Art By Koko The Gorilla & Michael

Bird By Koko, her interpretation of a bluebirdLove By KokoToy Dinosaur By MichaelApply Chase By Michael. A painting of his dog by memory and a tribute to Chase, a game they used to play.
You have to love all the Coco‘s in the world. They are just too irresistible to deny. Today, we were introduced to another Koko, who paints. She along with Michael sell their paintings on the Gorilla Foundation’s website. What you will be surprised to find out is that Koko and Michael are both gorillas.

She and Michael are participants in The Gorilla Language Project, or Project Koko, the “longest continuous inter-species communications project of its kind in the world that studies gorilla intelligence and behaviour.” Koko has shown herself to be the most advanced in language as compared to other non-homosapiens as proven through her ability to sign over 1000 words and understanding of around 2,000 words of spoken English. She also possesses an IQ between 70 to 95 on a human scale, almost at the 100 that it would take to be considered “normal.”

Koko, born in 1971 and Michael, born in 1973, both female and male lowland gorillas were brought in to participate in the study in the effort to learn how to better cater to the species’ physical and psychological needs. Through this, humans will be able to determine how the lives of captive gorillas can be improved and how they can protect free-living gorillas from extinction.

These paintings document and colourfully illustrate Koko and Michael’s daily emotional journey. Something that has been strongly recognized is Koko’s empathy and range of emotions. Through buying the paintings, which range from $100-$350, you support the basic rights of Koko.

The Most Amazing Luxury Watches By An Artist

Yvan Arpa calls himself not a watchmaker but an artist and if you have had the pleasure of seeing his art watch creations for his new brand Artya, you would agree. Typically when a unique watch enters the market, the price will usually be in the $100,000 dollar range but these one-of-a-kind watches are roughly or under $10, 000!

This apparently has something to do with the organic way in which the cases are made as Artya creates unique cases more organically using artificial lightning that “tortures” the watches. Though most cases are ruined beyond recognition, this can creates interesting and unique water-resistant pieces.

In the watch pictured above, there is also the element of toad skin. Unexpected but different!

A Picasso: Ripped Victim Of A Misguided Tourist

The painting called The Actor, a tableau Picasso completed during his Rose Period in 1905 was the unfortunate receiver of a 6 inch tear last week when a woman leaned in a little too closely and lost her balance. The $80 million dollar painting served as the proverbial ‘pillow’ she then fell onto. There is hope however, as the Met stated in their press release that the piece could be fixed seeing that the damage was done in the lower right corner. When restored, it will be presented along with 250 other works of art by Picasso at the Met for the upcoming exhibit occurring April 27 through til August 1, 2010.

Another Picasso saved, it seems!

Prada Taking An Artistic Approach

Miuccia Prada is collaborating with Chinese artist Yang Fudong to use some artistic elements with the launch of her new line. The name of the film is First Spring and was presented in Milan for the fall winter 2010 men’s fashion week.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon meets Fashion!

Eat The Great Wall of Chocolate China

The World Chocolate Wonderland exhibition and trade show will have a special treat this month as a chocolate replica of the Great Wall of China has been made. The crafty and clever Chinese confectioners behind this creation of 10 meter (33 ft) long chocolate-y goodness thought it was a good idea as a ploy to seduce their Chinese brethren to eat more chocolate.

The Great Chocolate wall is made up of a mixture of mostly solid dark chocolate bricks with white chocolate ”cement”

They even made a mini-army of 560 chocolate replicas of the famous Terracotta Warriors standing at attention on a layer of chocolate flakes.

How precious!

And it wasn’t without hard work either as Chocolatier Wang Qilu attests. ”It was a feat of engineering in itself, with a carefully constructed crumbling section at one end to resemble the real thing.” It also meant he had to make sure chocolate materials did not melt.

That sounds so good. We should all go to China right now!

Something Artistic

Do you like this piece as much as we did?

The Louvre Is The Most Visited Museum In The World

And with an astronomical 8.5 million visits in 2009, the Louvre has broken even its own record, which has been 8 million visits for the past four years.

That’s quite a lot of people!

The addition of the temporary exhibitions of the Egyptian exhibition Les portes du Ciel (Heaven’s gates) and Titien, Tintoret, Véronèse. Rivalités à Venise (Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivalry in Venice) attracted a large number of visitors with 250,000 and 400,000 people, respectively.

The museums that ranked after the lustrous louvre were British Museum in London coming in second with 5.93 million, third with the National Gallery in Washington, DC at 4.96 million, Tate Modern in London at fourth with 4.95 million with the Metropolitan Museum in New York coming in fifth at 4.82 million.

We think we have only been to the Louvre, to be honest. At the time, the only attractions to really see were the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. The Egyptian and Italian exhibitions would have been nice to see.

Canada? Where are you?

Vintage Hollywood Glam Photos To Hit The Auction Block

The multi-million dollar 25-year photographic collection from Michael H. Epstein and Scott E. Schwimer including but not limited to Clark Gable, Veronica Lake, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo will hit the auction block March 25 2010.

Epstein remarked, “It’s time for Scott and me to share the fruits of our 25-year collection with the rest of the world, I am certain that Scott and I will be back collecting once the auction is over.”

Works by Man Ray, Cindy Sherman, Helmut Newton and Richard Avedon hosted by California-based house Profiles in History will also be available at the auction.

Nothing like glamour to brighten up the day.

To see a gallery of what is to be sold, click here!

Barbie Is The Venus de Milo, Statue Of Liberty AND COCO!

Barbie really does get around. Now, she delves into the art world assuming famous artwork and subjects as Coco Chanel, Venus de Milo, Girl With The Pearl Earring painting, Nefertiti and . She even gets onto the 1950s cover of Vogue shot by Erwin Blumenfeld.

We really like it but where are the ethnic sisters or the Asians or Caramel persuasion?

Putting Art Into Attitude

Clutch £105.

Bag £170.

This is an artistic approach to a ferosh accessory. It is Longchamp’s Artitude collection only available in London it seems. They are not our style but they are anything but boring.

Musée De L’Éroticisme

Only in France, only in France.

Antonio Fischetti and Charb have created an exhibition that has been described as a funny lexical tour of sex. It forms one of three parts of the triple exhibition dedicated to Charlie Hebdo.

The decline of births, Mother’s Day, pills for men or terrorism act as excellent subjects for politically incorrect covers. For example,

A big man with a moustache on all fours is nude, under the title ” Naked girl that makes it sell “. An old woman sits with naked buttocks reading the headlines of a weekly magazine, titled ” Finally a newspaper without an ass! ” which were all made in the spirit of Charlie, especially this last one dedicated to Tarzan who was created by Edgar Burroughs in 1912.

The society that manages the exploitative rights of his image have signed a contract guaranteeing a good perception to be made of their heros. “He can’t be disrespectful to God neither to his powerful attributes, nor be insensitive to the sanctity of marriage, religion or encourage illicit sexual activities”.

Charlie censured this responding with a savoury and irreverent image of a crucified, ridiculed and crushed on Tarzan whether he be in the supermarket or in the sexual act.

We translated from the original site so it seems as if Charlie was a satirist famed for his depictions of controversial politically incorrect images.

40 years of Covers: the triple exposition Charlie Hebdo, Musée de l’érotisme will be presented in Paris until May 31, 2010.

What do you think?

Didn’t Ashley Greene Already ‘Go Nude’?

Last August, pictures of a very in the buff Ashley Greene hit the internet. She had never consented for the release of the photos and was mortified. At the request of her lawyers the pictures were taken down but what is not understood is why she posed for them anyway and then comes out with this. The Dailymail reports that she stripped down again to promote calorie-free Lifewater drinks in a classy painted-on skin suit. Kinda reminds us of 20 hour FREE make-overs! In any case, it seems kind of ridiculous that she will sell herself for a campaign, artfully nude but is ashamed of nude pictures some photographer took of her with no paint on.

Does it really matter if there is paint or not? You commit to the choices you make or you do not make them.

These pictures will be featured in the 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition in the forms of ads for SoBe.

(Awkward foot placing Ps. What do you think?)

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