Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Drape Their Newly Launched Site In Fabrics!

These women really do have imagination. They have recently launched their website for their line The Row and despite having admitted that they aren’t that tech-savvy, they’ve created a world within their site where clients can ‘interact’ and ‘feel’ the fabric. We might be exaggerating a tiny bit but the site speaks for itself. It’s sophisticated but subtle.

Mary-Kate said, “We looked at a lot of different web sites before we started working on our own, and we thought most of them were too loud. We wanted The Row web site to be subdued and very direct,” but they found that they didn’t like what was out there and so, used “high-res images of actual fabric swatches from their collections” for the background visuals. Mary-Kate continues, “We wanted the viewer to really see all of the details of the beautiful fabrics we use—washed red silk charmeuse, the scales of our python skins, our cashmere modals. We wanted it to feel like you could reach out and touch everything.

”We worked on every single piece of imagery and content on the web site directly. It was a very hands-on experience, which I didn’t expect — it felt more like making a beautiful collage than a web site team.”

We adored the illusion of the fabrics’ tangibility. With each page, the fabric does, in a way, come alive.

What did you think?

When Clowns And Walmart Create Ad Catastrophe

We fail to understand how this would aid Walmart in the promotion of their products and business ventures when the commercial seems to imply that their products are flimsy and dangerous.

If the clown costume was bought from Walmart, wouldn’t this make you think, ‘SAVE YOURSELF’ instead of ‘what a great product’, the opposite to what we assume they want to convey?

Do you think about saving money and living better or would this be a premise for a lawsuit? We vote lawsuit!

Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 Ad Is Creatively Snakey

Did you notice the model underneath all the colour and serpents? This is just another reason why this ad for Alexander McQueen’s 2010 campaign stands a part from the rest. It relies on a concept, not predictable and boring sexuality.

It really is a cut above the rest.

PETA Seems To Like A Lot Of Porn

We always wondered where they got their inspiration. PETA is becoming more of a joke than an organization dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals. They attack and harass people, they have lewd, overly sexual ads and now they have Sasha Grey as their poster girl?! (For those who don’t know and we are sorry to tell you, Sasha Grey is a porn star) Featuring a porn star saying “Too Much Sex Can Be A Bad Thing” does not help your cause.

Ever thought that maybe they aren’t looking at the words, but the nude pictures?

For example

We just think it’s more degrading than raising awareness.

Prada Taking An Artistic Approach

Miuccia Prada is collaborating with Chinese artist Yang Fudong to use some artistic elements with the launch of her new line. The name of the film is First Spring and was presented in Milan for the fall winter 2010 men’s fashion week.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Fashion!

Compare & Contrast

New & Improved Cristiano Ronaldo Emporio Armani ad or Old Reliable David Beckham ad?

We think it’s kinda obvious who wins the EA ad battles but then again, we’re not really fans of Ronald McDonald in that way

The Dailymail says that, “Unlike [David Beckham], the poor chap [Cristiano Ronaldo] is clearly no supermodel. It’s not just that he’s less naturally handsome, with a strangely prominent Adam’s apple and feminine features that contrast oddly with his rugged physique. He’s also obviously uncomfortable in front of a camera.”


McMobile & McFancy = McTrouble On Wheels!

In 2010, The Cool Hunter will launch Access Agency, which will specialize ”in helping brands and businesses see the world differently. [It will] add substantial value by creating customized experiences that change the consumers’ thinking in some way.” They hope to do this by way of introducing McFancy, a sophisticated kind of McDonald’s for the Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Paris, Milan, Sydney and Hong Kong. It will be ”part art installation” and part restaurant with fashionable brand-name packaging, waiters in tuxedos, silver service & private dining areas.

In contrast, a mobile McFun or McMobile is also in the works. Like an ice-cream truck but with McDonald’s on it. This is meant to cater to crowds at large sporting events, concerts, street festivals and any other events. Music, mascots, staff and crowd interactions among other ideas have been flying around as well as the idea to transform the singular cart into a sort of McTrain (they call it fun train) with various components of a meal depicted in each car.

Sounds like a lot of McTrouble in your McArteries!

David Beckham In Adidas Original Starwars

To go along with the Adidas Starwars-inspired line, a video featuring David Beckham and Snoop Dogg out of all people has hit the Internet.

Would have been more fun if David Beckham was Darth Vader instead of blue-steeling the sky.

Tilda Swinton For Pringle Of Scotland

Oscar winner Tilda Swinton is the face of Pringle of Scotland for the second consecutive time. Pringle. Yes, like the food. This time she is featured in an ad for Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

Swinton’s androgynous qualities and individual style are contrasted against a very natural, green Scotland filmed very near Swinton’s birthplace of Nairn in fact. Hmm Nairn, Narnia. (Connection?)

The mini-film is artistic and shows some of the most beautiful Scottish landscapes we could have hoped to see but the film is about 7:43 minutes and (we have seen her in real life so if you were wondering, yes, she really is that clear-skinned and pale) Maybe alcohol consumption problem in Scotland could be eliminated or decreased at least if everyone just went around exploring the beautiful greenery and loveliness

Advertisement Intrigue

We wanted to look at ads this month because it’s good to see how companies portray themselves through images and how those images relate to us and an industry that is barely changing despite what the media says.

This month, Rykiel, Moschino and Tom Ford have released promotional images for each of their fashion lines.

Can you tell what they are selling?

The first image is Rykiel featuring models Alana Zimmer (whose facial expression we dislike très much!) and Marike Le Roux (who actually looks quite sophisticated even without a bra). Though we like the hats, the colour and the contrast of the background and their skin colour, we have to ask, what happened to their bras? Would you wear Rykiel’s clothing without one? Probably not. Most people don’t want to be so adventurous nor care too. However, we think the ad is good because it displays Rykiel’s fashion and the models aren’t flying around.

But in Moschino’s ad, they used a semi-flying Isabeli Fontana in a very visual display of a heart purse, dress, shoes and heavy gold jewelry. Everything we needed to see was there and in comparison to Rykiel who used very thin models, we actually see ourselves in Moschino’s materials (except the dress. Too many frills) We would die for the heart purse.

Lastly, there is Tom Ford giving us yet another pointlessly sexual photograph of Carolyn Murphy sans clothes and tan lines caring for Nicholas Hoult‘s hair (because he’s busy doing nothing?). Honestly, did YOU know glasses were being sold here? Silly

Overall, in terms of body, we would rather Moschino than Rykiel-it because the ad is a tiny bit more inviting. (Tom Ford we exclude.) We like Rykiel’s clothes but it almost seems as if the ad caters to thin people because of the models they chose. Maybe curves are distracting? We mean a little curve not what they define as plus-size nowadays.

Which ad attracted you the most and which seemed to be the best example for women?

(And where are other ethnicities!)

Rebecca Romijn As Milk’s New Poster Girl

Rebecca Romijn and her precious twins Dolly and Charlie are among the latest photographed for the Got Milk advertising campaign.

How Adorable!

Topless Bikini Only By Victoria Secret

Lindsay Ellingson appears in the new behind-the-scenes video of the topless bikini photoshoot. So far, they have enlisted Michael Bay at the helm of their last lingerie commercial. For this swimwear line, now you don’t even need the top half.

Maybe they are catering to those who need something to help them show off their birthday goods at European beaches? or Is this meant to eliminate tan lines (which can’t happen since the ”swimsuit” has strings!)

Would you want to wear a topless bikini?

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