OK Mag Happily Photoshopping Women After Post-Pregnancy

Yes, we know who Kourtney Kardashian is. As we’ve said before, we don’t actually like talking about people in reality TV or who don’t have any accomplishments beside that of what their parent(s) have done. That said, we did think it was admirable that she did speak up about this obviously doctored photo.

What we notice is her face has been replaced for a thinner version and her pregnancy weight has mysteriously disappeared. Khloe told WWD, “They doctored and Photoshopped my body to make it look like I have already lost all the weight, which I have not.” She also shared that she never spoke with the magazine nor posed for the ‘creation’, which was taken from the January 11th issue of Life & Style.

OK Magazine has declined to comment, not surprisingly. What is contemptible about this is that she looked so beautiful in her post-baby picture. It seems comical and absurd to change how someone naturally looks and to have made it so silly. If you look at the placement of her arms, lopping off of her wrist and the too clean lines made with erasing of her stomach, it is disheartening.

It also provides yet another example of a media-created form of reality that, sadly, negatively influences society when it should instead be society influencing the media.

William and His Son Harry!

Seriously, the poor Prince is already missing hairs from his head, did they have to paint him old and decrepit too? Nonsensical

This is painter Nicky Phillips interpretation of Prince William and Prince Harry of the United Kingdom in their first double portrait done ever, which now hangs in London’s National Portrait Gallery in.

Now while the Nymag adored and found the painting “commendable”, we tend to disagree even if no one “would have never guessed that it would be possible to so effectively capture, using mere brushstrokes, that ever-so-recognizable Windsor scalp.”

Prince William looks nowhere near his own age! Even photoshop does better than this!

Sadie Frost On the Non-Airbrushed Train

Jude Law‘s ex-wife Sadie Frost posed nude sans photoshop for Grazia Magazine as a protest against the airbrush happy. Excluding two bruises on her leg, none of this photo has been retouched. The great thing about this picture is that Sadie Frost’s body resembles that of the ‘normal every-day’ people in comparison to this. She is also 40+ and has had 4 children.


Image Courtesy of Grazia Magazine

Naked And Un-photoshopped

A few days ago, it was reported that Jennifer Hawkins stripped down for this month’s issue of Australia’s Marie Claire. The photo is said to be completely un-retouched or photo-shopped. The photo was taken to promote a natural woman’s self-image so that when people do pick up a magazine, they know what they are looking at is real.

While not everyone looks like Jennifer Hawkins, she defends herself saying that she is not a stick figure but perhaps that this picture can influence other people who appear on magazines to opt for taking a real picture au lieu of an illustrated one.

Jennifer’s picture, however will be put to further good use as it will also be auctioned to raise money for eating disorders support groups.

Change comes in increments.

Maybe one day the Dove women will be put onto front covers like that.

Trans-Actress Rocked It Better Than Mariah, We Say!

Candis Cayne and Mariah Carey wore this same dress to two different events. The first picture is unaltered and shows Candis to looking gorgeous, however when it reappeared in Star Magazine’s Who Wore It Better? page, the picture had been mysteriously doctored with Mariah Carey’s picture reading, ‘Rocked It’! Did they really need to change the picture in order to say Mariah “rocked it”?

Ridic! Give credit where credit is due Star Magazine!

Admit it Demi, the picture is PHOTOSHOPPED!!

Demi Moore is denying that this picture was photoshopped…at all

Of course it is photoshopped, every photo is to an extent to enhance the subject of the photo. This we agree with but out and out denying it is photoshopped at all? IS IMPOSSIBLE!

Because she has been so vehemently denying reports of the photoshoppage, Demi posted the photo on her twitter to prove it. Is that like when you denied you went to the “dentist’s office” for some “work”?

The truth shall set you freee

The Anti-Photoshop Spread

When we look at these photos, all we can think of is how ridiculous the comments from Self Magazine FAIL in every which way in regards to the Kelly Clarkson photoshoot.

Renowned Fashion Photographer Peter Lindbergh decided he had had enough of airbrushing and how it makes women in magazines look like “objects from Mars”. He says “that for years now it has taken a much too big part in how women are being visually defined today. Heartless retouching should not be the chosen tool to represent women in the beginning of this century.”
Lindbergh not being one to comment and stand idly by, photographed supermodels, including Cindy Crawford, Claudia Schiffer, Helena Christensen, and Amber Valetta, without makeup or excessive retouching (think flyaway hair, a blemish, or a wrinkle in clothing) for the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar.

And they were GORGEOUS!

Women are too often forced to chase after impossible and unrealistic ideals that they themselves would never normally pursue if they had not had the initial notion planted into their minds in the first place with silly magazine covers depicting ”high-fashion” and the ”ideals of today”.