Kathy Griffin Talking About Sexism on The Joy Behar Show

The tragedy of Kathy Griffin‘s imitation around the 1 minute mark is that it highlights a very real truth because imagine that sometime either after or before this interview, Joy Behar was forced to apologize to FAILED and replaced former Miss California Carrie Prejean, who is an embarassment to women everywhere. What Behar said was not a lie even though it was said the statements were defamatory and vicious in nature to Prejean illustrating a blurred image of her true character.

Oh please. For some odd reason, the American media is obsessed with giving this ridiculous excuse for a pageant queen airtime for no particularly important reason other than ratings (we assume) and it is so irritating because here she is at age 22 feigning ethics and morals which she claims to understand when everything she has done is contradictory.

It is no wonder that the business or entertainment world have such a jaded view of women inconsequently illustrating them as a sex not to be taken seriously. When faced with an opposing ideology of the ”non-hot” woman, why do the late night hosts seem uneasy and incapable of coming up with something of substance to say? This doesn’t apply to all late night hosts but then again, how many female comediennes have you seen in the media?

Kathy’s response to Joy concerning if there was a united front between women comediennes more or less answered the above question as she pinpoints the fact that sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t because there ”are a few of us vying for a few jobs”.

With this, we must ask, is it too difficult to see women as comediennes? Is that why male comedy far outweighs the women’s in popularity or is it just that women are not being allowed enough segway to stabilize their position as actual comediennes?