Indian Film Incites Rage Of Hindu Indians!

Shah Rukh Khan is one of the most well-known Indian celebrity in Bollywood. Last year, he was stopped at an American airport and interrogated for two hours because of his surname, Khan. The film, My Name Is Khan, which releases in theatres February 11th in India and February 12th here has Shah Rukh playing a Muslim who also deals with Asberger’s Syndrome who marries an Indian widow.

There must be something more to this film because Hindu Indians have begun rioting and defacing posters for the film. The aspect in which the film has chosen to portray Muslims seems to be the cause of the riots. However, among those opposed to the film, are those who say they didn’t mind the portrayal of Muslims.

The film attempts to change how Muslims are perceived. Yet, is it worth it to continue showing the film with enraged rioters and police being obliged to protect the theatres?

Shah Rukh Khan On Terrorism

The Brad Pitt of Bollywood, Shah Rukh Khan, you may remember was detained at the US border a few months ago. A few weeks ago he discussed his distaste at those who miscontrue Islam to the public referring to Islamic clerks saying that the essence of the Quran is lost in the terrorism that these men preach. He says that individuals and groups such as these should be “ignored and isolated”.

He further expands on the issue saying that “Jihad was supposed to be propagated by the Prophet himself, but unfortunately, at present two versions of Islam seemed exist, an Islam from Allah and an Islam from the Mullahs.”

So instead Shah Rukh advises a reeducation for those young and impressionable so that they are provided with the “right reading of the Quran and said political parties should not be allowed to pursue communal agenda and there should be a law which will not allow any party to misread any of the holy books”.

Smart man, that Shah Rukh but as we mentioned previously Tyra as well supports changing ideologies so changing religious mentality especially when both sides feel so strongly will prove to evitably be quite challenging.

Some consolidation concerning beliefs and opinions among Islamic leaders would have to be set as well as the removal of global threats such as, al-Qaeda among other terrorist organizations but really is it logical that we expect these misguided “leaders” to change?