Happy 75th Birthday Elvis

Today would have marked year 75 in the life of Elvis Presley who was speculated to have had an addiction to prescription drugs like some others we know and died of cardiac arrhythmia at the young age of 42. In celebration of the late King of Rock n Roll, the Smithsonian Institution present us with the exhibit “One Life: Echos of Elvis” that will be shown at L.A’s Grammy Museum and Washington’s National Portrait Gallery respectively.

Tres sad. Also, we don’t know if this is true but it is said that his autopsy results will not be made public until 2027, which would mark 50 years after his death! We can’t verify this but we will find out in the future.

In any case, the exhibits will be a nice way to remember the iconic gold-caped King.

(He was gorgeous back then, wasn’t he? The dreamboat)

Marc Jacobs And Lorenzo Martone Tied The Knot In St. Barts?

Keepin’ Each Other Honest! Officially!

Jacobs and Martone married in a quiet ceremony on the magical island that is St. Barts this week.

The cake toppers we give a 10 for ADORABLE!

Wild guess as to which one is Jacobs.

Update: They did not marry. A friend to the couple threw them an engagement party!

World’s Newest Tallest Building Unveiled in Dubai

Now that is a grand opening ceremony!

Goodbye Taipei 101, Hello Burj Khalifa, the new tallest building in the world. At a height of 828m (2,716ft), it is substantially taller than the previous world record holder, Taipei. The opening ceremony was attended by some 6000 guests despite the interior not finished however, the exterior is exquisite! The tower is made up of ”28,000 glass panels, 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and flats.”

Along with the title to tallest building, the tower can also be recognized as one with the now highest occupied floor, tallest service lift, and highest observation deck in the world.


What do you think of the Dubai tower? It seems there are those who are unhappy with the choice of city!

Despite this there was quite the celebration of fireworks being lit up in and around the tower like the 4th of July, click here for the video!

Shania Twain Lights Olympic Flame!

Shania Twain lit the Olympic Cauldron with the Olympic Flame in her hometown of Timmins, Ontario at Hollinger Park. on the first day of 2010! Not only this but Jan 2, she donated her Olympic torch and clothes  to the Shania Twain Centre. How nice!

We Hope Pammy Thanked Adam Lambert

Canadian-born Pamela Anderson co-hosted the Gridlock New Years Eve party at Paramount Studies in Hollywood, California with Adam Lambert last night. Unfortunately, she was unknowingly exposing herself to all due to a wardrobe malfunction. Thank god for the Glambert who pointed out the exposed nipple.

Oh Jeez Keep It Together Pammyand

New Years From Around The World

Sydney, Australia

London, England

Paris, France

Hong Kong, China

Rio de Janiero, Brazil