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LOL finally it’s live: Kathy starts by showing her CNN contract to Anderson Cooper ”Are you going to be squeaky clean, CNN is going to be gunshy”

11:01 – Kathy: ‘Turn off Ryan Seacrest now, it’s part of a conspiracy do it. Have you ever been beaten by Oprah, she hates gum-chewing and you chew gum Andy. I’m keeping you honest’

11:06 – Kathy is showing her number 1 best seller lol

11:21 – Lance Bass appears! Who are these crazy looking Australians with bad hair? Oh thank god it’s a wig They were hiding HOTNESS. Congrats on your marriage

Kathy keeps Anderson honest and then asks him fan question, If you were a dessert, what would you be? I know what you’d be. You’d be vanilla with a cherry on top
Anderson threatens to quit CNN, Kathy offers him position as assistant ”I’m hiring”

11:35 – Apparently Cher is a saint! She’s donated helmets to the army with better padding

11:38 – Kathy’s assistant Tiffany decided to go with Team Bass in Vegas LOL
11:40 – In retaliation Kathy shows off Manager Tom wearing no one in particular
11:40 – Oooo The midnight runners in central park Insanity. People of all ages too!
11:42 – Kathy on J.Lo ”I’m not saying she’s singing. I’m saying she’s fierce”
11:54 – What’s your safeword? (HAHAHA) Anderson: I have no idea what that means
Kathy: You’re going to answer that later

12:00 – Happy New Year!!!!!!
12:11 – Kathy – ”Whose on your death panel? Anderson” Anderson – What’s that?
12:16 – Kathy – Oh poor John Cry me a river He’s in Florida
12:19 – Kathy – I think I see Carrie Prejean in that crowd
12:22 – Us- Lance looks dapper
12:25 – Kathy – Anything with Ormond is good

We agree! We missed portions of the broadcast but all in all, we think it was hilarious.

Happy New Year to alll

New Image from Disney Pixar’s Rapunzel

The film set to be released in 2010 is following Avatar in its’ use of 3-D technology. Redefining films one step at a step. It’s probably not using CGI, which was the technology used for Avatar. Who knows? In any case, another beloved fairytale come to life.

Image Courtesy of Disney Pixar and Screeninglog

Buy True Blood But Where?


The first image of the crimson drink is from Hottopic. Its’ tagline says “Enliven yourself with this uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink. The bottle is an exact replica of the bottle design as seen on the show.” You can buy this 4-pack for $24.99

Whereas if you were to buy it from the HBO website, it costs a low $16 dollars. Its’ description is as follows,

Sink your fangs into a bottle of Tru Blood, a delicious blood orange carbonated drink inspired by Bill’s favorite synthetic blood nourishment beverage. Tart and slightly sweet, Tru Blood pours like a regular soda but appears stormy and mysterious when poured into a glass. Bottoms up – and vampires, remember to drink responsibly!

The Tru Blood beverage features:

  • Stunning bottle design is exact replica of bottles featured on show: stained in rich red with raised English lettering and matching Japanese Kanji!
  • 14 ounce per bottle

Even is these are both in dineros Americanos, we vote HBO to quell our vampire obsession and the show even though there is an additional surcharge of 8 dollars.

Who else thinks that Hottopic bought the bottles and jacked up the price?

Best Blanket Ever!

Ninja Turtle style blankets courtesy of Hottopic are in stock for only $28, we assume American but they look so cuddly. The cozys not the model youth. The only thing is we found all the Ninja Turtles but where’s Master Splinter?

Billy Elliot Grew Up!

And how far we have come! We can’t believe actor Jamie Bell would have ever been teased for wanting to dance. He was precious and adorable as a ballet dancer in the film Billy Elliot.  Now, he is naked-chested and gorgeous 22 acting with the likes of Donald Sutherland and Channing Tatum, all which can be seen in their new film due to release next year, Eagle of the Ninth. Hello, hello if we see more sexy scenes like above!

Slumdog Millionaire Star Rubina Ali Sees Home Torn Down For A Second Time

Even though she was in one of the highest-grossing films of last year, 10-year-old Rubina Ali is homeless again.

Her friend Dinesh Dubey said, ‘Rubina was pleading with the authorities when they came. She was telling them “This is my house, I was born here”.’

Though this is quite sad, the demolishing of these illegal living areas is common. However, it begs the question why isn’t Rubina living in the promised luxury apartments Danny Boyle bought for both her and 10-year-old co-star Azharuddin Ismael Shaikh?

Apparently her family is refusing the 2.5 million rupee home Danny bought for them, disputing with the Jai Ho Trust to give them an apartment worth 4 million rupees (£53,000 or $85000) instead. Why wouldn’t they just move into the apartment and then argue over apartment size? We think this is questionable because we keep thinking about her father who police found no evidence supporting allegations of his intending to sell Rubina to some Sheikh in a farway land for £200,000.

What is going on over there? Save Rubina now!

First Gay Sex-Scene Ever on Daytime

Even though only Scott Evans, younger brother of Chris Evans is gay in real-life, on the soap One Life to Live, his character Oliver and Kyle (Brett Claywell) made love for the first time on-screen. This is also the first time that an on-screen gay couple have made amour in daytime!

The oddity in all this? ABC are the ones who made history and THEY’RE THE ONES WHO MADE ALL THE GAY FUSS IN THE FIRST PLACE.  We refer of course to their not allowing Adam Lambert to perform after his controversial appearance on the AMA’s.

So were they scared of losing gay fans before? We don’t know but ahh Soap L’Amour.

It’s all part of ‘one step at a time’.

Just Dance Asian Style


This is Korean boyband (we know loves!) SHINee dancing and singing their hearts out to Just Dance at KBS Gayo Daejun, which we think is the show. Go Korea Go!

Also, we detected a hint of Gaga’s Dance In The Dark and Rihanna circa Good Girl Gone Bad

Karl Lagerfeld Designs Doll For Carla and Nic’s Charity

Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to enlist his fashionable touch to the Carla-Sarkozy Foundation and as such, has created a princess doll priced at 220 euros (315$) and a silk, tulle and lace princess dress for a child girl at the hefty price of 830 euros (1190$). These items were created with Paris’ high-end toy store Au Nain Bleu in mind.

Think of it this way. It’s all for a good cause. The foundation aims to incorporate culture, encourage education and fight against social inequality. We aren’t made of money but if we were, a little doll would be in our possession right now all for the cause.

Have you made a contribution out of your good will to those less-fortunate this Christmas?

Silly Untelling Vampire Diaries Promo

‘There’s no such thing as vampires’ and ‘Let the games begin’!?! Yes, that is ALL we get.

Ah It tells us NOTHING and we are still under its’ spell, at least it restarts January 21st!

Is anyone else feeling a bit nostalgic for Buffy circa Season 1-3?

Metric Makes Tshirt For Charity

Canadian music group Metric has joined forces with the Yellow Bird Project and have created a t-shirt for MusiCounts. The charity aims at giving schools the capability to support students in their quest to envelope themselves in the wonderful world of musical notes and song.

Their cloth creation above reads, “Keep the dream tight,” while the concept remains..

Let the bright and guiding lights be your guide.
But remember to keep your dreams close to your side.
Give in to the rhythm, give in to the beat.
Give in to Metric’s fashionable t-shirt treat.

A symmetrical delight for a cause?
We think this calls for a round of applause!
Help empower our youth, help them seize the day.
Support Musicounts, and let the beautiful music play!

We have a slight problem here, we are not liking the ad pictures! It’s screaming a little street urchin delight instead charity. We refer to the image not the cheery jig, which was also extended a few lines too many, a bit.

However, let this not deter you from a good cause. Students should be able to have a full music education and see that there are many options out there.

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