Almost Like A Young Whitney Houston

Liya Kebede shot by Josh Olins

It’s amazing how the simplicity of a smile in photographs can be more beautiful than any silly over-make-upped girl.

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That Was NOT Making-Out

The media’s attempt to scandalize our favourites has failed again.

They just don’t know when to stop, do they! It’s obvious it was a friendly kiss, NOT a Britney/Madonna moment.

Real dumb World Media, real dumb.

Rebecca Romijn As Milk’s New Poster Girl

Rebecca Romijn and her precious twins Dolly and Charlie are among the latest photographed for the Got Milk advertising campaign.

How Adorable!

Grey To Dethrone Black This Winter

According to, it will. We think it’s a great idea to take into consideration. We already know that black is the safe choice that everyone inevitably chooses for elegance and poise but can you wear a little black dress during the day with the same effect? This does sound a little similar to Chanel’s new year resolution for lip wear.

However, grey does carry a sense of refined, sophisticated prestige and chic that black at times, cannot provide during the daylight hours. The grey trend has reached to influencing accessories, bags, smooth leather goods and velvet pumps. Not only this but it is also quickly becoming the new basic colour for fashion collections where the fashion designers imagine silouettes ”lined in wool, cashmere and satins”.

We like that imagery

It even says that for the house, grey is a lovely choice for sofa coverings, drapes or rugs. With that list, you’re sure not to run out of ideas.

It Grew On Us

We can’t help it. We tried to forget about it but it’s kinda fun even though it is about alcohol and partying and some random guy..big surprise.Oh and how can we forget lyrics like I’m gunna have you drunk and throwing up lol

Paradiso Girls, the artists above are also created by Robin Antin, creator of the Pussycat Dolls. The difference is they seem to have a good group dynamic, they all sing and there’s a higher representation of women with colour.

There is only one American in the group (Remember Chelsea from Search For the Next Doll?) while everyone else is British or French.

Diverse! You even get to hear a hint of a French accent when Aria sings.

New Burberry Campaign Still With Emma Watson


We like Hermione Emma. In the first picture, she is pictured with younger brother, Alex Watson in images for Burberry’s spring/summer 2010 campaign whereas the next image she looks like a child in adult’s clothing with creepy suitor in tow.

Burberry’s Christopher Bailey explains “we always talk about how much fun we have making these images and I wanted to capture some of the excitement that you feel on set when all these different creative attitudes and personalities come together. Mario [Testino, the photographer] has shot these as both stills and video so we can share some of that energy with a wider audience.”

Good for you, little witch

Sophisticated and chic

Billy Elliot Grew Up!

And how far we have come! We can’t believe actor Jamie Bell would have ever been teased for wanting to dance. He was precious and adorable as a ballet dancer in the film Billy Elliot.  Now, he is naked-chested and gorgeous 22 acting with the likes of Donald Sutherland and Channing Tatum, all which can be seen in their new film due to release next year, Eagle of the Ninth. Hello, hello if we see more sexy scenes like above!

So Cute

Gavin Rossdale, l’amour de Gwen along with their tiny tot! It’s nice to see a father out and about in London with his kid.

Very cute!