First Lady Immortalized In Wax!

You knew it had to happen. Michelle Obama, First Lady of the United States has been unveiled waxy and glorious in Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum. She joins the likes of husband and President Barack Obama and Paris Hilton. Woo!

Amazing likeness but why didn’t they show her arms?

Wasn’t that one of those things she was known for last year?

Taiwanese Man Dies From Watching Avatar

The man who died from watching Avatar was said to have had a long history with high blood pressure and the ”over-excitement from watching the movie triggered his symptoms,” something an ER doctor told the Associated Foreign Press.

If you are wondering what high blood pressure is its how hard your blood is pushing against the inside of your arteries. If the pressure is too great, there is high blood pressure, or hypertension.

There are a multitude of factors that can contribute to hypertension, some to watch for are:
* age (blood pressure usually increases with age)
* diet
* excessive alcohol consumption
* lack of exercise
* obesity
* stress
* sleep apnea

So hopefully, you don’t away from this thinking Avatar Kills! because it doesn’t. High blood pressure+Avatar = Might

*Note: Something that has been said is that Avatar can cause Nausea*

Cougars Looking For ”Fresh Meat” In Ads And Angering Rape Victims

An Air New Zealand advertisement showed mature older single women as “cougars” scouring bars for pretty young things is pissing a lot of people off, mainly the rape prevention groups in New Zealand. A Grabseat manager has been quoted as saying the ad is “a good bit of light-hearted humor” and a celebration of the “quirky sense of humour Kiwis are renowned for.” The Rape Prevention Education director for New Zealand Kim McGregor strongly disagrees. She also asked Air New Zealand employees how they found the ad and apparently, they are not amused either.

“They find it degrading and that it is encouraging potentially harmful behaviour, so my question is why is our national carrier promoting sexually predatory behaviour? “We have also had complaints from male survivors who have been raped by women and they are very distressed that their situation is being laughed at and made out to be humorous.”

That makes sense. Initially, we would have said it is ..slightly humorous because cougars are so often in the media but we don’t think that the video’s intended reaction was to mock rape but perhaps provide a commentary on how the world sees older women with younger men. It might even be the reason why they are called cougars. There is a possibility that you could just as easily say it is a statement about the censure older women face

How To Feel Worse About The Holiday Season In A Ridiculous Way

There are a whole bunch of hotels that will make you pay top dollar in the 5 figure sense for the best sense of insanity peace you’ve felt ever. Above is the Park Hyatt Vendôme in Paris for $20,000. Hmm Is that the suite or a hallway?

Presidential Suite at the Plaza Hotel, New York City — $20,000. Pretty but so are showrooms.

The Bridge Suite is slightly more pricey. Located at Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas, it treats guests to ten-room chamber atop a bridge for $25,000. We guess this wouldn’t be good for anyone suffering from Vertigo. 25,000 for a view of the ocean for one night. Then again, 25,000 divided by 10 might be good for a group of the ridiculously rich affluent.

Ritz-Carlton Suite, the premium suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Tokyo rests on the 53rd floor for $25,000 a night. Looks..exciting. We really don’t like the picture. We hope they don’t advertise like that.

Looks like a little Sistine Chapel was employed in the artwork with touches of Greek vase? This is Villa Cupola suite at the Westin in the center of Rome, which offers god knows what to guests for $29,255.

Presidential Suite at Hotel Cala di Volpe in Sardinia costs $34,000 per night. Its three bedrooms, two living rooms, three bathrooms, and private pool occupy multiple floors and strangely enough the hotel still blatantly charges guests for internet access.

Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York comes with a full-time butler, use of the hotel’s Rolls Royce, and spa treatments — for $35,000 per night, well at least they’re offering something.

$40,000 per night, the Hugh Hefner Sky Villa at Palms Casino Resort is pricey, but some of the amenities — like a cantilevered jacuzzi suspended over the Las Vegas strip — are unusual.

For a night in the brand new Shahi Mahal Presidential Suite, the Raj Palace charges $40,000. Chances are it is a palace. We’ve seen these kinds of palaces. Talk about service and pampering.

The most expensive seemed to be the Royal Penthouse Suite at President Wilson Hotel which offers ultra-tight security for high-profile visitors, sliding armoured doors and the ability for guests to monitor visitors on closed-circuit television. People on the world’s most wanted list or James Bond would love this for the $65,000 a night it costs.

We don’t know. They are probably lovely hotels but seriously, they are ridiculously over-priced. Why bother visiting the city where you’ve travelled if you’re just going to stay in a hotel with a butler named Albert?

Apple Round 2: Goodbye Nexus?

Apple will launch its latest creation, Apple Tablet I Phone 4 on January 27th. Will it be an appropriate response to the Nexus One?

Unexpected. Katy Perry and Timbaland

Not really loving it but more importantly, WHY are they encouraging theft?!

Now those are CURVES

January 2010 Issue of Vogue India with Sonam Kapoor who reportedly once weighed 198 pounds (90kg). She is now about 136 pounds (60kg). Something important to note about weight is that it isn’t the weight you should be concentrating on but rather what is healthy for your height and the less than 80cm around the waist rule. Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, is 5,9. Though the amount of weight she has lost is remarkable, we have to wonder if now she is slightly underweight, due to her height.

Here were some of her words of food wisdom, which we all agree with.

1. Don’t eat that samosa. (you know what she means! Junk food)
2. Eat small meals, every two hours, instead of three big meals.
3. Stay away from refined foods. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and lean meats.
4. Exercise.
5. Cut down on caffeine and drink more water. Green tea has the caffeine you need, so switch from coffee.
6. Accept that there can be no excuse for straying from your regime.
7. Put on music and dance.
8. Recognise that there is no easy way.
9. Don’t be a lazy bum. You only need six hours of sleep. Get up and get moving.
10. Never be unhappy with who you are, but do see where there may be room for improvement.

Nicely put.