend of DJ AM, model Jessica Stam with Chloë Sevigny attending Women’s Health Down To Earth Party last May.

We need to organize a Green/Women’s Health party one day

India Circus In Germany!

India – A journey to the land of mystery and wonders is a circus dedicated to the wonderful world of India and recently celebrated its world premiere December 17, 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany.


Too bad it’s so far. Unfair!