Chanel Proclaims Throw Away Your Lipgloss For Lipstick!

Chanel is confident that 2010 is the year that lipstick will prevail over lipgloss as they launch their new lipstick line Rouge Coco de Chanel, which advertises a hydrating and long-lasting formulation, a quality lipgloss does not possess. The woman chosen as face of this campaign is none other than Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp’s love.

Chanel’s global cosmetic creative director Peter Philips complained “Women seem to have forgotten how to apply lipstick, we have a whole generation of lip-gloss girls. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lip gloss — but there is something so feminine about the act of applying lipstick. I want to make lipstick as easy to apply as lip gloss, and for a long-lasting formula to feel comfortable on the lips.”

We are not foreign to the shiny allure of the convenient lipgloss but we would not say its effect of making moist, kissable lips is unfeminine. Peter Philips also forgot to mention one thing, not everyone can pull off lipstick. It has the ability to make one look sexy and confident but can also be garish and more lady of the night than lady.

We would say that lipgloss is slightly tinted and has about the same colour as other lipglosses. We also would say that it is quickest little piece of magic to apply though it lasts only about a half-hour and you can feel just as sexy wearing it.  Lipstick however, bursts with versatility in its variation of colours and finishes (matter, lustre, whatever) it comes in. Even though it is a bit more time-consuming to put on, it can be a sophisticated statement highlighting a woman’s ‘coming of age’ or a bright, bold statement expressing confidence and certainty.

We have worn lipgloss more often than lipstick but before Chanel’s announcement, we were thinking along the same lines in that it is nice to wear. We think that from the act of applying it to the way in which we are perceived while wearing it can lend someone a sophisticated air they may not have had before and the comfortable contentment that they have come to terms with who they are as women.

We can’t forget lipgloss our dear saviour but lipstick is lovely

Alice In Wonderland Make-Up

Ahh, make-up is relatively the same after a while but they have a nice box!

If you are excited for Lewis Carroll’s book making its cinematic debut with the likes of Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter and pop-up books are super fun for you, you might want this.

What A Fun Night It Was At The People’s Choice Awards

And Sandra Bullock, well-deserved!

Alice In Wonderland Trailer

Helena Bonham Carter and Johnny any day ANYTIME!

Seems like this is going to be a crazy rollercoaster we all have to be on.

The countdown is ON!

Johnny Depp’s Wife Vanessa Paradis is Back!

We all know Johnny Depp for his talents but his common-law wife Vanessa Paradis is no less of a wonder, French actress, model and singer. She is known for having been the face of Chanel perfume, singing with Lenny Kravitz and Charles Aznavour and of course, more prominently for her relationship with Johnny Depp.

We love her musique and haven’t heard from her in a while which is apparently normal. She’s like the French Sade!

BUT to our delight, she has returned!! with a Best Of Album which is set to release tomorrow le 23 novembre!

And apparently the French agree that their ”divine idol” has been gone too long.

We agree!!