OK Mag Happily Photoshopping Women After Post-Pregnancy

Yes, we know who Kourtney Kardashian is. As we’ve said before, we don’t actually like talking about people in reality TV or who don’t have any accomplishments beside that of what their parent(s) have done. That said, we did think it was admirable that she did speak up about this obviously doctored photo.

What we notice is her face has been replaced for a thinner version and her pregnancy weight has mysteriously disappeared. Khloe told WWD, “They doctored and Photoshopped my body to make it look like I have already lost all the weight, which I have not.” She also shared that she never spoke with the magazine nor posed for the ‘creation’, which was taken from the January 11th issue of Life & Style.

OK Magazine has declined to comment, not surprisingly. What is contemptible about this is that she looked so beautiful in her post-baby picture. It seems comical and absurd to change how someone naturally looks and to have made it so silly. If you look at the placement of her arms, lopping off of her wrist and the too clean lines made with erasing of her stomach, it is disheartening.

It also provides yet another example of a media-created form of reality that, sadly, negatively influences society when it should instead be society influencing the media.

Silly Pictures Of Harry Potter Friends

Hermione Emma Watson always looks so young in her photoshoots, too young to pull off the womanly femininity photographers, magazines and tabloids would have you believe she possesses. The make-up bleeding from the eyes is honestly too much for her to pull off. No one would argue that she is a smart and healthy girl but this photo is more nonsensical than something awe-inspiring and different. It seems to have no purpose other than to attempt something we can only imagine is ‘edgy’.

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth did shoot this well but there is something off about it.

Vogue Paris February 2010 Is Writhing

Anja Rubik, though frail and easily blown over by light winds appears unafraid of slithery cold-blooded snakes as she posed for Vogue Paris in a series of confident and colourful shots. Paris really does know how to step up its game.

Though we have to say, we were amazed she was able to hold up the weight of the snake all by her lonesome.

Images via Vogue Paris

The Future Of The Red Carpet Dress?

Makes you think where designers find the inspiration for amazing dresses like these. In actuality, these were part of Viktor and Rolf’s Spring 2010 runway. Personally, we like the delicate layering and strong lines. It gives an overall picture of innovation and individuality to each piece.

It’s like Alice In Wonderland meets Edward Scissorhands!

Now those are CURVES

January 2010 Issue of Vogue India with Sonam Kapoor who reportedly once weighed 198 pounds (90kg). She is now about 136 pounds (60kg). Something important to note about weight is that it isn’t the weight you should be concentrating on but rather what is healthy for your height and the less than 80cm around the waist rule. Sonam Kapoor, a Bollywood actress, is 5,9. Though the amount of weight she has lost is remarkable, we have to wonder if now she is slightly underweight, due to her height.

Here were some of her words of food wisdom, which we all agree with.

1. Don’t eat that samosa. (you know what she means! Junk food)
2. Eat small meals, every two hours, instead of three big meals.
3. Stay away from refined foods. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables, and lean meats.
4. Exercise.
5. Cut down on caffeine and drink more water. Green tea has the caffeine you need, so switch from coffee.
6. Accept that there can be no excuse for straying from your regime.
7. Put on music and dance.
8. Recognise that there is no easy way.
9. Don’t be a lazy bum. You only need six hours of sleep. Get up and get moving.
10. Never be unhappy with who you are, but do see where there may be room for improvement.

Nicely put.

We Don’t Know What It Is, Do You?

Devon Aoki for Self Service, Fall 2009

Brilliant name. We like how the name Devon can be used androgynously but what is this contraption they made her wear?

Agyness Deyn Is So Versatile In Pictures

La Femme features Agyness Deyn with short dark hair for February 2010. She’s like Jennifer Garner in Alias. She can pull off anything.

God we hate (and love her) so jealously.

We Can’t Judge Amanda Bynes, We Like Her Too Much

Maybe we can judge a little. Maxim has chosen Amanda Bynes as their February 2010 cover girl calling her America’s Sweetheart and one of the sexiest women of today. Bla bla Despite this Amanda Bynes with her sweet films and (it would seem) personality, kinda makes this blatant sexytime adorable instead of hooch excepting the first picture *very hooch*. The last one is so cute.

This seemed to be a part of her becoming a woman however, sexy and sophisticated are on different parts of the spectrum, especially sexy that is all boob and no purpose.

Other than to please manly eyes, does this have a purpose? Also, it seems others think Bynes has had implants…

Heidi Klum For Instyle

Models are not like fine wine, which is what Heidi Klum affirms in a recent interview.

“Models have a sell-by date. There are certain jobs I don’t do anymore, like the young, sexy, cute things for teenagers, or even 25-year-old girls. I go in a different bracket now”

An entrepreneurial $16 million bracket, we’d say (estimated by Forbes in 2009) especially with Project Runway under her belt. She acts as host, judge and executive producer for the reality show, which is on its seventh season.

We think Heidi will always be fine wine. To see more of the inspirational mother of 4, pick up Instyle today!

Tie Ashley Greene Up *Wink*

Ashleigh Greene with no clothes, some clothes, for a change. This is getting ridiculous.

No one needs the teaser when they already saw the goods for free.

Images Courtesy Interview Magazine

Rihanna For W

Rihanna makes the cover of W and we have to say: STOP doing that sour face, gun in the mouth crap.

Trying a little too hard for that ”edge”

Georgia May (Mick) Jagger(‘s Daughter) For Versace

For Versace Spring 2010

Controversial Hudson Jeans Ad

She is only 17 and already she’s been on the cover of November’s Vogue and chosen as Model of the Year at Britain’s Fashion Awards last month. Now she has been chosen to head the Versace campaign for their newest collection.

Donatella Versace said of Georgia, “She’s smart, a strong personality, beautiful, full of energy… and with that natural high star quality, I adore her. She’s perfect for this collection – a real Versace girl.”

The shoot was done in November by Mario Testino with photos set to released next month in February.

What we have heard about Mick Jagger and Supermodel Jerry Hall’s daughter is that she is in fact, quite intelligent and very school-oriented.

Perhaps but though we don’t doubt she is a pretty face to look at….seems kinda racy for a 17-year-old

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